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[F15 - PP] «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.M.H & S.B.» [Completed]


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ID# 78622 results: Loot: 6 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 11 - Failure

Now that the screeching cloud of flying monsters was no more, Shield could finally take some time to examine their surroundings. It was the same dense, dead forest as before. At first glance, the only thing that had changed was the lack of a path. However, as he scanned the scenery beyond the twisted branches of the trees, he spotted something further to the east. He tapped Beat's shoulder and pointed, taking off in the direction of what appeared to be a tower.

Toto followed behind them, yipping as it danced around and between their ankles, seeming generally happy to be underfoot. They arrived at the tower, and with a moment of listening to see if anyone was home, he shrugged and pushed open the door.

On the first floor was a study, and despite it being full of odd looking artifacts, none of them seemed to have item tags or to be of any quest significance.

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ID# 78626: LD: 16 (12+4) = failure

Beat let his head recline all the way back as he avoided tripping over the yorkshire puppy, the yipping sound it made barely registering to his ears now that the howling and screaming of the monkeys was gone. He could literally feel the silence. He returned his gaze forward as they approached the tower, his brow cocked with interest. 

"Looks like the place we're looking for...I'll take this side then..." Beat said as he chose to search the side opposite of Shield. 

Most of the trinkets and artifacts had no item tags at all, much like the traveler's sack he had found when he was level one. He figured that it wasn't necessarily a glitch or forgotten items rather than the game just being full of useless crap. He thought, for a moment, that it would be fun to make a cannot that fired the useless crap you could find at lethal velocities. He chuckled to himself as he continued to search.

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ID# 78627 results: Loot: 20 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 25 - Success! Found Tin's Heart

Shield hurried up to the next floor, wandering into a room full of display cases. The items within were unique, but nothing really struck him as useful or valuable. A bear's claw, a spherical object simply labeled as 'Dragon,' a beating heart with protruding bolts, a spatula with multiple attachments.

Shield paused, going back to the last case.

"Beat! I found it!"

He collected the heard and watched as the first objective was ticked off from the quest list. He rushed down the stairs to find Toto waiting in the tower's entry hall, turning circles and pawing at the door.

"Let's get moving!" Shield whooped. "It looks like our guide is already wanting to lead us on to our next stop!"

It was another half hour of walking and yipping through the dark forest before the southern tower loomed into view, and by that point, Shield was beginning to wonder if the monkeys had really been so bad. The answer was, of course, yes, but the barking was beginning to grate on him as well.

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ID# 78628: LD: 24 (20+4) = found Scarecrow's Brain....eww

"Nice! One down, one to go!" Beat said, doing his best to keep his mood positive after the taxing conflict with the monkeys. 

He cheerfully followed the little dog through more of the same fog they had seen throughout their time here, the monotony beginning to grate on Beat's nerves when they finally came to the South tower. It looked much like the tower they had just seen and Todo scratched and pawed at the door until Beat finally reached and opened the entrance.

"Okay! Let's find tha-"

Beat stopped mid-sentence as he immediately saw a straw brain sitting on display on a table that occupied the middle of the entry way. Beat shook his head and quickly swiped the item, checking the tag to make sure they weren't being tricked, and turned to smile at Shield. 

"So...the monkeys were the hard part of this quest....got it! Welp, we're done here! Let's do the next quest!" 




3 SP (1 for length, 2 for the quest) 

200 col (1 page @ 400 col each)


<Tin's Heart>: This item is completely vanity and has no use for the moment.

3 T2 Mats (Found) 


screw you roller

<Scarecrow's Brain>: This item is completely vanity and has no use for the moment

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