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Hello SAO fans! We host an official chatgroup on Skype for when your on the go and need to free your hands and speak rather than type i.e. playing games in full screen, it helps! This way you can stay connect with the team and your friends on your mobile devices as well. What you'll need of course is a Skype account from http://www.skype.com and the Skype software either downloaded on your Mac or PC, or on your smartphone via Android and iOS. If you have a Skype account and don't want to share it, then you can always make a second Skype account just for this group and these friends.

And every Sunday we'll try to host a call so everyone can meet each other and introduce themselves to each other. You can opt to leave from the chat group by selecting the option Leave Conversation from the chat window.


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Thanks for the fun today guys! I had a lot of fun.

I feel a bit like the idiot child of the group, since sometimes I don't understand and people have to ask me twice, or I don't understand questions like "Do you like Icecream" and I answer "YES, I REALLY LIKE CATS!" and people are like - uuuuh, ooo..kay? - But that's bearable. Hope you had fun too with my stupidness.

See you next week!

Here's some Gelato for you. http://www.mammemarchigiane.it/wordpres ... 450SXC.jpg

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nexscarecrow (Atlus) said:
There is now an official unofficial SAO RPG group in which we can do calls whenever we please. If anyone us intested please pm me.


How does that even work? I never approved of it therefore it would be an unofficial unofficial. O.o


Anywho, the main one that I host is the real official one. It's where we host weekly Sunday calls, all people are invited to both the Sunday call and the daily typing chat room portion. Participation is not required, you can be spectators during both sessions for all I care. All players are invited without fear of prejudice or discrimination. You will however be kicked and or banned if you harass or flame other participants.


And if you don't want to share your contact info, you can always join by copy/pasting this link in your webbrowser and having the official Skype desktop software installed and running.




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