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[Offering]Quick Newbie Clears of <<The Venomous Warg>>

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Hi all, I'm Oscar. I'm offering quick, painless clears of one of our five level-gated quests. This can be accomplished as low as Level One with absolutely 0% chance of player death. Easy way to get a quick boost in level right off the bat and not have to worry about one of the level-gated quests at all. If you're still not convinced that the quest is absolutely no threat, I'll go ahead and break down the normal issues with the strategy and what I'll be doing to deal with them.

  • In a party, the Warg and its minions must be fought all at once
    • Killing a minion results in the Warg attacking with an AoE, presenting an issue when carrying players through
  • With an ordinary build, one still runs the risk of missing an attack on the boss.
    • Dealing 35 damage + poison is more than enough damage to kill a level one player even through mitigation.

I bring an Absolute Accuracy AoE weapon to the table. Even if I roll a 1, I will still hit provided I bring 5 accuracy to the table. With a single consumable buff, I can boost myself up to Seven Accuracy, factoring in the additional point from the Absolute Accuracy enhancement. This guarantees that a single AoE attack kills the Warg and its minions in a single turn before they even get the opportunity to attack.

What's in it for me:
SP, mainly. Also it's a narrative thing for my character to go out of his way to help out newbies. I'm in final crunch for the impending Floor Boss and need just a few more SP before we get started.

What's in it for you:
Also SP. 3 SP, to be precise. Plus, you'd only be on the hook for 150*10 posts instead of 150*20 posts.

If interested, go ahead and DM me on site or on Discord.

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