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[F15-PP] Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: The Lion's Courage [Completed]


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<<Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: The Lion's Courage>>

This quest takes place on Floor 15

This quest is repeatable for <Lion's Mane> only

This RP will not count in the benchmark


Background Information - Rumor has it, a group of NPCs (Scarecrow, Tin and Lion) were on their journey to become humans, but, along the way, the Witch of the West kidnapped their companion, a girl named Dorothy. The three wanted to save Dorothy, but the witch stole what was in Scarecrow's head, the gem that was a substitute for Tin's heart and the golden mane that fueled Lion's courage, thus they were unable to battle. Instead, they decided to enlist the help of players and cast a tornado spell on Toto, the dog that Dorothy kept, and sent it beyond the  to find a player to help them.

Quest Objective - The player(s) must roleplay finding Toto and accepting the Quest pop-up from reading the note on his collar. The player(s) must then head North in order to try and find <Lion's Mane>. They must fight <<Flying Monkeys>> along the way in order to collect <Lion's Mane> from the depths of the Witch's North Tower.  <Lion's Mane> can only be found on a LD of 20+ after all <<Flying Monkey's>> are defeated.


-At least one [1] Page (21 or more posts)

-Players MUST defeat X amount of <<Flying Monkeys>> (X being 1 per player)

-Max Party size of 4

- <Lion's Mane> must be found


Flying Monkey Information:

<<Super Flying Monkey>> is a respawning Quest Mob and has the following statistics:

HP: 200

Damage per Attack: 250

Mitigation: 50

Evasion: 3



  1. <Lion's Mane>: This item is completely vanity and has no use for the moment.

  2. 2 Skill Points

Parties of players are advised.

Recommended Level: 25+

(Updated for the September Patch)

Beat continued to follow the little black yorkshire through the dark forest, now traveling north according to the map he had open. A lot of this forest was uncharted, at least according to his map, but he knew that it was possibly a feature of the quest. With the fog being as thick as it was, if it wasn't for the brick road leading them in a relatively straight line, they would have been lost by now, yipping puppy or not. 

"Okay, so we need to the Lion's Mane and then we can beat up the Witch?" Beat asked out loud, rhetorically as he read over the quest details.

Shield had been a little quiet since a certain encounter with a group of extremely vocal flying monkeys and Beat was feeling the need to hear something other than the haunting sounds of the foggy woods. Beat couldn't blame the surly man, Beat's coping mechanisms were just different. He looked over to Shield and knocked him lightly in the shoulder. 

"So! How goes the quest to be the perfect tank?" he said, looking to make conversation.


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ID# 78641 results:

Shield: HP: 680/680, Mit: 111, Regen: 54, Dmg: 3 (Bleed 24 on BD 8+), Thorns: 28
Battle: 9 - Hit! 3 dmg + 1 = 4 - 50 mit = 1 dmg, Bleed rounds remaining: 2

uper Flying Monkey: HP: 199/200, Dmg: 250, Mit: 50, Eva: 3 Craft: 3
MOB: 3 - Miss

"Well, it's not a perfect journey, I can tell you that much," Shield answered, blowing out his cheeks as he recalled a few rough battles. "I told you about how Cerberus almost got me down past half health in two rounds didn-"

From overhead, Shield heard a flapping of wings and a familiar, although not entirely identical sound of screeching. He dodged to the side, swiping his axe upward before tucking, rolling and coming up on his feet, his weapon and shield at the ready. Flapping in the air between the tank and his travel companion was a flying monkey, though this one seemed a good deal tougher and stronger. Even its ill-fitting teeth jutted further from its jaw.

Red particles trickled from the gash that he had cut along the monkey's belly, and yet it did not seem phased.

"Oh, this might be interesting," he said out loud to Beat. "This guy doesn't mess around."

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ID# 78643: BD: 6 (6+3-3) 

All Might - 15x1 - Dmg: 15 (14 base +1 for R1 Charge) *15 = 225 - 50 = 175

Beat: [540/540] [37/54]  - 17 EP   + Keen (+1 to BD)

Beat was glad he had successfully gotten the conversation going again when, of course, the flapping of wings signaled that his efforts would be wasted. 

"You bastard...you better not be a fu-" 

As the monkey emerged from the fog and Shield performed an impressive maneuver of both attack and defense, Beat's foot stomped into the ground and he launched himself directly at the more vicious looking primate, activating his charge skill which caused a small red aura to surround his body and accelerate his approach. 

"NO MORE MONKEYS!!!" He yelled as he threw everything he had into his shining fist which found its mark, having caught the creature off guard with his nearly instantaneous blitz attack. The impact rang through the woods, disturbing nearby wildlife and sending the monkey flying backwards into the fog. A wooden crashing sound could be heard as the creature crashed into an unseen tree, screaming in pain. 

Beat landed and stared at the spot where the creature had faded from view, a look of utter dislike on his face rather than the normal proud confidence one would expect to see, "Get that weak sauce out of here..."

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Shield: HP: 680/680, Mit: 111, Regen: 54, Dmg: 3 (Bleed 24 on BD 8+), Thorns: 28
Combat action: Swapping gear (-Bloody Hell, - Pain Drinker, + Seeking Aura, + Finder's Keeper)

Super Flying Monkey: HP: 0/200, Dmg: 250, Mit: 50, Eva: 3 Craft: 3

At first, the forest was silent. Shield, expecting that their opponent had died upon impact with the tree, was about to begin the process of switching out his equipment. Just as he had opened his menu to do so, however, a hooting mass of fur and wings streaked from the bank of fog, red trailing from the still gaping wound, and as it opened its jaws wide to bite the tank, it vanished in a burst of red pixels.

"Well, I'm glad it was about to die anyway," he sighed, giving the wrist band one last adjustment. "That looked like it was actually going to hurt."

With the threat eliminated, Toto bounded back into view, or at least the tops of his ears did. The rest was impossible to see in the deep layer of fog that coated the forest floor. With an excited circle that kicked up a swirling mass of fog, the little terrier darted off into the woods. Shield shrugged to Beat before taking off in pursuit.

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ID# 78647: LD: Still bad, still screw you roller

+1 EP [38/54]

Beat allowed himself to relax as the monkey burst into red pixels and he returned Shield's shrug as they pursued the little dog. He smiled to himself, now allowing himself to be proud of his punch as well as impressed with the effect of the charge ability. 

"Man, that charge ability is really nice! It's only good once per opponent per fight, but who cares? When I get that trained all the way up, I'll be hitting so much harder!" He said excitedly, their pace at more of a jog at this point since Todo had decided to increase the pace, which suited Beat just fine. 

He kept his eyes peeled for anything of interest, but the fog made finding anything of value in these woods a tall order. He continued to think about his punch, almost hoping for the chance to do the same thing again as the tower began to come into view over the top of the fog, but only slightly. 

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ID# 78650 results:

Shield: HP: 680/680, Mit: 111, Regen: 54, Dmg: 3 (Bleed 24 on BD 8+), Thorns: 28
Combat action: Howl

Super Flying Monkey: HP: 200/200, Dmg: 250, Mit: 50, Eva: 3 Craft: 3
MOB: 3 - Miss

This time, Shield felt far more confident that it was safe to trade out his gear, but before he could, Toto began to growl. The little terrier's eyes darted around in the dark overhead.

Well, so much for changing.

He turned his eyes skyward as well, and as he did so, there came a faint sound of beating wings. With adequate time to prepare himself for the sneak attack, Shield filled his lungs with air, waiting for the strike. With a screech, the monkey tore from the cover of the trees and bore down on Shield's location. Before it could reach him, however, Shield released the howl he had been holding.

"Surprise, monkey boy!" he crowed, bombarding the airborne threat with buffeting air that drove it back, forcing it to veer off course. "If you think you can just sneak up on us right after your buddy tried the same thing, you're sorely mistaken!"

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ID# 78652: BD: 3(2+1)


Beat: [540/540] [36/54]  - 2 EP  +1 EP 

Beat grit his teeth as his anger simmered again. He had truly developed a dislike for the flying primates and turned quickly to teach this one the same lesson he had taught the other one. 

"Alright, I think I've had about enough of your kind." He said, charging his favorite and most powerful sword art in his right hand. 

He leaped quickly, his body being augmented by his charge skill, increasing his speed and bluring his motion somewhat. Unfortunately, the flying monkey had not been so off guard and easily dodged Beat's linear attack, simply flying to the side. Beat turned as he landed, spitting on the ground and scoffing at his failure. 

"Alright, this one can actually fight. Let's see what it can do I suppose." He said, stretching his limbs and preparing himself to put more effort into his next attack, noticing that his weapons still shimmered with their keen enhancement from when he had struck the previous mob. 

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ID# 78688 results:

Shield: HP: 665/680, Mit: 111, Regen: 54, Dmg: 3 (Bleed 24 on BD 8+), Thorns: 28
Combat action: Parry

Super Flying Monkey: HP: 172/200, Dmg: 250, Mit: 50, Eva: 3 Craft: 3
MOB: 7 - Hit - (250 - 111 mit) / 2 = 69 (huehuehue) - 54 regen = 15 dmg, Thorns - 28 dmg

In the wake of the failed attempt to harm it, the monkey snorted derisively at Beat before turning back to Shield. The beast turned over in midair and dove, raking with its claws as it dove past. Shield swung his axe in counter, deflecting as much of the force as he could, but the claws on the nimble digits continued to drag along the edge of his shield, into his armor, and into his flesh.

The monkey swerved, climbing back up into the sky where it would bare its teeth at Shield, shaking its angry, hair fists. Meanwhile, Shield was experiencing a little frustration of his own. He had actually sustained damage. He cracked his neck, glaring up at the airborne irritant. It was his turn to scoff now.

"Tch. Cerberus hits harder, you little wimp."

He knew this was always a danger on higher floors, but it had happened so infrequently that it always caught him off guard when it did.

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ID# 78689: BD: 7 (6+3+1-3)

All Might - 15x1 - Dmg: 14 * 15 = 210 - 50 = 160 

Beat: [540/540] [20/54]  - 17 EP  +1 EP 

Beat’s eyes opened wide as he saw Shield’s health bar regenerate to less than full. He laughed and grinned at the monkey as he began to charge his next attack in his left hand.

“Well, he may not do much to you, but it’s still respectable. Thing is...” Beat stopped as he ran forward, grabbed the primate by the ankle, and pulled him down so that they were face to face.

“Let’s see you fly away this time!” Beat threw his weight behind his all mighty punch and sank his fist deep into the cheekbones of the muscular monkey, throwing the creature back much like the one before it, though it made no crashing sound after disappearing into the fog.

“Hmm, tough little bastards aren’t they? I’m guessing he’s got just a little more steam.” He said, amused with the idea of creatures that could withstand his strongest attack. 

The front lines certainly won't be boring, that's for sure...

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ID# 78697 results:

Shield: HP: 665/680, Mit: 111, Regen: 54, Dmg: 3 (Bleed 24 on BD 8+), Thorns: 28
Battle: 5 - Miss

Super Flying Monkey: HP: 12/200, Dmg: 250, Mit: 50, Eva: 3 Craft: 3
MOB: 4 - Miss

As the streak of fur and red pixels tore past him, fresh off the end of Beat's fist, Shield took a swipe with his axe only to miss by a hair's breadth. Once the monkey had regained itself, it turned towards the tank, screeching and beating its chest as it attempted another fly by attack. This time, the player's shield was more than sufficient to repel the offensive. Returning to its spot hovering above the battle, the hairy creature shook its fist in the air, confounded by the coordinated combat of the two players.

"Looks like he's losing his nerve," Shield observed, eyeing the monkey's nearly depleted health bar. "Between its own attack biting back and you wiping out almost all of what he had left, I think he's at a loss."

He turned his head enough to shoot Beat a sidelong glance.

"Put his out of his misery, would you?"

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ID#78698: BD: 4


Beat: [540/540] [19/54]  - 2EP  +1 EP 

“With pleasure.” Beat nodded in affirmation as he charged towards their weakened foe. His left fist glowed as it had before, though this time their target grounded itself, tucking its wings and taking a ready stance as it watched Beat approach.

“Oh, you want to fight on my terms now? Well, that’s nice of you!”

He took his swing and to his surprise, the monkey parried the attack with just a hint of technique, the force blasting a hole in the fog as an astonished Beat moved out of attack range, unsure if the primate was planning to counter attack. He stared in awe as the monkey stared him down calmly.  

“That…was surprising…wonder where it learned to do that.”

Beat’s first guess was that it had imitated his technique, but he had not needed to defend himself thanks to the presence of Shield, so it was not a likely reason for the mob’s sudden commitment to the martial arts.

“Let’s hope it’s not gaining a second wind or something.”

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ID# 78699 results:

Shield: HP: 650/680, Mit: 111, Regen: 54, Dmg: 3 (Bleed 24 on BD 8+), Thorns: 28
Combat action: Parry

Super Flying Monkey: HP: -16/200, Dmg: 250, Mit: 50, Eva: 3 Craft: 3 [DEAD]

MOB: 6 - Hit! -  (250 - 111 mit) / 2 = 69 (huehuehue) - 54 regen = 15 dmg, Thorns - 28 dmg

"Well, if we're not prescribing to the theory that it's a case of 'monkey see, monkey do,' then there's only one explanation," Shield began aloud.

Before he could finish his thought, the monkey, still enraged at him for flouting its assaults so effortlessly, pounced. He attempted to cut it off with a swift axe to the head, but it turned over in midair, ducking the blade with a flailing of its wings, much like a cat used its tail and legs to turn over and land on its feet.

He brought the axe back in time to absorb some of the force of the blow, which carried through into the tank's chest. With one loud shriek of pain and anger, the monkey burst, sending red motes of light to skitter through the air before vanishing into the foggy night.

"It must have been an expert in monkey style kung fu." 

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ID# 78701: LD: 8 (4+4) = failure

Beat shook his head and gave the older player’s “dad joke” a chuckle as Todo ran towards the tower. Beat took off at a jog until they reached the tower, which only took moments considering how close they already were. Beat walked right to the door and gave it a tug, opening the entrance and allowing Todo to scamper in and begin sniffing around.

“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got here…”

The entry was compact and featured a second door, which, upon opening, revealed a hallway, lined with preserved animal busts mounted on wooden plaques. Beat’s face grimaced at the tacky choice of decor, but he figured it made sense due to the nature of the item they sought.

“Bleh, whoever thought this was a good choice of home decoration needs to have their brain examined.” He said as he slowly examined each animal bust, looking for something that would stand after not immediately finding a lion bust, hoping it would be as easy as finding the Straw brain that they had in their inventory.

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ID# 78704 results: Loot: 19 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 24 - Success! Found Lion's Courage.

Shield followed Beat and Toto into the tower, deciding that those two could probably tackle the first floor. Besides that, he remembered that the previous tower had not had anything noteworthy on the first floor. He climbed the spiral staircase leading up the narrow tower only to find that there weren't any floors in the middle. The entirety of the tower, between the very top and very bottom, seemed to just be an empty shaft full of spiraling stairs.

The steps brought him to the bottom of a trapdoor in the ceiling of the spiraling entrance chamber. He lifted the lid cautiously, hoping against hope that there wouldn't be any monkeys waiting for him. The very first thing that he saw was a monkey. He flinched before realizing that it was stuffed and he let out a deep sigh of relief.In fact, not only was it stuffed, but if was perched on top of a pointy black silk hat as a decoration.

The entire top floor was filled with exotic wearables, all of which seemed to have been made from animals. He began sorting through them, going over tables littered with pieces of jewelry made from bone and from mounted insects, boas made from mink and ermine, and finally arriving at a hood that was draped over a mannequin head. It seemed to have been made from a lion's mane, and sure enough, upon inspection, that is exactly what it was revealed to be.

"I just found the best two of three, Beat!" he called down the spiral steps. "You owe me another alcoholic item!"

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ID# 78705: LD: 18 (14+4) = 1 T2 Mat found (1 total)

Beat laughed as he continued down the hallway, now ignoring the taxidermy exhibit and proceeded to search for other valuables. There were rumors of people finding towers like this with dungeons and treasures, so, with the quest objective complete and the witch being the only obstacle left, Beat decided to do some exploring. 

"Let me know if you find anything else! We might as well see what this tower has to offer!" Beat yelled, hoping his voice would carry to his friend. 

The tower walls were lined with an older style of wallpaper and the entire place smelled a lot like his grandmother's house. Whatever this place was, it was certainly old. He entered another room that appeared to be a dining room that seemed set for dinner, though there was no food to be found. ON the table was a center piece that seemed out of place. It was a medium size pillar of clear, pink quartz and it happened to have a material item tag on it. Beat decided not to think too much on it and shrugged as he removed it from the table and stashed it into his inventory. 

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ID# 78709 results: Loot: 20 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 25 - +1 Material! (1 total)

Shield shrugged, continuing to poke around the witch's tower, which in real life would seem like an absolutely terrible idea, but in the game was likely safe since the mission objectives outlined where the witch encounter was most likely to be. He turned over crates and looked behind the various display items, but other than the designated quest item, there did not seem to be anything else of note. At least not yet.

As he looked back over the various jewelry items, he spotted a piece that looked like a skeletal animal paw that seemed to have been fashioned into some sort of brooch. He made a face as he realized that it too had an item tag.

"I didn't realize that 'witch doctor' was a profession in Sword Art Online," he said, selecting it from his inventory to stow it so he wouldn't have to touch it directly.


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ID# 78712: LD: 11 (7+4) = no mat found (1 total)

Beat finished searching the dining room, finding nothing other than extra dining ware. He made his way through a door on the left to reveal another hallway. This one was lined with photographs of a man and his family. The man seemed to be some soft of scientist and he been recognized for some of his accomplishments. One of the picture frames contained a newspaper ad describing the. 

"Oz? Quite an odd name. I wonder if this quest line is all there is to this place. I would be interested in learning more honestly..." 

Beat studied each of the pictures, getting the feeling that the man's work likely interfered with his ability to be with his family. Sure his accomplishments were great, but at what cost? 

hmmm guess I'd better move on...

Moving down the hall, the door at the end opened into a bedroom that appeared to belong to a child. IT was filled with odd looking toys and some books. Beat proceeded to look through the dust covered relics as he wondered how Shield's searches were going. 

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ID# 78714 results: Loot: 20 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 25 - +1 Material (2 total)

Coming down the steps, Shield watched very carefully in the dim light to make sure he didn't miss any steps. As he looked, however, he saw an odd glow to his left towards the wall. It took him a moment for him to register the information at first, but it was actually his earring.

There must be something nearby. I didn't notice on my way up because the wall was on the wrong side. It didn't have as much to illuminate.

He glanced around, trying to spot what it was that signaled his earring. There was nothing on the wall or the steps. He glanced out into the space of the central shaft of the tower. There in the center, where there seemed to be some sort of chandelier, an item tag was just barely visible among the dangling crystals.

"Of course," he sighed.

Taking out his axe, he took careful aim and threw his weapon. It cut cleanly through the chain that held the chandelier. The whole thing came crashing down to the floor.

"Everything's fine, Beat!" he called out. "Just collecting materials!"

He ran down to the bottom of the steps and claimed the bit of quartz that was hiding in the chandelier.

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ID# 78715: LD: As usual, screw you roller. (1 Total)

Beat had recently begun going through a wooden toy chest which had seemed promising, but his attention was quickly grabbed the the faint sound of something crashing to the ground. 

"Shield!" He yelled, racing through the hallway and the dining room, nearly knocking the table over as he rushed in the direction Shield had gone.

He soon entered the room, left fist glowing and chest heaving, having been in too much of a rush to hear his companion clearly. His eyes immediately fell on the broken chandelier and the tall, older gentleman retrieving a piece of quartz from it. He slowed his breathing as he decided to simply laugh at himself, seeing no danger and seriously doubting that Shield would intentionally mislead him about any sort of danger. 

"Holy crap! I thought something jumped you! I'm glad you managed to handle the chandelier boss all on your own so quickly though!"  He said, still trying to catch his breath while laughing at his overreaction. 

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ID# 78716 results: Loot: 11 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 16 - No dungeon

"Well, it just seemed like things were getting a little dreary after all of the monkey business," Shield said. "I thought I'd shed some light on the situation."

He wasn't sure where all of the dad puns were coming from.

Guess I've been spending too much time around this guy here.

Closing out of his menus, he glanced down at Toto who was already eagerly scratching at the door.

"Well, it seems like we're on the last leg of the journey," Shield added, having just checked the quest objectives. "I think this guy misses his owner."

Shield opened the door and watched as the little Scottish terrier scampered out and through the door. He took off after the dog, not wanting to lose sight of the only guide they had. In the back of his mind, something was nagging at him. The enemies became significantly more powerful between the first two legs of the journey and this most recent one. He double checked his inventory, making sure that he still had a teleport crystal at the ready.

Just in case.


[Quest Rewards]

- Both -

3 SP (2 Quest reward, 1 thread length)

200 Col (Thread length)


- Shield -

Lion's Mane

2 Tier 2 Materials


- Beat -

1 Tier 2 Material

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