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[E3] [F8 - PP] «Ferocious Foe» Shield and Beat - SotW Pt 1

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Opening Chest:ID# 141258 results: Loot: 12+8=20 [Applying Multipurpose housing bonus] 20+1=21

[21-23] = 1,600 Col, 10 T1 materials, 2 perfect weapon, perfect consumable

Total Loot:

Eggs: 21
Materials: 16
Col: 1,600
Perfect T1 Weapons: [141258a] [141258b]
Perfect T1 Consumable [141258c]

Shield followed Beat's gaze, and sure enough, there was indeed a chest. Reaching to the back of his belt, he unhooked the large ring of golden keys and held one up to the lock. "We'll see whether or not you did good when we open this puppy." The key dissolved, and the lid popped open. Shield checked the contents list that displayed in front of the chest, marveling at the equipment inside. "This isn't bad! But then... why is the Col count so lo-" Shield saw the note 'Tier 1' in front of the items and remembered what floor they were on. He sat back on his heels and groaned.

"It's Tier 1. We're only on floor eight. None of his is going to be useful to us."

With that, Shield straightened up and made quickly towards the main settlement. "So, tenth floor you said? Let's put some ground behind us and keep moving towards floors that don't suck."


[Thread Rewards]


3,800 Col
4 SP.
Eggs: 21
T1 Materials: 16
Perfect T1 Weapons: [141258a] [141258b]
Perfect T1 Consumable [141258c]
Kumatetsu Statue


2,600 Col
6 SP [Using Mega Slime Farm]
T1 Mats 4
Eggs: 33
Kumatetsu Statue


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