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[SP-RW] Reawakening (SAO Afterstory_1)

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-Note: This is held within an AU in which Morgenstern and Tricolor_Mina and the majority of Jonathan's friends survived Aincrad. I will be trying my best to not to talk about any information from the SAO RP that has not happened to keep the story consistent with the one on site. Enjoy!

Slowly, the blonde's eyes opened, his grogginess obviously contributing to the blurred image that he was perceiving. 'Am I back?' He asked himself. He could see next to nothing.... 'My eyes... why can't I see anything?' His hands moved to the helmet on his head with much struggle. Just moving his arms was almost next to impossible. He knew before even trying that getting the Nerve Gear off of his head wouldn't be happening. 'Where am I? Everything is blurry...' He noticed a faint noise, a constant beep. 'Am I in a hospital?' His arms drifted back down to his sides. Foot steps were heard and a door opening. He lifted his hand as high as he physically could to gather their attention. "Master Jonathan! You have awakened!" A voice spoke to him. He recognized the voice, but couldn't remember who it belonged to. Within an instant, he was gingerly helped to sit up and his nerve gear was removed. Despite sitting up, he still couldn't manage to perceive anything other than blurs and was unable to move hardly. "Master Jonathan, can you hear me? Are you all right?" He swallowed, attempting to wet the dryness of his throat. "C-Can't See" he managed to croak out, almost inaudible to even himself. "Of course, I shall fetch your glasses quickly and notify the nurses and your father that you have awakened." The footsteps would retreat and return rather immediately. The person put the glasses on Jonathan's face, his own eyesight returning. 'Glasses? I forgot I needed those. It has been so long since I have worn them. I didn't need them in Aincrad. They feel so unusual."While his head movement was quite limited, he took in his surroundings. He was in no hospital. He was in what appeared to be his old room. It had been so long since he had seen it, except now it was covered in hospital equipment. Instead of bringing him to a hospital, his father brought the hospital to him. His eyes finally drifted over to the man that had helped him. He focused for a second, recalling the man's identity. "W-Wilson?" he asked. The man nodded with a warm smile. "Glad to have you back, Master Jonathan. The nurses should arrive shortly, I shall accompany you until then. They will want to do a complete vital check and gauge the seriousness of your current physical state." Jonathan's eyes widened. "Please... Show me... a mirror. I need to see" he said through breaths. Wilson stood up and grabbed a large mirror and laid it at the end of his bed so that he could see himself. 

Jonathan was terrified. His blonde hair was now quite long, pale and tangled. His skin's appearance was gray in color and his face was sullen with dark circles around his eyes. He was extremely thin, lacking almost all of the muscles he had previously. He slowly turned away, not wishing to see anymore. At that moment, two women rushed in to his side. The nurses had arrived to check up on him. He watched as Wilson left the room to let them do their job. Wilson had been in the family for as long as he could remember, tending to him and his father's every need as a servant to the family. Of course, his father treated Wilson fine and the man received a great salary and his own quarters within the mansion. Wilson also held authority of every servant within the mansion and was directly responsible for all of the goings inside of the residence. Jonathan had always really liked and respected him and Wilson always had talked to him before even over private matters concerning his feelings about his father. 

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