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Ruri - The Blue Bolt

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How long have I been dreaming?
Big sis?

The Blue Bolt





June 7th (Gemini)


5'3/105 lbs.







SP Obtained


Sp Spent

About: Ruri’s family was originally from Sweden, born and raised in Japan with her big sister Haine and big brother Keith. Their father since remarried, a brash and difficult man expecting ambitions from his offspring, sparing no expense to fund them into upper-class activities and getting short with them when they wasted time on ’frivolous’ things. His employ and reason for migrating: A job as a game developer for Argus group and had to move to Japan to work on developing and mass-producing the NerveGear for what took years to produce. Ruri was born to this second wife, making Haine and Keith her half-sister and half-brother. The three siblings received copies for the first game called Sword Art Online. Now Ruri is stuck in the game along with thousands of other players and the kin that are trapped with her. To return home and continue life, to protect those she cares the most about she strives to complete this experiment her father helped create.


She's likely to jump in for a lower level and fight the battle for them. If she believes that someone's having trouble, she attempts to help them up on their way to success. Ruri makes it a habit to help up almost any player in need. The bluenette is trying her best to not make another death harder in Aincrad through moxie. To fully recreate the game into a better place for those stuck inside, with more lively players. Trying to influence them, to shape them into better human beings as well.
The blunette is always striving to learn, to make things better. Traveling the floors, looking at every little thing she can find, and talking to everyone she can. She sees the best in people and the best in a situation. The girl is always seeking to help people out, to help them in their endeavors, and show them the world through her eyes. The way she views it all, through rose-tinted glasses, the smells of flowers, and the huge landscapes. It plays a bit to her naivety, making her just a bit too trusting.
She's always been creative in designing her own clothes and room. It could be a result due to her strange hair color or that her older sister was also quite the unique one. Trying to explore and learn, drawing and attempting to have some fun and take in the world around her in huge steps. Her creativity and spontaneous wanderlust methods are like a cold: easy to catch the bug. This personality trait has a habit of alienating people with less "glass half full" outlooks, pissing off the pessimistic or complacent kinds of people.
Ruri's an over-all cheerful and giving girl that attempts to help out anyone in need. Trying to keep Aincrad fun and safe for all players. Her kind nature would lead her to go a bit overboard and giving out small sparkles or weird trinkets and objects. Always attempting to spread happiness as she continues to have fun and wander the floors. If she sees someone in need, she would attempt to help the player out as much as she can. Makes her feel a bit fuzzy and warm or happy inside when she helps someone, leaving a tiny touch and a change on them forever.


When Haine or Keith are involved, She's mildly abrasive. Fending off her territory like a coyote or some kind of wild animal, in an attempt to keep them for herself. She hardly approves of anyone being ‘too close’ to either of them. It isn’t that odd to see her step between someone trying to lay a hug or holding hands with either, driving herself in-between to break them apart. They were her brother/sister first, romance should play second banana.
Though she seems chipper and very lively, she's relatively easy to shatter and bring her close to tears or violence at the person’s expense. It's quite jarring how quickly things can shift, between how happy she can be to how much she can change in a few words is odd. Ruri altogether is a labyrinth of tiny explosives, hard to understand. It however is very easy to make a wrong step.
Where she goes is hard to track, seeming without reason. Ruri may appear soft and cute one moment, the next she may act like a dork. Hard to read is an understatement. A player may think them on her good side or she’s crushing on them, and yet the opposite may well be true. She can be trusted only when it does not include one of her siblings (see territorial), Ruri will fake to be your friend after you've hurt her family. Until she stabs you in the back.
Ruri can be quite childish, but when she’s not it’s clear she’s nervous. She’s either rambunctious or insecure and it’s easy to tell just from her appearance when it switches. Either making fun and playing around or slinking away and doing her best to hide. Once she falls into this flaw, she prefers total isolation. Though she tries not to show it, inside she still feels like a little kid even now with the same fears and insanity that would come with it.


Music Violins Family/Friends The Color Blue Small Details, The Little Things


Heavy Metal Insects Being Alone Darkness
looks like Ene Takane (Adult Variant)
from Kagerou Project
Short, slender and quick. A little woman with the heart of a lion. It's pretty common to see a wide smile stuck to her face.
A small grey and white hamster, to which Ruri has had for ages. The thing seems to be unnaturally lax and unconcerned, its a little chubby and always seems to be sleeping. Ruri has quite often lost him, which is why he is named Bingo given that's what she usually says once she figures out where he was left.

IRL Photo:

What did you want from me?


played by ??? She / Her pronouns 15 yrs old contact by N/a

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  • Ruri changed the title to Ruri - The Blue Bolt

Skill Points Total: 165
Skill Points Spent: 112

One-Handed Curved Sword [Rank 1]
Katana [Rank 5]
Light Armor [Rank 3]

Finesse [Rank 3]

«Bear-Chan» Vanity
«Galaxy Blade» +3 DMG
«Bracers of Swiftness» +2 ACC

» Miaki - A Dear friend of hers.
» Haine - Sister
» Keith - Brother
» Raidou - The Talker/The Doctor/My Friend?
» Kiluia - Secret Hate

Grandfathered: 165 SP
[PP-F22] Resurgence of Light  [Complete] +2 SP

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