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  1. Aye. Gonna need a GM to post in my <> topic when they get the time.

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  3. Zauis watched as the blacksmith approached them. Taking a few steps away from Grim so that he could do his thing since he came here first. Not trying to listen to everything Grim was saying so Zauis paced back and forth. Grim finally finishing what he had to say right as Zauis walked up to the counter placing his right hand on it with a bored expression on his face. "What materials do I need for you to craft me this "Gundum" blade. Just a swift one handed sword. just something I can work with for now." he spoke to the man with a calm tone.
  4. In need of a new sword, Zauis walked around aiming to find a blacksmiths shop. Zauis shrugged at the boredom of looking for shops which shouldn't even be hard to find. Turning his head to the right a little he finally saw the blacksmiths shop. He facepalmed himself and stood in place for a moment. "Are you kidding me? It was right there..." he said out loud. He walked over to the blacksmiths shop and entered. The first person he saw was a friend of his, Grim. "Hows it going Grim? You in need of something to? I really need a new one handed sword. Where is the blacksmith?" he asked while looking
  5. (COMPLETED) That was the best role playing I've did with another in a while. I'll lock the thread immediately!
  6. Kirito shrugged when he saw Alciel actually acting like the boss wasn't near. Reaching for the flower the huge weird "Little" Nepent appeared before our very eyes. No one was sure why it was called little, because the thing was as tall as some of the trees around us. It was standing at a meter and a half tall maybe. The monster had countless of roots, vibe arms and it's mouth was very huge. It even grinned and had big pearly white teeth, lips lined in a cherry red. It also had some type of liquid dripping from it's mouth like it was drool from a nap. Though obviously, that wasn't the case in
  7. Realizing he just kissed the young lady he just met not too long ago was rather shocking. Kirito was at a lost on why he even did it. Maybe he couldn't contain his feelings anymore and so the kiss was destined. After the kiss was placed upon the females lips, Kirito's eyebrows stood upward, his eyes were as wide as they could get and his mouth was so wide he could catch over a hundred flying insects in his mouth. Then he faintly heard the girl repeat "The ones you love"? Acting as if he didn't hear it so it wouldn't be awkward or anything the female softly said the word love again. Panting
  8. "Net fish? Kupuna? That means grandpa? Kinda weird to be honest. I thought it would at least remotely sound similar to the word but I guess all languages aren't like that. Still cool though. So your really interested in Tailoring? That actually fits you, maybe you should try your best to become one. I'll give you all the support you need. In my eyes, professions suck. I'm not really to fond of them so I don't have one, and I probably will never get one. But who knows...? My mind could change but I doubt that'll happen." Seems like their conversation continued perfectly and it was a well ni
  9. Eyes opening widely, eyebrows cocked and a somewhat playful remark was handed to the girl. "Im not a bully you crybaby." by the time those words came outta his mouth, Alciel quickly stated she was joking but it was too late for Kirito to take back his playful remark at her. Hoping she wouldn't kill him for that lead him to move a little bit further from her just to have a safe distance. Right as he moved away from her, Alciel suddenly caught up and began walking around Kirito in circles, almost like she was a puppy that was rather fond of his/her owner. Kirito smiled once she started to talk,
  10. The day seemed to be growing weary for the young boy. This day has been filled with happiness, gratitude and even affection. Instead of worrying about what he was gonna do later, he was too busy enjoying the time he had with Alciel. Being tired didn't really mean anything at this point. He'd walk forever if she had the stamina to, even if he didn't. She was very important to him and he'd do anything for her. Turning back to look at Alciel, he noticed she seemed to be acting a bit childish like. Considering she just called my little comment lame. That was so uncool of her to do. Her dark hair t
  11. "Of course I'm right. But you weren't really wrong either. I'd live to finish this quickly, but dashing off to get to the destination quicker doesn't allow us to get a better understanding of each other rather than when we walk and talk." He seemed to notice she was quiet after he planted that kiss on her forehead. Staring down slightly, not knowing if she just didn't like the kiss or was it weird. Maybe he should've waited until after the quest to do things like that. But Kirito has always been some what of a confident guy. He was for sure that'd make her happy. This time, without knowing
  12. Once he had intertwined their hands together he knew what he was getting himself into, though in this case he wanted to be in a situation like this. Continuing to look down at their hands and back up at Alciel who seemed to be deemed with happiness, maybe? Either way seeing her like this made him feel sorta warm and happy himself. His dull look on his face didn't help the problem but if she knew what he really thought about all of this, would she be happy or feel awkward? I don't think I've ever been this happy before. She's very special to me. He couldn't help but over think the situation tha
  13. (OOC: It's fine with me! I love them! ^^) "No worries. Besides, it's too late now. I've already apologized. Heheh." After leading her away from the town and introducing himself, the female before him was turning bright red a lot. It happened so often that even Kirito would blush. He knew it was probably because of his lame quote and the the way he held both of her hands. Though it wasn't so weird in Kirito's eyes. He found the mocha colored girl very attractive and actually wished to for her to spend more time with him do they could get to know each other better. Maybe even marry her.
  14. (OOC: That's a cute gif. ^^) Once he poked her cheek, she seemed to react slightly surprised or frightened. Her fist balled into a fist in which gave the young male a slight surprised facial expression. The young female then started spouting about how she new karate and that she wasn't defenseless, though that was some tough talk from a level one. "W-woah. I wasn't really expecting that from someone like you. I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea or anything. I'm sorry about that..." He apologized to the mocha colored female. It was an unusual encounter, and then she started to act even
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