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[F6-SP] An angry drunkard who's just a little sad. <<The Gemini>>


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The Gemini

Morgan passed through the teleporter from floor one, unexpectedly getting up to the sixth floor completely by accident. "What the. What is this place?" Morgan looked around, as it was his first time actually being anywhere other than the first floor. The scenery was lush with plant life, a tropical jungle would do that to say the least. Though it was rather pleasant on the eyes, it wasn't something Morgan was a fan of. Too many mosquitoes and other bugs for his liking. 

Making his way through the jungle, following a beaten path, he made sure to take note of locations with plentiful sources of materials. He wasn't one for the whole crafting nonsense so far, but it was always good to know where the money was at. He swatted away flying insects and vegetation as he walked. "This place is [censored]." He mumbled to himself, accidentally swatting his hands through a thick spiderweb. The spider crawling on his hand was quickly squashed against the stump of a tree. "Yeah, no thanks."

Consuming -
Immolation potion: When used, successful non-critical attacks against you deal 10 unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy. Effect lasts for one thread.

Stats and Info:


Level 5 -  HP: 100 | EN: 10 | Damage: 4 |Mitigation: 35 | ACC: 3 | 

Skills - Rank 1 THSS | Rank 1 HA |
Equipped: Travelers Chain-mail (+27 Mitigation) Templar's Bastard Sword (+3 Accuracy)

Equipment - Pslam 65:11 (LD +3) Iron Two Handed Straight sword (+1 Damage) | Mail Armour (+9 Mitigation)
Consumables - 5 Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 5 Healing Potions uncommon (Heals 40Hp) Damage Potion (+1) Over-Health (+50 Temp Hp) Extracted Perfume (Pheromones +3)

Gemini Stats For Later:

  • HP: (5) x 10 = 50 HP
  • DMG: (5) x 5 = 25 Damage
  • MIT: 5 x 1.75 (Rounded down) = 8 Mitigation
  • ACC: 3 ACC
  • EVA: 0
  • Critical Hits: 30 on a natural MD 9 (Damage + Player level). 35 on a natural MD 10 (Damage + Player level*2).
  • <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack.
  • For each consumable/temporary buff a player has when facing <<The Gemini>>, it will gain additional effects. For example, if a player has 3 temporary buffs, <<The Gemini>> will have Paralyze, Bleed, and bonus DMG.
    • 1: Gain Paralyze: Removes player action for one turn on natural MD rolls of 9-10.


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After having downed a potion with the label 'gift for an upstart' written on the side, he noticed a timer hanging at the top of his HUD. It seemed whatever he drank would run out in a few hours, an aura of flame surrounding him. He didn't know what it was for, but the message attached to it said he should drink it and head to a waterfall. At least he had a reason to be in this jungle now it seemed. 

Another messaged popped up on his screen from an unknown user. 'Turn right'. 

Morgan looked around, confused. Was someone following him? How did they know where he was? And how were they able to send him messages like this? Morgan would have ignored it, however at the bottom of the message were the initials of the sender. 'F.A', the same initials which came with the potion and other items which now rested on his back. 

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Morgan sighed, it seemed like his benefactors had plans for him. He had a bad feeling about what was about to happen, but if they were willing to equip him with perfect gear it probably wasn't anything dangerous. After all, what would they have to gain from killing a level five? Though you could never be sure. 

"Ah [censored] it why not." Morgan dismissed his doubts and turned right off the path, making his way through a small clearing of bushes and branches. If he was gonna end up dying because of this at least he'd go to see God sooner than later. The dirt tracks slowly became moister, almost to the point of mud. "Where the hell is this taking me" He grumbled, the bottom of his cloak dragging some of the earth along with him. As he traveled further down, he could hear the sounds of crashing water.

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A clearing came just afew more steps ahead, revealing to him a circular opening where a waterfall crashed into, creating a large lake surrounding a raised patch of ground. The patch of ground upon further inspection was actually a large rock which had to at least span one hundred meters. Morgan had never seen anything quite like it. "Well this is nice." He said with a pleasantly surprised tone of voice. Perhaps his benefactors weren't so bad at all. 

Then another message came. 'Walk onto the rock surrounded by the water and prepare yourself.' Morgan raised an eyebrow, whatever they had planned will probably involve a fight. Morgan hadn't really gotten the hang of all the combat yet, but he was sure whatever this flame aura was for would help him. It did help him clear a path at least, that was for sure. "Hm alright then, lets see what this is about." 

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Morgan looked over the edge of the cliff he now stood on, wondering if it would be impossible to jump off of into the water. Probably wouldn't be worth the risk to find out. He backed away from the ledge and looked around, a small path just off to the right, a steep dirt path that he'd probably stumble down if he wasn't careful enough about it. Morgan huffed. "Alright then." Slowly making his way over to it and gripping firm footing onto its steep edge. It was about fifty eight percent steep grading, he could definitely slip.

Morgan lowered his weight backwards as he made careful steps down the path, holding onto rocks where he could for support. "Slow and steady, just like a tortuga." He reassured himself. But of course, he was not a tortoise, and his grip ripped one of the stones out from the dirt, causing him to tip forward and begin fumbling down the trail. "Filho da puta!" 

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