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[F2-PP] Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon 2: The Quartz Hatchling [Completed]


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<<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 2: the Quartz Hatching>>

This quest takes place on Floor 2.

This quest CANNOT be repeated.

You must defeat “Rhaegal the Emerald Hatchling” before attempting this quest.



Shortly after the first dragon hatchling slain, you receive a message from the same Information Broker on the location of the next Dragon Hatchling, it appeared on floor two, and despite the fact of how cute it is… it can be quite the prankster, this hatchling shouldn’t be underestimated especially if you are lower leveled.







Zylara - the Quartz Hatchling

HP: 175 - MIT: 35 - ACC: 1 - EVA: 0 - DMG: 65



<<Mend Mini-Twigs>> : On a natural roll of 15+ in LD when this attacks, miniature sticks will form in front of your character in attempts to trip you, in result you will receive -1 ACC on your current attack.



Recommended Level: 15

Post Limit: 1 Page (20+)




1 SP - 600 Col

<Zylara’s Quartz> [Vanity Quest Item] : 1 of 9, collect all 9 and meet whom that waits before you, only then will you get the grand prize.

Beat made his way through the streets of Urbus, the city that rested at the bottom of a large crater, ready for adventure and excited to finally make progress towards what promised to be an exciting challenge towards the end. If it wasn't, then he failed to see the point of so many quests to lead up to a failure of a finale. Horus rested on his left shoulder, as he always had, looking around with mild interest, but more or less just happy to be going on an adventure. 

"We've been staying pretty busy lately, but I suppose if we didn't, Shield will completely pass us up won't he?" He said, looking to Horus before returning to preparing his battle ready inventory. 

He didn't anticipate too much trouble on this low of a floor, especially considering how weak the dragon was supposed to be, but he had developed a habit of being prepared from his regular travel companion. He did wonder where the older player was since they had both left the shop around the same time.

Must have had an errand to run... 

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ID# 79131 results: Loot: 4 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 9 - No Material (0 total)

It had been some time since Shield had faced the emerald hatchling, and as such, he knew that both he and Beat were well over-leveled for the creature that was next in the chain. After all, the prior dragon hunting quest had been a lot of things, but dangerous was not one of them. With a sigh, he finished closing up his side of the shop and made his way to the teleport plaza.

"Second floor!" he boomed, the world dematerializing around him and rematerializing as a different floor.

With a quick hitch in his step, he jogged to catch up with Beat, knowing that he had taken a little extra time to close shop this time around.

Maybe the last dragon just left a bad taste in my mouth after being able to deal so little damage to it. It was a slow process...

He knew this would not be the case with Beat on the front-liner job, but it still wasn't exactly enticing.

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ID# 79132: LD: 8 (4+4) = no mats

Having just left the city limits, Beat heard the familiar footsteps of his long time rival, now travel companion. It was weird to think that he could actually tell whose footsteps they were, but they had traveled together so much, that he almost felt like he would be wrong for not knowing by this point. He continued going through his menu as he waited for his companion to get within ear shot before he spoke. 

"Ah, there you are. What took you so long?" He said as Horus turned his head and adjusted himself so that he could watch the older gentleman catch up. 

There was no hint of frustration in Beat's voice, he was merely curious. Since the far more popular than intended wedding ceremony, they had been enjoying the benefits of the house they had purchased. Beat had yet to attempt crafting with the bonus their fireplace offered, but he was certainly going to once he got home. 

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ID# 79133 results:

Shield - HP: 720/720 - MIT: 111 - Regen: 54 - DMG: 3, Bleed 24 (BD 8+) - Thorns - 28 dmg - Hate: 6
Combat Action: Focused Howl

Zylara - HP: 147/175 - MIT: 35 - ACC: 1 - EVA: 0 - DMG: 65
MOB: 6 - Hit! 65 dmg - 111 mit - 54 regen = 0 dmg
Loot: 6

"Just been dragging my feet a little," he answered, giving a noncommittal shrug. "The last dragon quest was a little messy for me, so motivation on this one took a bit of a hit."

He recounted the affair to Beat as they walked, recounting how irritatingly agile the first had been for him, and how tedious the process of whittling it down had become. They made their way to a small mountainside cave where  the dragon's nest was said to reside.

Stepping inside, Shield immediately noticed a pair of glowing eyes glaring out at him in the dark.

"Well, that didn't take long."

He took a deep breath, hurling his voice at the young wyrm, the intensity of which had drawn enough of the creature's ire to illicit a lunging attack, the foreclaws on the creature's wings tearing into him, though from their health bars, it seemed as if the opposite had occurred. The dragonling flinched, retreating back into the dark.

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ID# 79219: BD: 13 (10+3) 

All Might - 15x1 - Dmg: 16(14+2) * 15 = 240 - 35 = 205

Zylara - HP: 0/175: Dead...very very dead.

Beat pounced immediately as after the dragon stuck at Shield, leaping into the air and coming down on the wyrmling with as much force as he could muster. 

"RAH!" He yelled as his fist cleaved the creature in two for a moment before the being burst into an all too familiar shower of red pixels. 

He landed with a roll and quickly stood up, looking around before dropping his guard a bit as Horus flex back to his perch on Beat's shoulder. He looked to Shield with a satisfied grin. 

"That never gets old. Though I'm kind of surprised we found our target so easily. maybe these are designed to be beaten quickly?"  He said with a shrug as he walked over to the next the wyrmling had pounced from, retrieving the gem and stashing it. 

With a stretch and a long, slow sigh, Beat looked back to his partner, "Up for some farming buddy? Seems like a waste to not finding anything while we're out."

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Swapping Gear:  - Pain Drinker (-54 Regen), -1 Bloody Hell (-2 dmg, -24 bleed), + Finder's Keeper (+1 skill rank: search & detect), +Seeking Aura (+3 LD)

ID# 79220 results: Loot: 20  + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = Material (1 total)


Shield shrugged, not much else to say after watching a dragon hatchling be so thoroughly trounced.

Looks like I was worried over nothing. I suppose I already knew that, but it does make the thought of hunting more dragons less wearisome.

"We may as well," he said, thinking for a moment. "Although, the gains would be better on a higher floor. What do you think? Floor eleven?"

He motioned for Beat to follow, making his way back towards the town and its teleportation plaza. It seemed odd to walk so far for such a simple task, but the results meant being able to further their goals towards later objectives, so he wasn't complaining. He swapped out his battle gear for his loot items, and not a moment too soon, because as soon as he had, he practically tripped over a hunk of quartz on the ground.

"Well, hello there," he said, tapping the item and selection the option to collect it.


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ID# 79301: LD: 22 (18+4) = 1 T12 Mat found (1 Total)

"Sure, better loot to be had up there for sure." Beat said as they made the trek back to the settlement safe zone. He stepped on the teleportation platform in the middle of the settlement as he shouted. 

"Floor Eleven!" 

As the the now very familiar town center on floor eleven appeared he waved to one of the pretty npc women who walked around the settlement as he made his way into the much more dangerous wilderness of floor eleven. THe ground would occasionally rumble with the activity of the antmen who basically controlled this territory. He looked to the gloomy sky with a sigh, wishing they had picked a more cheerful floor for their home/shop location. 

"Man, we sure know how to pick great places to live. The location of our home is awesome, but man, I could do without the gloomy sky and all the antmen." He said as his ring began to vibrate on his finger. He looked to the ground for a few moments before finding a small chunk of ore protruding from the ground. With moderate effort, he dislodged the precious material from its resting place and stashed it into his inventory with all of the others. 

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ID# 79302 results: Loot: 14 +  + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 19 - +1 Material (2 total)

Shield listened, but he didn't answer. Although he recognized that sunny weather was probably much more Beat's speed, he preferred a slightly overcast sky. Having to squint in the bright sun was less natural to him, and in all honesty, it was more akin to his mental state.

Glancing around the familiar setting of their now home floor, he noticed in the familiar glow of his Seeking Aura on his shoulder. He turned his eyes more intently onto the ground. Although he did not spot anything at first, his foot hit something solid as he walked, and a patch of seemingly nothing skated across the ground. Bending down, he groped until his fingers closed around what seemed to be a crystal of such clarity that it was nigh undetectable.

"An odd little artifact," he said, inspecting it more intently before dismissing the item into his inventory. "Haven't seen a crystal quite like that before."

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ID# 79304: MD: 7 (4+3) 

Beat [300/300] [45/60] +1 EP 

Consuming:  Yum Rum Cake (+2 Dmg/-2 EVA) [ID#75962]

Monstrous Ant Worker 1 [342/370]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 thorns.

Monstrous Ant Worker 2 [342/370]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 thorns.

Monstrous Ant Worker 3 [342/370]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 thorns.

Monstrous Ant Worker 4 [342/370]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 thorns.


"It's seems like a little bit of a waste that the materials we can find are so varied and interesting sometimes, but they all equal the same exact thing. I wonder if they'll ever patch it to matter." He said as he admired the gem alongside Shield while they walked along the beaten path on the floor. 

Horus, who was currently sitting on his shoulder clicked his beak angrily as he took off and flew towards the tree line, staying high in the air to avoid trouble as he cried through the air. Beat followed his familiar's indication and gave Shield a tap on his shoulder plate, pointing to edge of the woods. 


Along the tree line, four ant workers seemed to be making their way towards them, likely on the way towards food or resources. Why they were now  approaching them was a mystery to Beat, but he took his post behind the tank of the party, pulling out an alcoholic rum cake and wolfing it down to give himself a small, but effective damage boost. 

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Shield HP: 550/740 - 74 Energy - 3 Dmg - 24 Bleed (BD 8+) - 111 Mitigation - 54 Regen - 28 Thorns - 10 Battle Healing
Combat action: Swapping gear - Finder's Keeper (- 1 skill rank: search & detect), -Seeking Aura (- 3 LD), + Pain Drinker (+ 54 Regen), + 1 Bloody Hell (+ 2 dmg, + 24 bleed)

In the absence of his defenses, Shield took considerably more damage than he had in some time. Although his newly acquired battle healing skill brought him back a little as soon as he had regained himself enough to act, he still took a moment to shake off a hit. Acting quickly, he swapped out his items to reflect the level of combat they had entered.

"That was a hell of an ambush," he grunted. "I haven't been hit that hard since Cerberus."

He brandished his axe, trying to size up his opponents and make sense of how they could have snuck up on them so easily, but the best he could think was that they had gotten lucky and approached in the middle of a tremor, masking their footsteps and approach.

"Ironic though it may be, if they hit me like that again, it will actually put me back to full health again," he called out to Beat. "Hang back for a moment. Let them keep their focus here."

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ID# 79305: MD: 6 (3+3) 

Beat [600/600] [46/60] +1 EP

Monstrous Ant Worker 1 [314/370] [+3 ACC]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 thorns.

Monstrous Ant Worker 2 [314/370] [+3 ACC]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 thorns.

Monstrous Ant Worker 3 [314/370] [+3 ACC]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 thorns.

Monstrous Ant Worker 4 [314/370] [+3 ACC]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 thorns.

Beat swayed a little bit as he adjusted to the drunken feeling his consumable had inflicted upon him. It wasn't as strong as the Ice Dream Cone he had consumed in the land of Oz, so he was managing much better, but he had still not gotten used to the higher levels of intoxication, so it was still quite an exercise for him. 

"No problem buddy! *hic* I'll just try to stand in one place for a second." He said, fighting to maintain his equilibrium, which was difficult sense it seemed to move in a different direction each time he tried to compensate for the unnatural movement happening.

The ant workers didn't seem too strong, but on a lucky day, they had actually managed to do something few creatures had: inflict lasting damage on Shield. It wasn't likely that the damage would stay there, but it was still a notable occurrence nonetheless. 

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Shield HP: 740/740 - 74 Energy - 3 Dmg - 24 Bleed (BD 8+) - 111 Mitigation - 54 Regen - 28 Thorns - 10 Battle Healing
Combat action: Howl

+53 x 4 regen + 10 battle healing = +222

As predicted, with the incoming strikes, Shield's health shot immediately back up to its full gauge. The tank flexed his chest, stretching his arms as he was able to properly relax again.

"Ah, much better," he added before drawing in a full breath of air. "Now! Do you bugs want to try your hands now!?"

The force of his challenge caused them to stumble, which was saying something considering they had extra limbs with which to steady themselves. Their mandibles began to click and jitter with confusion at the sudden change in the battle. Their segmented eyes darted back and forth to one another. If these things could speak to one another, they were trying to sort out the curiosity in front of them.

"There you go, Beat," Shield said, letting out a much more controlled breath this time. "They're all yours. Have fun with them."

I have a feeling I'm going to regret those last words.

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ID# 79307: BD: 6 (2+3+1) MD: 12 (9+3) 

Tornado Kick - 1x6 - AoE - Dmg: 19 * 6 = 114

Beat [600/600] [35/60] +1 EP | -12 EP

Monstrous Ant Worker 1 [200/370] [+3 ACC]: 114 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. 

Monstrous Ant Worker 2 [200/370] [+3 ACC]: 114 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. 

Monstrous Ant Worker 3 [200/370] [+3 ACC]: 114 dmg to Shield before mit and regen.

Monstrous Ant Worker 4 [200/370] [+3 ACC]: 114 dmg to Shield before mit and regen.

Beat smiled at Shield’s last words, happily shifting from side to side, his stumbles becoming more controlled movements, rather than true losses of coordination and balance.

“Dead ant…dead ant…dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant…” Beat said in rhythm with his approach as he made his way towards his targets, his song trailing off.

With all of the feints and odd movements, Beat seemed to make his way inside their formation in an instant, taking them by surprise once they realized what was about to happen.

“DEAD AAAAAAAAAANT!” He blared out as he spun quickly, whipping up a brief twister that left red, pixelated cuts across their bodies. The workers angrily clicked their mandibles in response, but could not resist going after the tank who had the greater hate value.

“You know, I do have a little more fun when I get to do that. You should invest in some sword arts. Unless these guys catch you without your gear, you’re untouchable.” He said to Shield as he easily weaved through the myriad of legs, back to his position behind the tank.

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ID# 79333 results: Battle: 2 - Miss

"Not gonna happen for a while," Shield called back. "Right now, it's too heavy of an investment before that will start to pay off. And once we get up onto the front lines, which I might add isn't far off, the baddies are gonna be a lot meaner and taking time to switch to an off-tank just so I'm stuck there doing mediocre damage?"

He shook his head at the thought, taking a swipe with his axe to drive back the nearest insect so he could finish his thought.

"Doesn't make a whole lot of sense," he went on, staring down the nearest foe in his many-faceted eyes. "Half the reason I've been able to get where I am is by focusing on what I'm good at."

The ants were becoming restless, confounded by the mystery of how their almost certain victory turned into a fruitless venture.

Don't like being in this position, do you?

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ID# 79378: BD: 10 (7+3) MD: 8 (5+3)

Tornado Kick - 1x6 - AoE - Dmg: 16 * 6 = 96

Beat [600/600] [24/60] +1 EP | -12 EP

Monstrous Ant Worker 1 [76/370] [+3 ACC]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 Thorns 

Monstrous Ant Worker 2 [76/370] [+3 ACC]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 Thorns

Monstrous Ant Worker 3 [76/370] [+3 ACC]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 Thorns

Monstrous Ant Worker 4 [76/370] [+3 ACC]: 111 dmg to Shield before mit and regen. Takes 28 Thorns

Beat shrugged as he continued to move about, preparing to strike again. 

"Sure, but if they die faster, they do less damage. I'm not saying you have to change focus, just pick up some damage. At least an area of effect arts to spread that bleed a little better." He said as he finally made his move, charging back into the fray. 

"Let's see...about two more attacks I guess..." He said, watching the health bars of the ant men as he leaped into the air. 

With a quick spin and an extension of his glowing leg, another twister shredded the chitin armor of the worker ant monstrosities, evoking more angered clicks of their mandibles as they scuttled around, trying to maintain their balance. Beat expertly weaved through their legs and again returned to the safety of the tank's back. 

"Make that one more..." He said with a grin.

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ID# 79381 results: Battle: 2 - Miss

"It's not these clowns I'm worried about," Shield went on, making a gesture towards the ant men in front of them with his axe. "Obviously we can handle them. Hell, even on higher floors, it's no problem just taking the mobs that rove around."

As one of the insect creatures inched closer, he took another swipe, driving it back again. His jaw tightened as he stared down his opponents. While they were nothing to get worked up over, there were other matters on his mind that the conversation had brought to light.

"You remember how that sea battle went," he said grimly, his brow furrowed. "Even the front liners were retreating by the end of things. I know that was a special exception, that we're not going to be fighting things like that most of the time. Still, if even the front liners are struggling to handle damage in those situations, then I feel like we can't treat anything like it's completely safe."

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ID# 79395: BD: 10 (7+3) 

Tornado Kick - 1x6 - AoE - Dmg: 16 * 6 = 96

Beat [600/600] [13/60] +1 EP | -12 EP

Monstrous Ant Worker 1 [0/370] [+3 ACC]: Dead

Monstrous Ant Worker 2 [0/370] [+3 ACC]: Dead

Monstrous Ant Worker 3 [0/370] [+3 ACC]: Dead

Monstrous Ant Worker 4 [0/370] [+3 ACC]: Dead



Loot Roll 1: ID#79395: LD: 23 (19+4) CD: 3 = X10 bonus col (13x total) = 4810 col

Loot Roll 2: ID#79396: LD: 24 (20+4) CD: 6 = 7 T2 Mats + 1110 col 

Loot Roll 3: ID#79397: LD: 12 (8+4) CD: 11 = 2 T2 mats + 1110 col

Loot Roll 4: ID#79398: LD: 24 (20+4) CD: 10  = Perfect Consumable + 1110 col


Total Loot:

[1x] Perfect T2 Consumable

9 T2 Materials 

8140 col

Beat shook his head as he vividly recalled the sea battle event on the eighteenth floor. It was not even close and they had been woefully unprepared. Most of the ships were not equipped to handle the amount of damage the giant sea monster could dish out and the distinct lack of healers hurt them considerably as well.

“I suppose so, but we could have used more damage there too. The fight was lost due to lack of sufficient damage and healing, not to mention the craftsmanship of half of the ships. Your ability to withstand the boss’s attacks was only a marginal amount of help.”

He quickly made one final spins, his foot cleaving through all four of the ant workers before they burst into red pixels. He landed gracefully and wiped his brow before turning back to look at Shield, continuing his statement.

“That isn’t to say your tanking ability isn’t needed, I’m just saying that some damage wouldn’t hurt.” He paused for a moment as they continued walking down the road, resting his hand behind his head as he continued to think aloud, “I suppose we won’t really know until we get to the frontlines…”

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Swapping gear:
- Pain Drinker (-54 Regen), -1 Bloody Hell (-2 dmg, -24 bleed), + Finder's Keeper (+1 skill rank: search & detect), +Seeking Aura (+3 LD)

ID# 79544 results: Loot: 9 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 14 - No Materials (2 total)

Shield nodded, trading out his items for his loot gear. As much as he wasn't eager to take another ambush, the ants on this floor weren't smart enough to try anything coordinated like that.

"Well, what do you say we head home?" he said, stretching his arms. "We've gotten a little extra from the bugs, so it was decently productive, I'd say."

They had been pushing hard lately, which he knew took its toll on the younger player. In all honesty, it wore on him as well, but the front lines were so close. They regularly adventured now on higher floors than this, and although bosses might be out of their reach, he was easily strong enough to handle the blows from the regular enemies on the top floor.

"Floor twenty is looking less and less scary these days," he added as an afterthought, glancing briefly over at Beat. "Don't you think?"

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ID#79546: LD: 9 (5+4) = no mats (1 Total)

Beat reviewed their findings from their brief fight and nodded in agreement. Though only four mobs were slain, they had obviously been fortunate to receive the drops that they did. Ever since the patch, Beat had certainly enjoyed the loot system more and he felt like it was a much more varied system that made more sense, even if that meant it was less predictable. 

Shield's second statement managed to evoke a grin from Beat as he had been thinking the same thing. The frontlines certainly did seem less threatening when you figured the mobs couldn't hurt Shield and, with him tanking, Beat was free to wail on any enemies they encountered. 

"It is. I suppose with the exception of bosses, we can probably start scouting. Probably some decent loot up there too." He said, as he opened his menu up and began searching for quests that resided on the highest floor. He scrunched his mouth to one side as he failed to find much there. 

"The problem is a distinct lack of quests up there. Maybe they unlock once we unlock tier 3?"

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ID# 79547 results: Loot: 12  + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 17 - No dungeon

"I doubt it," Shield thought aloud. "Most likely, the actual quests are already there, but since fewer people are equipped to handle those floors, there are likely more dedicated front liners up there and fewer information brokers. Sure, there are scouts, but they're pretty heavily focused on pushing forward."

The truth was, he didn't really know. Those thoughts all made sense, but until he was up there looking for himself, they could only really be thoughts. They had still come a long way, though. There was no denying that. It seemed like only a few days ago that they were running off into the blue to punch a rock. That quest, though seeming silly at the time, had set the pace not only for Beat's rise as a martial artist, but also their journey as a whole. As he thought back to that first quest, a wry little smile twitched at the corner of his lips.

"Hey, Beat," he said, trying to keep the mischief out of his voice. "Race you home."

Without waiting for a response, he kicked off of the hard ground and pelted up the road.


[Quest Rewards]

- Both -

2 SP (1 quest reward, 1 thread length)

4570 Col ((600 quest reward + 400 thread length + 8140 loot drop)/2)

<Zylara’s Quartz> [Vanity Quest Item] : 1 of 9, collect all 9 and meet whom that waits before you, only then will you get the grand prize

6 T2 Materials


- Beat -

Perfect T2 Consumable

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