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00103 | the ice does not forgive.

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      age :  14 ⭢ 16 (18)   |   gender / sexuality :  female / pansexual   |   height :  5'7" 


The starless night is unforgiving and so mercilessly cold.

Red splatters like roses on the concrete. Harsh colors burns into half-closed eyes. Her lungs are filled with smoke and gasoline, and just the faintest whiff of alcohol, and a metallic taste rests on her tongue. Somewhere, Mother's favorite song is still playing; that decade-old jazz she'd once danced with Father to, crackling over a broken radio's whines and hisses of static.




A serious, straight-A student who always places others before herself. She moved to Japan when she was nine due to family circumstances, and hasn’t returned to her home country ever since. Currently, she lives with her mother in a small apartment flat in the Nagoya prefecture, and a frequent visitor to their unit is a family relative named Roman. He also serves as her physical therapist.

Mira has a passion for martial arts. She first started taking classes when she was five and back then, she only chose to because both her older brothers were taking martial arts classes and she didn't want to be left out. She and her brothers promised each other sparring matches once they were all on the same level, a promise that was unfortunately left unfulfilled. Still, she grew to love the sport and kept training and taking classes even after moving to Japan.

Her other hobbies are painting and taking long walks around her neighborhood. She’s a minimalistic type of person; the only decorations in her room are some of her favorite artworks, and a picture of her six-year-old self with her father, mother, and two older brothers.

Unlike most players in SAO, Mira isn’t a gamer. She knows what the most popular games are and maybe some of the mechanics behind them, but never had the chance (or the spare time) to play one herself. Her knowledge of games was only a result of Roman telling her about his hobby and sometimes letting her sit beside him while he played on his PSP. It was also through him that she learned about SAO and got ahold of a copy of the game itself. 


[virtues & flaws:]


+ Calm and Systematic

+ Strong-willed

- Idealistic

- Selfless

- Reserved


+ Calm and Systematic: It takes a lot for Mira to lose her composure (or her temper). Rarely does she ever break down because of a problem she can’t solve; most of the time, she would step back, take the time to sort through her emotions, decide what parts of her problem she could directly influence, and then think of what she could do about it. For her, there is always a standard process, a correct answer to everything; all she has to do is to find it.

+ Altruistic: Mira’s inclination to place others before herself stems from the traditions of both her home country and her current place of residence. As a child, she learned about the Filipino value of bayanihan - which basically means: members of a community working together to accomplish a task that would’ve been impossible for only one person to do - and when she moved to Japan, she adopted the country’s culture of respect, of following the rules and helping others when you have a chance to, all for the good of society. Mira doesn’t ever want to forget the important things she learned before she came to SAO, so even in a game where anything can happen, she plans to stay firm and uphold her values.

+ Strong-willed: Mira possesses a character trait shared by most shounen protagonists: she never gives up. Her current goal? To beat the game and free everyone else. The whole SAO situation may be enough to bring her down for maybe a few months, but now, she’s up and ready to take on the world once again.

- Idealistic: Mira believes in the goodness in people’s hearts. She believes in others, perhaps even more than she believes in herself. But what would have been a good value in ordinary life becomes a weakness in a game where sometimes, people don’t always kill or break the rules for good reasons. Of course, Mira isn’t dumb enough to stand still and attempt to reason with someone who’s beyond saving while they have their sword pointed at her, but her stubborn inclination to believe in someone until her belief is disproven can interfere with her decision-making and only leave her conflicted.

- Selfless: Mira cares for others more than she cares for herself, to an almost self-destructive degree. She can’t accept seeing people suffer, but is more than fine putting herself in danger to protect someone who’s close to her (or even a complete stranger, if she could). Given the intensity and the harm this trait could bring her - which she’s already aware of - it’s reasonable to assume that there is a reason behind it, but when asked, Mira would always refuse to provide an answer.

- Workaholic: Back when she was still studying, eyebags were a common part of her appearance and coffee and energy drinks a common part of her diet. She couldn’t help it; between balancing studies, martial arts classes, student council responsibilities, tutoring other students who asked for it, and her friendships, there simply wasn’t enough time to rest and relax. Her issue probably wasn’t time management, but the fact that she gives herself more work and responsibility than she should. In SAO, this could translate to a mad pursuit for the frontlines or something of less intensity but equally tiring.


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Level 15 -- 38 SP
| HP: 300 | EN: 30 | DMG: 7


[used sp: 35 | unused sp: 3]

01. Two-Handed Battle Axe -- 4/5





T1 Perfect Two-Handed Battle Axe. DAMAGE III
"Close your eyes. Let me be the violence in the pouring rain. I'll leave only the cursed lands in ruins, annihilate this final sin... all to reach for your hand once again." | [

The Widower
T1 Rare Two-Handed Battle Axe -- Bleed II
A black battle axe with a reddish gleam. The handle has a red webbing on it and the pommel is shaped like a spider. The blade releases a red smoke.



Tenebris Nix
T1 Perfect Heavy Armor -- Mitigation III

[reference] Interlocking black iron plates held together with cloth and mesh, and combat boots of the same color and material. The main armor piece covers the user's torso and is especially cold to the touch. Reduces the damage taken by the user.


[reference] Black thigh-high boots. Steel covers its exterior and its knee plates bear the twin facades of a dragon. Always polished to perfection; always a little cold to the touch. | []



Eye of Horus Enamel Pin 
T1 Perfect Trinket. ACCURACY III

While most enamel pins are golden, this one's has been painted in black. A circular and triangular base have been overlaid on each other, encapsulating the Eye of Horus within. The markings where the Egyptian pattern stands out are laced with gold. | []

Gold Rings
T1 Perfect Trinket. EVASION III
A set of donut-shaped rings, too thick to be worn on someone's fingers. They're golden and shiny, but plain. Fits well into one's pocket. Try not to drop them.  | [

Elven Eye
T1 Perfect Jewelry. KEEN III
A bright blue crystal in the shape of an oval with a small black stone in the middle, making it look like an eye of a person.

Vanguard's Timepiece
T1 Perfect Trinket. LOOT DIE III

[reference] “Time after time. Meine Zeugin.” A silver pocket watch. Within the circle of its chapter ring is a facade of clear glass, revealing the timepiece’s inner mechanisms. | []



[x1] Eggnog
T1 Demonic Consumable -- Mitigation I | Safeguard
A hearty drink that warms even the coldest soul, and seems to give a blanket of warmth to those who drink it.

[x2] Christmas Cookies
T1 Demonic Consumable -- Mitigation I | Prosperity III
A big plate of homemade cookies, shaped like Christmas trees and snowmen. When a person eats them, they feel the true spirit of Christmas and feel a little luckier in their travels.

(3) Berry Crumb Bars
Perfect Dessert. LOOT DIE III
Tart crumbled and held knitted together by jam and cut pieces of berries. Chewy, crumbly, complex. Mild.
 [172788] [172788-1] [172791]

(1) Smores
Rare Dessert. EVASION II
A light, toasty treat made out of crackers and marshmallows. Chewy, crumbly, complex. Mild.

[x10] Für Elise
T1 Rare Support Song -- HP Recovery II (Instant Effect)

[reference] Lingering sentiments. Wilted flowers, and a love that never came to be.
[145555] [152477] [152483] [152667] [152669] [152674] [152676] [156256] [156270] [156273]

[x5] Liebestraum No. 3
T1 Uncommon Support Song -- HP Recovery II (Instant Effect)

[reference] "O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst." 
| [147460] [145309] [145310] [148585] [155053]



Teleportation Crystal
Use a post action to activate a teleport crystal. Teleports the player to the town or designated teleportation area they specify.

Dimensional Backpack
Adds +1 to Battle Ready inventory. This item does not take up a Battle Ready inventory slot. A player may only have one Dimensional Backpack at any time. | [

Treant Armor
A consumable that when used, applies a layer of bark on a piece of armor/shield. The treant armor adds one slot of mitigation to that piece for one thread. This cant bring the mit above its maximum (3 slots).
| [

[x3] Starter Healing Potions
Heals 50 HP.

Gold Star Stickers
Charges: 2/3
+1 DMG, +1 LD or +15MIT for one thread. Stacks on top of other food/alchemical consumable buffs, but does not stack with Scent of the Wild totems.
| [

Milky Way Rail Blueprint
+1 CD to a day's worth of crafts or item identifications.
| [

Galaxial Water Snake
Provides +1 CD when rolling to train familiars in <<Taming your Friend>>. Can also be used to change a familiar’s appearance to a starry sky’s form of itself. Single-use item. CD buff lasts for one thread.
| [



 Mishiro (LEVEL 15: 38 SP)
  | HP: 300/300 | EN: 30/30 | DMG: 7



[battle-ready inventory:]




[used sp: 35 | unused sp: 3]

01. Two-Handed Battle Axe -- 4/5

[sword arts:]



  • [x2] Whirlwind (2 Energy) - A single sweeping attack so powerful that it sends forth a shock wave to hit again.
  • [x2 AoE] Smash (2 Energy + 2 per target hit) - An uppercut aimed at opponents head to send them reeling.


  • [x3 AoE] Lumberjack (3 Energy + 2 per target hit) - Three wide sweeping strokes aimed at multiple targets.
  • [x3] Ultimate Breaker (3 Energy) - A pair of uppercuts that finish with a vertical slam to the target's head.


  • [x5] Torque Wave (5 Energy) - A sweeping strike that tears into the opponent.
  • [x6] Crimson Blood (6 Energy) - Three sweeping spinning slices keeping the same momentum.
  • [x6 AoE] Trample Act (6 Energy +2 per target hit) - An attack that starts with a shoulder barge, then does two large sweeping attacks.


  • [x7] Crescent Avalanche (7 Energy) - An advanced mixture of slices, hilt stabs and thrusts at an opponent.
    [x8 AoE] Ordinal Cleave (8 Energy +2 per target hit) - A flurry of eight vicious slashes that hits and targets multiple enemies.


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❄ thread tracker ❄


[completed quests:]


[story thus far:]

0. [11-06-2022 > xx-xx-xxxx]


i. [xx-xx-xxxx > xx-xx-xxxx]




 0     | Claude




 VII   | Huginn




 XII   | Pinball




 XV    | Arabelle




 XVII  | Jinx



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