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569890934_welcometoalicization.png.8c553db9f48eacbdf85d468cf3f65850.pngThe latest season of the SAO franchise, titled Sword Art Online Alicization, finished airing a while ago and I for one was pleased with its adaptation. However the anime itself glanced over some details which are actually very interesting. So it has been decided to make an attempt of recreating and developing the <Alicization> arc as a text-based roleplay forum similar to what www.sao-rpg.com is now.

Until now, the only material that could be used were the light novels (SAO volumes 9-18) which contain, along the main storyline, a lot of world building elements and descriptions. Now we also have the anime that can be used as a audio-visual 'resume' of vol. 9-14 (though they skipped past half of volume 10), so there is a lot more material to help develop this "Underworld", as it is called.

If I were to make a comparison with the flying castle "Aincrad",  <Alicization> would be less complex (numerically) and more story driven since "Underworld" is such a unique environment that offers a multitude of possibilities.


Less complex means that there will be only a fraction of the stats currently present in SAO. First of all there is no menu window, but a 'Stacia Window' that will show 3 stats for 'people' and 2 for objects. For a resident of the Underworld, Object Control Authority allows you to use a object with equal or lower Class value. Durability represents 'health'. And here's where Underworld adds a element of novelty towards what Aincrad has, the System Control Authority allows you to use Sacred Arts that the residents of Underworld believe to be magic rituals. 


121644772_SwordArtOnlineAlicization-12-Large04.thumb.jpg.9c0c11ddb926b49c249a360263684bb4.jpgSo yes, 'magic' is a thing and it can be used in something simple as from lighting up a stick or prediction of weather. Up to more complex sacred arts like teleportation, healing, creation of items out of apparently thin air and even something as drastic as altering someone's personality. Lots of possibilities and variations that will be heavily regulated and restricted since magic can be a overpowered element in roleplay.
But while magic is diverse «Secret Art Finishing Moves» or just «secret moves» ,as Sword Skills are known to the Underworld inhabitants, discovered through trial and error are usually a one hit combo. To use higher hit combo secret moves requires a higher weapon class and thus the user's own high System control authority. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, even if stats determine the 'power' of a secret move. One could temporarily overcome this limitation and increase the secret move(or sacred art)'s power, if certain conditions are met so that Incarnation can occur. But nothing of the sort will be available at the beginning.

ANYWAY, I'm going off topic... you got the gist of it.

Developing all this alone is extremely hard and time consuming so I want to assemble a small team to iron out the base of the Alicization universe and do a beta test that will involve a small number of players roleplaying 'the myth of creation'.

There aren't any requirements for joining but at least having watched the anime and/or reading the Light novels/manga would make a good starting point.

If this post peaked your interest and you'd like to join in the development of this budding project, send me a PM here on the forum or contact me via Discord tag Turbostar#8810. or comment here. I'm open to questions!

Website where we're gonna work:

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