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Username: Plini
Real name: Ryann ?????
Age: 22 (entering SAO ), 24 (Present)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7

File #1
Plini was born into a family that lived a rather modest life. He himself was fond of that kind of lifestyle, keeping things as simple as possible. He was the youngest of the three children and he has two older twins sisters who are 3 years ahead of him. His family was quite the close-knitted type but he and his father were never a fan of relatives being too close to them. Add to that the fact that he noticed how there are a lot of females born and as generations went by it was evident that four out of 6 children in a generation was born female. While this was no serious matter to him, having no chances of playing with boys of the same age, Plini was introduced to a life full of woes when it comes to demands. His sisters were too into trends, his mother who earns better than his father began acting too arrogant, and his aunts kept on pestering their family.

File #2
Plini is an introvert and would rather prefer staying inside his room, away from the noise and nuisances his sisters inflict on him on an hourly basis. Fortunately, this kind of environment pushed for him to be understanding and made him a little more mature than his age. While his mother might be arrogant, she was also quick to admit a fault and Plini knew that while people around him can be annoying, those who are eager to accept their wrongs and ask for help deserves to be helped. So this gave birth to a personality that is quiet and aloof but then can also be dependable but even that depends on the situation.

File #3
Fancy things are not that interesting for someone like Plini, a pc and a handheld console was more than enough for him. His room is always littered with books to which he reads with leisure, even his phone had light novels and articles about certain things. While at a glance it may look like Plini is some kind of a smart kid, he himself admits that he's only taking in general information and processing those that can help him every day. This habit made his comprehension and understanding of surroundings better but knowing increases misery, or so they say...

File #4
Plini was never able to finish college and at the age of nineteen, he began working on minimum pay jobs despite being college level. This made him realize that hard work isn't always favorable and he'd be wasting his lifespan on work that would never recognize the worth of its employees. After years of working while keeping track of news about the nerve gear, Plini managed to nab a unit for himself. As an avid fan of RPG games, he was so excited but it seems that something is not right with how things are turning out ever since he stood along with the crowd of players on floor one...

File #5
His parents assumed he was a girl as they don't have the means to actually see him during his mother's pregnancy. They all voted along with his sister to name him Ryann which means "great queen" and was thought to be the last girl to be born in the family. While no one was dismayed, they were all shocked to see that his mother gave birth to a boy. Add to it the fact that the father wanted to keep the name for him since it would be a pain to come up with a new one. Plini, who wasn't amused by it so much began justifying the name by saying that it was of an American origin and that Irish origins of his real name meant "little king."

File #5
His username is from a famous musician who he follows online, he learned playing the guitar at the whim of his mother and surprised her when he showed way more potential than expected. He is also the only one in the family who had a dark complexion and the very popular reason for it is he bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather as if he was a carbon copy of him.

"Perhaps others may misunderstand it but I don't go into battle with one foot not wearing a sandal."
the utmost of caution can be one of his defining traits. Plini may dislike having fancy equipment but he never shies away from using the finest of items to aid him in what he does. Be it a simple tool or method, as long as it is useful then he is always ready to use it. His cautious nature is what keeps him safe from threats and should things go out of hand, his rational thinking may come in handy or maybe cause a nuisance to those who are foolish enough to be with him.
"Knowing is half the battle they say, I say knowing is an invaluable habit a lot of us are taking for granted."
A keen eye on human behavior and his surroundings is one of his habits, knowing saves a lot of time for him. Be it a simple gesture or a sudden shift of paradigm, Plini will always do his best to know and understand it. He always reminds himself that a person can always be swayed and it depends whether it be for the good or bad of all and whichever it is, he will try to be ready to deal with it. He also tends to observe rather than take part in what's happening, gauging if it would be wise to involve himself with any situation that may arise.
"If you need my help then that means I can do something for you, otherwise we wouldn't be standing here like idiots facing each other."
Despite his quiet and rather monotonous behavior, Plini is willing to help or try to be of use to anyone. Just don't go spouting nonsense about the power of friendship and will because before someone can even elaborate on why, he'd be making a dash for it somewhere safe. He always believes that people asking for help are the humble ones and are accepting of their shortcomings. He however has a weird way of helping and sometimes it often passes as a rude gesture, not that it would matter to him.

Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/
"I hurt your feelings? then I guess I have to do better on telling lies next time"
Plini observes and from that, he speaks his mind, regardless of how rude or insensitive he is on saying things. This however does not mean he intentionally pisses on people but rather his analytical nature going overboard. Sugar-coating words are not his forte and he is not satisfied by saying nice things to something that is bad, whether it is obvious or not. If someone messes up then he will say so if it affects the situation and he himself is no exception.

Cynical to the opposite sex
"I was born in a family with a high ratio of female offsprings, forgive me for sometimes I'm tired of their shit."
It might have been the effect of being egged on most of the time in his life, Plini never harbors hatred against the opposite sex. Rather, he is all too willing to shoot down their nonsensical ways should it be a nuisance in his daily life. He will help, be nice, and keep his peace around them but when push comes to shove and shove escalates into a grovel... Plini will unload words like a sea urchin going trigger happy with its spikes.
"Conserve energy, battles require a huge amount of it, perhaps when there is nothing to be fought we could lie down under a tree"
Plini's efficiency in doing things took a dark turn when he realized that not everything is rewarded accordingly. After experiencing the harsh environment at work outside the game and receiving meager pay despite the hard work he exhibited, Plini concluded that energy should be conserved into something worthwhile. This however does not stop him from working but evidently, his outlook when it comes to activities is quite weird.



 Plini [Lvl. 8] "I'd spend my solitude with you."  541188758_Pliniicon.png.c075da143be9932ee62020881d4179c8.png     
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  • [none]

Plini | HP: 160/160 | EN: 16/16 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 9 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 3 | LD: 2 | Savvy: 2


  • Destrezas
    [vanity weapon]
  • Aegirian Polymer jacket
    EVA I | Savvy II
  • Caenis Fist
    MIT I | Regen II
  • Siesta Shirt [AUS]
    LD I | EVA II

battle-ready inventory

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One-Handed Curved Sword [R2]
Searching [R1]



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