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Kirbs' Journal Thingie

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Username: Kirbs

Name: Evelyn Ishii Evans

Age: 15 Y.O. > 17 Y.O.

Height: 5'6 in. / 167.64 cm.

Weight: 104 lbs. / 47.17 kg. 

Birthday: 11/ 11 / XXXX

Gender: Female

Nationality: British



Evelyn-- or what she went by, Eve-- was a mix between her British father and her Japanese mother. She was born in the great capital city of London, Great Britain to her two parents, and a pair of older twin brothers. As far as she could remember, she was in love with video games. Her brothers, of course, loved them too, which only brung her closer to digital gaming. She particularly loved the Nintendo company, which always produced the games she fell in love with. For her younger years, she always had her head stuck in a Nintendo D.S. or some type of gaming console. Pokemon, Legends of Zelda, Kirby, Mario, Metroid, you name it, she played it. Her favorite being Kirby, which influenced her username for SAO.

Her parents, both being intellectual people, were bothered that their children-- specifically her-- were so close to such a useless hobby. Now Eve wasn't as dumb as a rock, she was actually quite talented to some school subjects, particularly sciences and literature. Even though she studied hard, she was undeniably lazy. The reason she studied, was because if her grades dropped, her consoles and devices would be taken away. 

Eve has always struggled with thinking about the future. She had no clue what she was going to be, which concerned her parents even more. Even though she had an unhealthy obsession with video games, she had a talent for art. This somewhat relieved her parents, making them a tiny bit more hopeful that their only daughter had a future where she didn't end up on the streets with a sign that read 'will play games for money.' Evelyn honestly loved doing anything related to art, and though she loved video games, she didn't want to make a career out of it. So at an earlier age than most people her age, she decided she wanted to be a graphic designer.

Eve and her family would take a small 1-week trip to Japan each year, usually in the fall to visit her grandparents from her mother's side. Eve, at this point in her life, had started to open up to other kinds of games, which were particularly more mainstream types of games. She soon got interested in SAO, intrigued that video games can be made into something that sounded so fictional, a reality. During her most recent trip to Japan-- which so happened to be on her birthday week-- she was presented to the NerveGear and a copy of SAO by her family for her birthday. Practically everyone in her family knew her love for video games, so each of them-- including her brothers and grandparents-- put in a little bit of money to buy the gear for her, not even knowing what they got her into.


VIRTUES AND FLAWS:1494739717355.png



  • Hyperactive: Once you get to know Kirbs better, she'll start being very hyperactive around you. It's almost as if she has had split personalities because her shy self is so much different from her more comfortable self is like. She loves acting like herself around people she trusts and especially loves being their greatest annoyance. 
  • Determined: Due to her excessive amount of time with video games, Kirbs has learned to be determined so she can achieve what she wants. Like completing a video game, Kirbs always follows her goals through, whether she has to find a loophole through the problem or not. So when she sets a goal in her mind, she is bound to follow it through.
  • Forgiving: Kirbs can be very forgiving, believing that holding a grudge against someone would be pointless unless they downright did something despicable (murder, torture, etc.). 


  • Sensitive/Emotional: Kirbs easily gets emotional over sensitive topics. If she gets frustrated enough or embarrassed enough, she would even start crying. Some topics are far too sensitive for her, and she usually tries to avoid topics the best she can.
  • Secretive: Kirbs doesn't really like it when people stuff their faces in her business (even though she does it to other people all the time). She'll brush off questions like they're flies if you get too far into her personal stuff. She might even start getting agitated or upset if you dig in too far.
  • Nosy: Whether you know Kirbs or not, she’ll tend to pick at your business... a lot. She likes learning new information, even though being nosy isn’t the best way to learn it, she still goes at it. This can also make her very, very annoying at times, and it causes her to babble and ramble a lot.
  • Nyctophobic: For as long as Kirbs can remember, she's been scared of the dark. She's more afraid of what's in it. She'll start to freak out whenever it gets dark enough for her not to be able to see a few meters in front of her. This is why she likes to stick around in her shop and not gather or hunt in the dark.


PROFESSION: Artisan2007ecb7ba6798a54eaedc400a7d6e31.jpg


Skill Slots: 5/5





> T1 Light Armor Skill: 5 MIT

> T3 Fighter Familiar Skill: 6 DMG

> Survival Skill: Increases out of combat health regeneration to [15xTier] per post. Grants immunity to most damage dealing with environmental attacks/effects.

> Concentration: Gain +1 ACC until the start of your next turn (must declare use in roll purpose).




Weapon Skills:

> R5 2H Assault Spear Skill: 8 DMG [+1 BASE WEAPON DAMAGE]




> T2- Bell's Cross: 3 ACC

> T2- Rose Thorns: 2 PAR, 1 BLEED

> T2- Chronograph: 2(4) REC, 1 (18) MIT


Perfect: Green  Rare: Blue  Uncommon: Yellow 



> Basic Package

> 5 Starter Healing Potions: Heals 50 HP

5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality: Heals 50 HP

> Prosperous Bundle: 3 LD

> T1- Aftershock: 1 Bleed, 2 PAR

> T1- Coat of Eulogies: 2 Recovery, 9 MIT

> T1- Sure Shot: 3 ACC

> T1- Starter's Light Armor: 1 EVA

> T1- Starter's Dagger: 1 ACC

> T1- Pixel Hearts: 2 Recovery

> T1- Rupee Ring: 1 EVA

> T1- Basic Armor: 19 MIT

> T1- Gamer's Anklet: 1 ACC, 1 EVA

> T1Shatterglass: 2 ACC, 1 Paralyze

> T1- Starter's Armor: 9 MIT

> T1- Energetic Guard: 1 EVA, 2 MIT (18)

> T1- Turning Medallion: 2 ACC, 1 EVA

> T1- Beginner’s Ring: 1 ACC

> T1- ACC Snack: 1 ACC

> T2- Damage Potion: 2 DMG

> T2- Target Necklace: 2 ACC

Quest Items:


> <<Snowfrost>>: [Increases Fire Resistance for one thread]

> <<Sand Armor Potion>>: [+27 MIT for one thread]

> <<Cerberus Soul>>: [Adds burn damage to a weapon for a thread and is activated on a natural roll of 8-10]

<<Monkey's Agility>> A strange potion which boosts the users evasion by 1. Lasts for one thread. Takes a post action to apply.


Unidentified Doo Doo:


> T1- Unidentified Rare Consumable [120269A]

> T1- Unidentified Rare Consumable [119967C]

> T1- Unidentified Rare Weapon [120269B]

> T2- Unidentified Rare Trinket [120921]

> T2- Unidentified Rare Trinket [120929]



Total: 100

Used: 82

Currently, Have: 14


+5: Starting amount.

-5: T1 Dagger Skill

+3: First Things First <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>

+4: It’ll only sting a little... <<Long Live the Queen>> w/ Black

+2: Well... I Do Want Money <<Earning a Living>>

-8: T2 Dagger Skill

+2: Could Have Been Something <<Let There Be Light>> w/ Pinball

+1: Five Feet Closer w/ Dustin & Pinball

+2: Bad Decision Making <<Secret Medicine of the Forest>> w/ Kataware

-1: T1 Light Armor Skill

+2: High risks on high mountains w/ Dustin & Ennakai

+1: Purposely on Accident w/ Jun

+1: Take Two <<Feeding the Enemy>>

+3: And... Action! <<Feeding the Enemy>> w/ Hazado

+1: The Wedding of Neo and Haz w/ a lot of people

+1: To build a force, it requires momentum first w/ a lot of people

-8: T2 Familiar Mastery

+1: The Hunt is On! w/ Mortambo

+1: Brits w/ Sey

+2: Worse Than the Cold <<The Traveler>> w/ Sey

-3: Survival Skill

+2: Time to leave <<Worn out Welcome>> w/ Huginn

+3: Some Time Alone <<The Second Lesson, is Also Free>>

+13: Skill Refund for R1 + R2 Dagger Skill

-5: R1 2H Assault Spear Skill

-8: R2 2H Assault Spear Skill

+1: if it's free, it's for me <<The First Few Lessons are Free>> w/ Belial

+1: Face to Face w/ Hynes & Belial

-10: R3 2H Spear Skill

+3: About TIME <<The Third Lesson, Is Just as Free>> w/ Sey

+3: Stab Stab <<The Fourth Lesson, Is Actually Free>>

+2: Dragon Hunter Anthology Hunt Numba 1 w/ Pinball, Kityuisa, Bahr

+1: Legends? Maybe...

+3: <<Avalanche>> w/ Bahr

-12: R4 2H Spear Skill

+4: Shark Nom Noms <<Blood in the Sand>> w/ Kityuisa

+2: Dragon Hunter Anthology Hunt Numero Dos w/ Bahr & Kityuisa

+4: <<Deforestation>> w/ Bahr

+2: <<Nature's Treasure>> w/ Ike & Kityuisa

+5: Bring the Heat <<Guardian of Fire>> w/ Alec

-15: R5 2H Spear Skill

+5: Not Even Myself <<The Gemini>>

+2: Finding an Upgrade <<Essence of Steel>> w/ Alec

+4: <<Monkey King>> w/ Bahr & Kityuisa

+2: <<Bandit Camp>> ♥ w/ Kityuisa

-15: R3 Fighter Familiar Mastery

+3: <<Nature's Treasure>> w/ Soleil & Alec

+2: Secrets Are Revealed <<Guardian of Fire>> w/ Kityuisa

+4: Thunder, aAHHaaAAAhhAAAAHH! <<Lord of the Seas>> w/ Macradon

+3: Habits, Old and New <<Arabian Nights: First Night>> w/ Pinball

+1: Relaxation Station

+1: <<Nature's Treasure>> ♥

+4: Case of the wurms

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