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[F09-PP] The Iron Guardian


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Passive: Shield has a boogey in his nose

Action: Searching for mats - ID# 97591- LD: 6 + 7 = 13 = no mats (6 Total)

Beat remained on the ground, content to stare up at the ceiling and space out. It wasn't often he could do this while they quested, but he was willing to take any heat from Shield to bet on the fact that they had seen all there was to see from this place. This had been, by a fair margin, the deadliest dungeon they had ever found and with it, had discovered that the AI in sword art online had a lot to offer once you took on the greater challenges. 

"You know, that lich had more going on than any of the floor bosses ever have. Sure, they're big and strong with lots of hit points, but they have little personality and none of those striking characteristics that made the lich so terrifying." Beat spoke into the room, his voice echoing off of the aged stone, "Not gonna lie, I was actually afraid of him, and I don't think it was a function of the game at all."

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Rolling for chest

ID# 97590 results: Loot: 8+10=18 - Chest Found!

"I think it was some of both," Shield said, checking the contents of the chest a little more carefully to make sure he hadn't missed anything. "Sure, it was real fear, but there were actual physical effects to his gaze. The aesthetic paired with a constriction in the chest and an artificial increase in heart rate, and you have all the ingredients for terror right there." He sighed and selected the option to collect the contents. "It was definitely, scary, but there was more-"

Shield looked around the empty chest. It was well lit. Moreso than the rest of the room. Slowly, it dawned on him that his earring was still glowing. He reached down and tapped the bottom of the chest, and sure enough, it was hollow. There was more to the dungeon after all. He opened his inventory once again, fishing out the golden key once again.

"That damned wraith was just determined to make this difficult no matter what, wasn't he? Even after he died-" He paused. "Well... died again."

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Passive: and he's dumb and stupid and....

Action: Searching for mats: ID# 97594- LD: 14 + 7 = 21 = 1 T3 mat found (7 total)

Beat chuckled at the undead jokes and got to his feet. He moved over to the chest and took his usual post next to Shield in case the lich had a reserve of minions poised to pounce upon the discovery of the chest, "Well, if this place has anything besides treasure, we'll find out in a second." 

It had been an arduous dungeon, that had been surprisingly lenient given how intense the action had been, "You know, if they wanted to be absolute dicks about this difficulty, they could disallow resting, or only give you enough time to eat one consumable between fights. Make it a marathon of sorts." 

Beat began to recall their days in crossreign, something he was certain even Shield could appreciate since they had not been trapped there, "Like the speed dungeons in Crossreign! A straight hallway, packed with high-level monsters with a boss at the end and a giant treasure chest past it."

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Using Golden Key
Opening Chest:

ID# 97592 LD:1+7=8 CD:7 2,025 Col, 3 T3 Materials, 2 T3 Rare Consumables

...Cool cool

Shield gave a half-shrug. "Yes, I remember them," he said, holding out the key to watch it dissolve. "Of course, you always did them the hard way, as you did most things in that game. The trick to those was that if you used the right items, you could bypass the monsters entirely and jump straight to the end loot. Of course, the loot would be lower since the overall loot was a result of the number of monsters but it was still more efficient to bypass-"

The key vanished and the contents of the chest were displayed before Shield. He frowned. "Great. That was definitely worth hiding in a false bottom. More materials and Col, and a few lesser consumables. Nice stash, lich." He looked over their haul and closed the chest. "I think that's enough adventuring for the day."

Venturing back over to the edge of the drop-off, he saw that the gates of the dungeon were slowly opening, releasing them back to the rest of the floor. It was a relief to finally be allowed to leave. He looked down at the face of the wall below them and realized how much harder it was going to be to find footholes while descending, since they had needed to jump up to each new tier on the way up.



[Quest Rewards]


10 SP
60 T3 Mats
76,669 Col
<<Banner of Support>> 


This item has (3) charges that may not be refilled. This item does not stack and may not be sold for Col, it becomes bound to the player. When used, the Banner of Support heals up to 6 players, including the user, a maximum of 80 HP. Once used, the Banner of Support changes from a red to a gray color and begins to go on it's 5 turns cooldown.


8 SP
50 T3 Mats
70,000 Col
5x Rare T3 Weapon

[95561] [96736] [96747c] [96997] [97588]
5x Rare T3 Armor
[95688] [96009] [96737] [96981] [96982]
1x Perfect T3 Weapon
3x Perfect T3 Armor/Shield
[96152d] [96493] [96196c]
5x Perfect T3 Consumables
[96012a] [96012b] [96152a] [96152b] [97587]
6x Rare T3 Consumables
[96747a] [96747b] [96196a] [96196b] [97592a] [97592b]


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