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[F3 - PP] <<Search for the Hoya>> [Completed]


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((OOC: I guess I'll go next? @Shield))


ID: 80234
LD: 14 + 2 = 17 (1 T1 Material found. 2 total)

Soredell drops his stance as Beat swiftly dispatches the remaining statues. When the last statue explodes into a cloud of pixels, Soredell sheathes is katana. "I don't get it, this is a low level mission, why do we have so many high leveled mobs fight us? If other players get caught up in this, it'll spell trouble for them." he says, starting to write down a note for later, reminding him to tell someone about what happened. "Anyways, lets just finish up this quest and move on to the next one." he says, following the others. During their search for this item, Soredell asks "Just what the hell is it we're looking for exactly? Something called the <<Hoya of Minos>>. I hope its worth it..." he says, continuing to follow. During the search, Soredell notices an old, yet usable piece of metal on the ground. Picking it up, he dusts it off a little bit before banishing it to his inventory with his other materials.

He does notice Teion finding what appears to be a hidden path through the wall. "Another path? This certainly doesn't seem like its part of the mission. We'll finish up the quest and get the rewards before we go on. We can go back here after this quest is done." he says to the others.

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ID# 80325: LD: 21 (17+4) = 1 T2 Mat found (1 Total)

“Nice find!” Beat said from behind Teion as she turned down the secret passageway, he helped her look until the flash of light illuminated the room momentarily, blinking as his eyes struggled to readjust, just in time to be blinded again.

“Jesus! What was that?” He said, suddenly realizing Teion was gone, fearing the worst.

“Crap!” Without thinking twice, Beat stepped where she had, guessing correctly that the platform was some sort of teleportation platform and in two bright flashes, Beat was suddenly standing next to Teion with a slight headache.

“Ow…my head...where are we?” He said, pulling up his menu and instantly noticing that they were now on floor eleven. Beat’s brow furrowed as his foot found a chunk of ore which he barely registered picking up out of habit, adding it to his inventory, lucky that it was indeed a material.

“Is this…a dungeon?” He asked with a glimmer of excitement in his otherwise confused tone. 





~ Rewards ~


3 SP (1 length, 2 quest)

1110 col (4440 col total)


1 T1 Mat (Found) 

1 T2 Mat (Found)


1 T1 Mat (loot)

[F-11] Advanced Dungeon [ID#: 80149]


1 T1 Mat (loot)

<<Hoya of Minos>>, a sought out gift for weddings, dates and birthdays. The Hoya of Minos is a pendant that changes form every time someone does the quest so it has a variety of appearances, though it always remains a pendant.


2 T1 mats (Found)

[1x] T1 Rare Armor 

[1x] T1 Rare Weapon

[1x] T1 Uncommon Consumable

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