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  1. Morgan looked over the edge of the cliff he now stood on, wondering if it would be impossible to jump off of into the water. Probably wouldn't be worth the risk to find out. He backed away from the ledge and looked around, a small path just off to the right, a steep dirt path that he'd probably stumble down if he wasn't careful enough about it. Morgan huffed. "Alright then." Slowly making his way over to it and gripping firm footing onto its steep edge. It was about fifty eight percent steep grading, he could definitely slip. Morgan lowered his weight backwards as he made careful steps do
  2. A clearing came just afew more steps ahead, revealing to him a circular opening where a waterfall crashed into, creating a large lake surrounding a raised patch of ground. The patch of ground upon further inspection was actually a large rock which had to at least span one hundred meters. Morgan had never seen anything quite like it. "Well this is nice." He said with a pleasantly surprised tone of voice. Perhaps his benefactors weren't so bad at all. Then another message came. 'Walk onto the rock surrounded by the water and prepare yourself.' Morgan raised an eyebrow, whatever they had pl
  3. Morgan sighed, it seemed like his benefactors had plans for him. He had a bad feeling about what was about to happen, but if they were willing to equip him with perfect gear it probably wasn't anything dangerous. After all, what would they have to gain from killing a level five? Though you could never be sure. "Ah [censored] it why not." Morgan dismissed his doubts and turned right off the path, making his way through a small clearing of bushes and branches. If he was gonna end up dying because of this at least he'd go to see God sooner than later. The dirt tracks slowly became moister,
  4. After having downed a potion with the label 'gift for an upstart' written on the side, he noticed a timer hanging at the top of his HUD. It seemed whatever he drank would run out in a few hours, an aura of flame surrounding him. He didn't know what it was for, but the message attached to it said he should drink it and head to a waterfall. At least he had a reason to be in this jungle now it seemed. Another messaged popped up on his screen from an unknown user. 'Turn right'. Morgan looked around, confused. Was someone following him? How did they know where he was? And how were they
  5. The Gemini Morgan passed through the teleporter from floor one, unexpectedly getting up to the sixth floor completely by accident. "What the. What is this place?" Morgan looked around, as it was his first time actually being anywhere other than the first floor. The scenery was lush with plant life, a tropical jungle would do that to say the least. Though it was rather pleasant on the eyes, it wasn't something Morgan was a fan of. Too many mosquitoes and other bugs for his liking. Making his way through the jungle, following a beaten path, he made sure to take note of locations w
  6. Thread completed: Rewards: -5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) -1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) - 4 SP (2 from quest, 1 from thread, 1 from event.) -400 col
  7. Zakariah laughed. "Well yes I suppose a cook could make beer. However that's a matter for another time. Go now and seek out Lyel, or maybe wait until the morning that might be better. I'm sure he's sleeping right now." Morgan nodded in response. "Fair enough then. Thanks for the help old man. Take care." Morgan lifted a carefree hand, singalling his depature as he walked out the store. "Oh yes before you go, take these." Morgan turned to see the man holding out for him a bunch of different potions. "They will help you on your journey." Morgan complied, taking the potions and adding them
  8. Zakariah looked at him with a mixture of disbelief, amusement, and pride. "Well, yes I suppose a perfect potion is technically success. Very well done for your second attempt I must say. You should be proud of such an achievement." Morgan swished the contents around in the flask looking at liquid, rather unimpressed. "Hmm, well I'll take your word for it then." Morgan placed the flask back on the table. "Is that all then?" Zakariah shook his head. "Of course not young lad, this is just the beginning for you. Your next stop will be the blacksmith. Lyel tealeaf. Speak to him and he will te
  9. Morgan grimaced as he wiped the icky potion residue that exploded on him off his black cloak. Zakariah shook his head "You forgot to brew the potion before adding the material into the flask. Try again." He encouraged the clearly disgruntled man. "Oh, right. I got ahead of myself there I think." Right, Morgan THOUGHT he had the hang of things, he could never really be sure. "No matter attempt two then." Morgan tried again, this time keeping the solution over heat while it sat in the glass, bubbling just right enough for him to add the material into it. He took the flask quickly off the b
  10. "Come this way then, to my alchemy table young man." Zakariah spoke. Morgan chuckled in a game filled with kids it wasn't every day that he would get called young man, though he was only twenty six. "Alright, teach me what all this crafting and potion nonsense is about." Zakariah nodded. "Very well listen up then, this is what you need to know about crafting in our world..." About an hour passed as Zakariah attempted to wrangle Morgans thick mind around the sciences and ways to craft potions, of course it would be easy to just teach him from a game mechanic point of view. No of course Mo
  11. Morgan picked himself up again and dusted off his pants, the path back to the gate was short, and the road back to the old mans shop was just as short. It didn't take long for Morgan to make his way back through the gates and back at the entrance of the store. Morgan once again knocked, more agressively than probably would be considered polite. But that was just from the weight of his hands, it was how he always knocked, never bearing mind to it. The door opened, surprisingly enough. "Do you ever sleep old man?" Morgan asked inquisitively, only half joking. The old man laughed, indeed he
  12. Taking the pheromones, even though I got plenty on my body
  13. Crickets made their songs as the night grew colder and darker. It seemed that morgan was outside way longer than he had anticipated he would be. This lead him to wonder just how long the NPC would be waiting for him back at the alchemy shop, and if he would still be able to turn in the quest tonight. "Hmm only one way to find out. But first... one more darn flower" Morgan said grumpily as he carelessly bent down in an attempt to pick his last flower. With a resounding pluck the flower didn't break, and so it was added to his collection along with the other four flowers, resting dainty in a sma
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