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Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

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The Whisper in Shadows 


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"All you do is channel angst and loathing and push people away.  Congratulations, you've engineered your own personal descent into oblivion - for both of you.  You can't fill that hole, dumbass!" ~Freyd




name takeshi sanamoto
age 25
gender m
origin canada

height 182cm
weight 80kg
birthday 31-dec
orientation hetero
guild firm anima


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alt characters

[Aldnoah.Zero "aLIEz"]
by Hiroyuki Sawano
(Ballad version)

Freyd is Takeshi's reflection, teetering between fledgling awareness of his own humanity and the darkest impulses of a rage-frenzied monster unchecked by morals or emotion.  He is on the psychological edge, having lost touch with much of his own self out of fear of what could happen if he allowed himself to feel again.  Only a semblance of 'person' survives, though the efforts of newfound friends have rekindle the hearth he had tucked away so many years ago.

For most of his early days in Aincrad, Freyd pretended at everything, including being a person in any meaningful sense.  Behind it all lay a cold engine of reason whose sole purpose it to keep Takeshi's shattered soul from fraying any further, predicated on the myth that suppressing his own passions prevented the release of that darkness he knew hungered within.  Isolation only fed the wrong impulses, forcing him to conclude that he had no choice but to finally venture out and face the harsh realities of this new world, and ultimately of his own existential crisis.

Freyd's interactions with the residents and denizens of Aincrad determine his fate.  He is trapped between demons and angels, of his own making, both actively vying for dominance.  To everyone else, he often appears distant and introspective, as if he's trying to calculate and play all the angles, but without malice.  He is meticulously thorough and dutiful, but these obsessive qualities are merely the tricks of his own mind at imposing order where chaos would feed and foster darker impulses.  Even to those few who have come to know him, Freyd is an odd duck.  Unusually considerate, but equally subdued and distant, he seems... blank?  The truth is far more complicated and potentially dangerous.  



Born to a pair of Japanese immigrants and raised in Vancouver, Canada, he had a miserable childhood.  Borderline autistic, Takeshi struggled to build relationships in the real world.  Social awkwardness combined with the prejudices of his peers isolated him in a toxic environment.  All it took was time and the arrival of the wrong instigator to light the match.  Years of endless abuse at the hands of one particular tormentor finally caused him to break.  Intellect and reason gave way to rage.  The bully was left with permanent injuries, and Takeshi only narrowly avoided imprisonment on psychological grounds and due to his age.  The incident had only made him more emotionally withdrawn.  The word 'sociopath' had also been bantered about during the hearings, as if Takeshi somehow didn't understand what they were saying about him.

His family moved back to Osaka three months later, just as he was due to enter high school.  Lacking common social context with his peers, Takeshi only became distant and functionally outcast, preferring the comfort and anonymity of online interaction. There, at least, he found some measure of solace and nurtured some semblance of feelings for others, quickly becoming an avid and active member of many communities.  Outside the digital realm, he  struggled through high school and college barely scraping by, and with as little contact as possible. The burdens of living expenses and crushing, ever-present expectations of his parents left him in a permanent state of high anxiety.  He felt like metaphorical walls were closing in on him at every turn.

The numerous contacts he’d made in the community and industry were enough to pull together a string of contract jobs, but he was barely scraping by. Drawn to the hype surrounding the upcoming release of SAO, but needing to pay his bills, Takeshi accepted a commission from a corporate competitor to Kayaba Akihiko.  They provided his nerve gear and a coveted hard copy of SOA and he committed to investigate Akihiko’s new creation from the inside.  The results were far more complicated than he could ever have expected.

Concerned that his illicit intentions had been uncovered and that becoming trapped was some sort of targeted reprisal against him by the Cardinal system, he chose to lay low in the Town of Beginnings and observe.  Nothing happened, of course, but anxiety had blossomed into full-fledge paranoia.  It took years for his broken psyche to salvage enough self-awareness and guilt to overcome his fears.  Armed only with his original starting gear and reams of anecdotal data, he finally rekindled the barest fragment of passion and struck out into the mysterious new world that had simultaneously become his prison and impenetrable shelter.

Act 1 - Introductions to a Mad, Mad World


Freyd has grown by necessity and through the influence of those with whom he has interacted.  Most of the changes have been good, pushing him towards the tenuous rekindling of a long lost conscience and rediscovery of emotions he thought long since vanished to the void.  He still struggles with caring beyond the appearance of doing so, but it’s a start.  His greatest accomplishment, culminating in his experience of facing his own demons, was learning to master his own fears.   It forged within him the confidence and strength of will to finally assert control over his own worst impulses.  

Despite his progress, Freyd remains very much on the knife’s edge.  Awareness and belief that he can control the seething rage in his heart leads him towards the temptation to unleash it during times of great need.  Too much strain may overwhelm him, but only time will tell.

Taking on the role of mentor to newer players tempers those instincts and nurtures something that might, one day, become caring.  One particular and unexpected soft spot has emerged: an overwhelming need to protect children.  For now, the rest of him remains firmly rooted in pragmatism and efficiency over all other considerations.

Act 2 - Sundered Spirit Meets Sundered Spire


(Summary description to be provided upon the Act's completion)


virtues & flaws


Adaptable – Freyd learned to take care of himself at a very young age, though not always without a price.  His approach to situations and problem-solving are never rigid, and often ingeniously unorthodox, though he is just as likely to be forcing himself to remain on his toes as to being so as a way to keep others guessing.  He will sooner appear to change himself than expect others to do so, which generally makes it easier for him to get along with fellow players.

Resourceful – Difficult problems can often be addressed with the simplest of creative solutions, if you’re clever enough. Freyd excels at taking on challenges from unexpected directions, turning weaknesses into strengths.  His quick thinking and ability to analyze his surroundings lets him do the opposite to his foes.  Unfortunately, they also risk dipping into strengths better left untouched.

Patient – Focus and long term planning are personal strengths, and complexity is no obstacle.  Never act impulsively, unless appearing to do so somehow suits your broader goals.  Freyd often seems like the calm to surrounding storms, always keeping his wits about him.  The consequences of giving in to pain and other dangerous impulses is only too well-known, and he fears what could happen if he ever lost control again.

Cautious – Despite his passion and curiosity for the game, Freyd remains mildly paranoid that the system somehow has it out for him.  He constantly second-guesses random or inexplicable coincidences as driven by some hidden digital malice ready to unleash disaster upon him.

Solitary – Always insular, Freyd grew up indoors, holed up behind some manner of screen in a dark, safe corner.  Whatever courage the anonymity of his avatar might have provided evaporated the moment he was informed that death in SAO was now real.  Though it is mostly symptomatic of a lack of personal confidence combined with social awkwardness, he is often hesitant to join groups unless there are compelling reasons to do so.

Hoarder – The same qualities that keep him flexible also compel him to endlessly and obsessively collect.  Whether it be arms, armor, potions, trinkets or even secrets, Freyd gathers all he can on the assumption that it may someday be essential.  He considers it helpful – even necessary – to repeatedly analyse his gear and loadout, and that of his companions to determine how each could be better prepared.




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Updated after quest completion
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