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[PP - F1] Episode 3: Thorn Prick

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Life in Aincrad is starting to become normal... normal to its residents but not yet for Drenz. Still learning the ropes of the system... now our hero finds himself lost again in the Town of Beginnings. But maybe he isn't really lost... but exactly where he's supposed to be at this time?


Episode 3: Thorn Prick


"If I lose myself in this damn town one more time!" Clear and audible frustrations can be heard in the midst of the crowds of town. And the source? None other than Drenz himself.


Pushing past the crowd, he found a bench to sit down on. Stretching, he looked up at the sky. "Why is it this is just the first town of the game and I can't even get the hang of the layout?" He sighs. "How am I gonna clear this thing if I can't even get the hang of things?"


A flash of Akira's solace wave over Drenz, before he shakes it off. "What I need is a map!"


Repositioning himself Indian style on the bench, he realized to get a map, he would need to know where he was going to buy the map. Why was this so difficult? Swiping the air, he pulled up his item menu, clicking on a loaf of bread he bought in his aimless search. Taking a huge bite of it, he sat there trying to come up with an idea, looking towards the crowds. To the world around him, he looked to be deep in thought, maybe even bewildered. 


Which would be the perfect assumption, since he was. "Everyone looks to be adapting well. That's at least a good thing. It gives me hope I can find myself here too. Sigh... Honoka... I wonder how you're holding up right now? I know you got to be going crazy..." Taking another bite of his bread, Drenz missed home more than ever at this moment. 


Maybe it wasn't home he missed... maybe it was just warmth, comfort and just even knowing someone. Irony would be at play here, an irony even he scoffed at, seeing how he always rathered be alone than with people... and now that he is trapped in a life or death situation, he yearns for companionship.


He took another bite, looking at the sky. "Hopeless fool..."










» Iron Longsword (Vanty 1-Handed Sword)
- Description: "A basic 1-handed sword, used by beginners."

» Adventure's Armor (Vanity Light Armor)
- Description: "A set of mesh armor used by adventurers just starting out in Aincrad."

» (3) Starter Healing Potions

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Applying Mega Slime Farm - +2 SP

Name: Lessa
Level: 59
HP: 1270/1270
EN: 118/118

Damage: 19
Mitigation: 126
Evasion: -1
Accuracy: 3

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Arcturus (T3/Perfect/2HSS): Damage 3
Armor: Galaxy Armor (T3/Perfect/Heavy Armor): Thorns 2, Heavy Momentum 1
Misc: Neutron Star Necklace (T3/Perfect/Jewelry): Accuracy 2, Recovery 1

2H Straight Sword [Rank 5]
Heavy Armor [Rank 5]
Howl [Obtained]
Fishing [Obtained]
Parry [Obtained]
Battle Healing [Rank 3]

Extra Skills:
Familiar: Protector

Finesse (Rank 3)

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleport Crystal*5
Requires Extended Weight Limit 1
Requires Extended Weight Limit 2
Requires Extended Weight Limit 3
Obtained via Item Stash (Housing)
Obtained via Dimensional Backpack

Housing Buffs:
Well Rested: -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat
Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Col Stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]
Multipurpose: Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll

Guild Hall Buffs:
Helping Hand: Lowest-leveled guild member receives +2 bonus SP at the end of the thread. At least half of the thread's participants must be guild members. Limit one use per month, per character. [1/1]

"If I lose myself in this damn town one more time!"

The exclamation boomed behind her, as if the source spoke directly in her ear. The woman whipped around, hair fanning out like a golden cape as her blue eyes searched for the speaker. Her initial impression was that the man was genuinely yelling at her, which, admittedly, did not make any sense at all. But she could have sworn he stood just inches away from her. However, when she finally completed her rushed one-eighty, the player was already a few strides away. So, not talking to me, she mused, but curiosity tugged at her. Anyone so frustrated that he had to yell at the heavens could probably use some help. As such, the long-legged Lessa stepped away from the shop window she had been viewing. As the steady stream of players swallowed her up, she allowed herself to be guided away from the shops, and into a small park.

Benches dotted the landscape, and most were occupied by solo players, or couples. On one bench, a trio of girls sat squashed like sardines, though their shared laughter suggested they did not mind the closeness. Almost like being back on campus, came a sudden thought, and both sadness and joy mingled in the pit of Lessa's stomach. Sadness, because despite the time that had passed, she dearly missed the normalcy of college life. Joy, because despite their predicament, some of that normalcy was returning. That's something to be happy about.

When she finally came to rest in front of the young man, Lessa smiled down at him. "You're pretty lucky to have found an open bench," she commented by way of greeting. Then, her smile going a tad sheepish, she added, "I overheard you back there, and thought maybe you could use some help?"

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"You're pretty lucky to have found an open bench."


It was the first words someone had spoke directly to him in what felt like ages. When Drenz finally refocused his eyes from the sun on the voice's owner... she spoke once more.

"I overheard you back there, and thought maybe you could use some help?"

Finally adding a face to the voice, it was one he was not expecting. It wasn't just that she was the most beautiful person he's seen in Aincrad, it may very well be in his entire life. And it wasn't her long flowing blonde hair, the freckles that adorned her face, nor her vibrant blue eyes... it was more than that. It was almost as if his very spirit was feeling nourished by being in front of her. A feeling he had never felt, not even from his own mother.


He was in awe, for longer than he would care to admit, before snapping back to reality, by slapping his own cheeks. "Oh wow! Sorry about that! This bread is so good it ca-" And as if the embarrassment wasn't high enough, here comes the crescendo as Drenz began choking on the bread he was consuming.


Two punches to his chest, and frantic movement didn't help anything. This was it... it wasn't going to be a boar, a wolf or a broken heart... digital bread in a virtual world was gonna do our hero in. And in front of a beautiful woman no less. What were the chances? Sigh. 

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"Whoa, hey." All joy fell away from Lessa's face, and horror rushed into take it's place. The guy was choking right in front of her. She hadn't seen anything like that before. It was a safe zone, so he couldn't take damage, right? Could he still die? Could a person lose their life because of virtual bread?

Panic washed over her like a wave. What was she supposed to do in that scenario? Sweep this total and complete stranger into the Heimlich Maneuver? Call for help? Who could help? It was Aincrad, for crying out loud.

"Uh, okay," she managed, followed by a low curse word uttered on an exhale. The player's dark hair tumbled into his eyes as he doubled over, ramming his balled fist into his chest. Lessa's first instinct was to give him a series of good slaps on the back, but she vaguely remembered being taught not to do that in her CPR class. So instead, she shot a hand out and grabbed the man by the shoulder. "Hey," she said again, this time a bit more forcefully. "You okay?"

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Lessa forcefully asked Drenz if he was okay, as he kept choking, before swinging a mighty blow for his chest again. This time, whatever he did, helped him swallow the bread. The alleviation was so great, he fell to the floor, sighing in ecstacy.


Looking up at the beautiful girl in front of him, he tried to salvage whatever dignity he had left. "Uh... so... in my mind... this whole situation went a lot smoother," Drenz said jokingly, as he pointed around himself. "And the mechant tried to sell me meat... now I'm mad I didn't take his recommendation." 


Kipping up to his feet, he extended his hand to Lessa. She was a divine presence to him, even in a virtual world doomed to beget sadness. It was something that words did no justice. "Uhm, let me properly introduce myself. I'm Drenz and that was my best attempt to beat the death in a safe zone rule." 


Chuckling, he hoped his jokes were as funny to her as they were to him. "And yeah... I could use some help. You see... I'm constantly turned around here. I can never find my way in this place and it is only the first town." He lowered his head. "Was never much of a gamer, more into books and writing... so this has been... a little harder than I care to admit."


"Honoka would probably punch me in the throat if she saw what a fool I made of myself. Yikes. This girl is probably ready to run away." Drenz's mind raced as he stared into blue pools of peace. A peace that made his worried heart lie still... even for just a moment.

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Like a limp noodle, the player slid to the floor. Well, at least he seems to be breathing. Lessa wiped her sweaty palms on the legs of her blue jeans as she stared down at the man. She was relieved, as the immediate danger seemed to have passed. It wasn't as if he had actually died or anything.

Patiently, Lessa waited for him to catch his breath, gather his strength, and slowly find his feet. When he offered his hand, she took it, gave it a firm shake. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Drenz." A genuine smile tugged at her chapped lips as she returned the favor. "My name is Lessa. That was one hell of an attempt. You definitely had me worried."

As Drenz explained himself, Lessa shook her head. "That's nothing to be ashamed of," she assured him gently. "Seriously, I was a gamer before SAO, and even I struggled to adjust. Besides, the Town of Beginnings is just a maze. I get turned around a lot, too, though that's not saying much. I was pretty directionally challenged in the real world, too." Tilting her head ever so slightly, Lessa studied him for a few seconds. "Is there somewhere in particular that you're trying to get to?"

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"Now that's a firm shake..." Drenz thought as he took his hand back after their exchange. Lessa spoke to him of her life in Aincrad a little and life outside, making him reminisce of his sister even more.

"Is there somewhere in particular that you're trying to get to?" 


Lessa's angelic voice questioned, as Drenz regained himself after being lost by its song. "Uhm... yes! I was trying to find a Blacksmith, originally. But at the same time... I can't find anything in this town. What I need is a tour guide..." He half sighs, half chuckles. "Would you be willing to show me around?"


Drenz felt nervous, but not so much so that he wasn't comfortable to speak to her. Her presence invited him in, it was her beauty that made it hard for him. You don't see girls like Lessa often, much less interact with them. He really did feel like the main character of his stories, the big first meeting... of someone that, who knows would mean to him in the future. Only time could answer those questions.


"I wish I had something to give ya to do it... maybe some Col, I don't have much, but I wouldn't mind parting with it if it meant better understanding of my surroundings... would probably help me regain it all back, tbh. An investment in not being so damn lost! Haha!" Drenz laughed, rubbing the back of his head, his smile big and eyes closed. To any, he was ordinary. But to those that would take to the time to know him... would understand the depth of his ebb and flow. 

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At Drenz's comment, Lessa's small smile bloomed larger. "If you're looking for a blacksmith, you've come to the right place." One hand moved to her chest, and she added, "I'm actually a blacksmith. I haven't done any work in a long time, but I suspect the system wouldn't let me forget how to craft. I'd be more than happy to help get you set up with armor, or at least a weapon."

She let her hand drop, then hooked both thumbs in the belt loops of her blue jeans. "As for showing you around," she continued, "I'd be more than happy to. I'm not sure what all you're interested in seeing, but I'd be happy to give you the highlights. At least, what think the highlights are."

When the young man mentioned payment, Lessa shook her head. "You don't need to give me anything. Seriously, I don't mind. I've walked a ton of players through the basics. A handful of them have actually gone on to the Frontlines. I'm just happy to help." As Drenz laughed, she found herself joining in. "In a way, you're sort of an investment. I'm excited to see where you end up."

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Something Lessa said resonated within Drenz after her statement. "Excited to see where I end up? Hm... where do I plan on ending up? The Frontlines... is that the goal?" Torn, it was visible he was but shook it off quickly.


Smiling, the new adventurer was beyond grateful to how nice she had been so far. "You aren't like most, you know that? I can understand investing in those that can help actually clear the game... but man... it's just... thank you. Truly."


Drenz bowed to Lessa, a respect often shown in his culture. Her beauty at one point left him stuck, now it was her unending good nature that had him in awe. "Uhm... yeah, I would take your advice on what is the highlights. I highly doubt the guy that can't even consume virtual bread without choking, wouldn't know his foot from his elbow at this point. Sheesh..."


Looking around the benches, he saw the couples and solo players... getting the young man into his mind again. "So... this is the new normal. And we are all coming to grips with that. In our own ways. I just can't hesitate anymore. I didn't like who I was in the real world, I'll be dammed I feel the same way about the Virtual one. Maybe that's the goal. Deep down... to be better than I who I was."


Reminiscing of his mother reading him a story to go to sleep, he had to keep those memories close... as they served as the ultimate reminder of what he was in his mind about. In the real world, Akira Yosano failed Naoko Yosano or so he felt... but in the virtual world, Drenz would be a beacon of hope for those lost to the same emotions that enslaved him. 

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At his comment, Lessa's eyebrows winged up. "Not like most?" she repeated. Unable to keep the small smile from forming, she studied the dark haired player a bit more closely. "I have been told that, once or twice, but it hasn't always been a compliment." Then, realizing her statement might fluster the man further, she shook her head. "I'm teasing. I mean, that's all true, but I know you meant well." The Guardian glanced around, pausing to take in the familiar sights and sounds of the first floor. She had spent countless hours roaming these streets, even considering the years she had avoided it all together. Finally, she said, "I do think you'd be surprised, though. There are a lot of people around who are more than willing to help out lower levels. We all started somewhere."

With a wave of her hand, she motioned for Drenz to begin walking. "If you've survived this long," she began. "I figure you at least know where to find food, and you've got a place to stay. But I could escort you around outside the gate, if you want. I figure you probably didn't venture out of the safe zone too often. But with me, you won't have anything to worry about."

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Drenz shuddered with fear and excitement at the thought of going beyond the safe zone again. "Valentine showed me the basics of survival... but that doesn't mean I still feel the most confident in my abilities yet. Maybe a tour by Lessa of the zones outside would help? ... sigh. I should be much further along!"


The young player shook off his angry thoughts and refocused more on the here and now. What was he looking to find? "If I were to think about it... I do need better equipment from what a friend mine told me yesterday." He sighed as he thought of Val's stern training and how he told Drenz he definitely needs an upgrade. 


Rubbing the back of his head, he began chuckling. "I guess that's what really was the subconscious beginning to today's journey through town. An upgrade. Whatever that means in a world like this, though."


Drenz looked up to the sky, Honoka could be seen to him smiling in the virtual data. "All 1s and 2s, and I'm still here thinking of you, lil sis. I hope things outside are okay... I hope you're okay..."


But no amount of seeing loved one's in the clouds were going to get Drenz to the frontlines. No amount of cowering would get him to the start his climb up the tower. He knew that. It was interactions like these and actually getting an understanding of the game's mechanics that inevitably would. Lessa motioned for him to walk with her and he obliged. "I really do wish I got an earlier start than this though... to see people like you, who can clearly fight on the Frontlines, is inspiring. And also a little fire stoking. Because it makes me want to get there even faster..."


Drenz made a fist and smiled, thinking of the future. Looking over to Lessa, he continued his smile. "And again... I am still so grateful for you taking me around. I hope I can repay you one day, to be honest... as long as some stray Boar doesn't take me to the big Akihiko upstairs, if you catch my drift?" 


Even though it was said in jest, truth stung in that statement for him. Drenz very well could lose his life to something as simple as a Boar attack in his new reality. And that was the very reason Akira for the last few years was in a corner of the Town, crying himself to sleep. Fear and panic his only emotions... a state that Drenz would make sure neither of them would ever be in again. To keep them both safe... he couldn't afford to fail. 


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Instinctively, Lessa's hands shot up, and she shook her head fiercely. "Oh no," she assured him hastily, "I don't actually fight on the Frontlines." But he said you could fight, not that you do, a small voice reminded her gently. What was the difference? Could she actually fight? Or was her refusal to participate an actual representation of what she was capable of. There was no need to fall down that rabbit hole now - maybe later, when she was alone again.

"Anyway," she said, a clunky transition to cover her embarrassment, "an upgrade sounds like a really good idea. I can protect you now, but at some point, you'll need to protect yourself. Getting you some solid gear is a really good place to start." Lessa shoved her hands deep in her pockets as they walked, mind whirring with each step. When the metaphorical lightbulb finally went off, she nodded toward a nearby alleyway. "I've got an idea," she informed Drenz, leading him down a path she hadn't originally intended. But it makes so much sense.

"There's a shop down this way that you might like to check out. If you don't see anything you like, we can always discuss going the heavy armor route instead. But I bet you'll find some nice light armor there. Besides," a slight blush crept up her cheeks as she shoved open the door to the Crusty Bahrnacle, "the owner is really great."


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(idk if i'm supposed to be next in rotation but i'ma just bust in here rq)

Bahr had been doing very important things that day. Indeed. Quite important. So far, he'd managed to teach Swine Bajesus how to sit still on the counter and prick its ears upward as a makeshift goalpost for his paper football. Now, if only he could teach the critter not to get so upset when that paper football smacked him in the snout...

"... the owner is pretty great."

Now it was Bahr's ears that were perked, crimson and verdant orbs eagerly flickering toward the even widening maw of his front door just in time to witness is love saunter inside. She was in her more casual garb (which she knew he loved), and had a young man accompanying her - newer, by the looks of it. Though, Bahr didn't pay much mind to him or his gear (or lack thereof). His eyes were glued to Lessa's, stupid grin stretching from ear to ear as he watched her elegant features bring light into the softly lit room. 

All at once, he felt compelled to stand up straight, brush the stray hairs from his face, and hide the paper football he'd been tormenting his irritated pet with. "Well, isn't this a surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from my darling, and..." His eyes trailed toward the newbie, confusion mounting in his eyes.

"Drenz. He's just starting out, and I was telling him about a Tailor I happen to know who might be able to hook him up with some new duds," Lessa clarified, gesturing toward Drenz with one of her hands.

"Ahhh, looking for a stat boost, huh? Or maybe it's style points you're after? Luckily for you, we've got both here. Give me just a moment."

He retreated to the workshop in the back of the facility. As he rummaged about, Swine Bajesus didn't skip a beat in waddling over to the end of the counter nearest Lessa and pining for her attention. After a few moments, Bahr reemerged into the shop, producing a pair of items that he placed on the counter that separated the parties. "Just made these this morning. Was thinking it had been awhile since I'd seen a newer Player swing by the shop," he mused. "Didn't expect to see them go so soon, but I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the result. One makes it harder for mobs to hit you, while the other softens the blow when they do. Try 'em on, make sure they fit."

Sent to @Drenz.


Name: Hooded Azure Tunic
Your Profession: Tailor
Your Rank: 10
ID: 178556
Roll: CD: 11
Item Type: Light Armor
Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: EVA | EVA | EVA
Description: This garb features twin tails that confuse the opponent, giving the wearer's movements a veneer of elusivity. Despite appearing loose and baggy, it will feel skin-tight to the wearer, improving maneuverability.
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17882-f1-r10-tailor-the-crusty-bahrnacle/?do=findComment&comment=630072

Name: Laced Armguards
Your Profession: Tailor
Your Rank: 10
ID: 178599
Roll: CD: 12
Item Type: Light Armor
Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: MIT | MIT | Regen
Description: Built to accompany the Hooded Azure Tunic, this armor maximizes maneuverability while also protecting the wearer. On the off-chance that the wearer is struck, this equipment will help to absorb the damage - then mend it.
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17882-f1-r10-tailor-the-crusty-bahrnacle/?do=findComment&comment=630094


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Drenz was taken for a whirlwind as he stepped foot in the shop. He didn't think this was exactly the shop that Valetine suggested but dammed if it wasn't impressive in it's own right. "I don't think this was the place, but a blacksmith is a blacksmith! I wonder if he's gonna be willing to help me out as she says..."


He shuddered at the fact he barely had any money on his person. Before he could claim this fact to the owner, he was already at the counter laying down a new set of armor for Drenz. It was perfect. Just exactly his style... as if it were made specifically for him. Looking at the armor, everything hit me way too fast. "Uh... wait... let's back up here! It's great to meet you. Now, as for the armor... as awesome as it is, I don't exactly have enough money for what this looks like to afford..." He sighed. "It is beautiful though..."


Drenz looked to Leya then to Bahr. He could feel the trust and admiration, the purity of emotions between the two. An emotion he never knew till experiencing now, right in front of him. Between the two of them, they never had to worry for the other would give everything. Those very feelings, was taste to the tongue for how strong they exuded.


Smiling, Drenz rubbed the back of his head. "You both are extremely skilled. Inspiring for sure. How long did it take you to get so strong? Feeling behind is an understatement when I'm in the presence of you two."


He wasn't feeling sorry for himself persay, it was more anger at himself. Where could be at now if Akira didn't lock up? Thoughts that didn't help the young hero move forward, something he had to realize if he was ever to leave the first floor and join the Assault Team. 

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The moment that goofy grin lit Bahr's face, she felt one of her own bloom. It was always a pleasure to see her best friend, but especially fun to drop in on him unexpectedly, because she caught him just a bit off-guard. Surprising each other had become something of a past-time over the past months.

As Lessa had expected, Bahr had exactly what Drenz needed, and was more than willing to part with it. While her boyfriend rummaged in the back room, Lessa leaned over to give her favorite micro-boar a few sktriches under the chin. "You should convince your human to bring you over more often," she informed Swine Bajesus. "I know a wolf who would love to hang out with you."

When Bahr joined them again, arms filled with gear, Lessa straightened. "Beautiful work, as always," she commended him, looking over the tunic and armguards. At Drenz's hesitation, Lessa made a soft tch sound. "They're perfect for you," she assured the man. Reaching across the counter, she made sure to brush the back of her hand along Bahr's as she collected the items. Then, she held them out to Drenz. "Seriously, you should take the gear. I don't think Bahr needs any sort of payment, and if he does, I'm sure I can come up with some way to cover it."

Crimson crawled up Lessa's cheeks beneath the weight of Drenz's praise. "I mean, Bahr's way more powerful than I am. He'd totally kick my butt if we tried to go head to head. But yeah, we've both worked pretty hard to get where we are. I've sort of been chipping away at it from day one, but taking pretty long breaks here and there." Pausing to loose quick laugh, Lessa added, "I was something of an anti-social hermit before friends like Bahr here drew me out of my shell."

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As Lessa showered him with praise, he felt a scarlet hue flood his cheeks no less palpable than the color he sported on his coat. "She jests," he blurted, awkwardly gesturing toward her with an outstretched, upward-tilted palm. "She's been doing this for way longer. Whatever lead I have in raw power, she makes up for in unrivaled experience." After a slight pause, he added, "And smarts."

"At any rate, I'd hate to go head to head with her. She's sharp as a tack and surprisingly nimble in her armor. I'm not totally confident I'd be able to hold out against her for long."
 Though, things were getting a tad off track, weren't they? He couldn't get away with gushing about his girlfriend forever. 

"Anyways, no charge," he concluded, holding both hands up at chest level and shaking his head. "You'd be surprised how often this sort of thing happens. Those took me but a short while to cobble together - they'll get more use in your hands than they will in mine. Whatever money I could have made, I can retrieve from a single mob on the higher floors. It's not worth it to gatekeep survivability."

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Once Drenz had accepted the offered gear, Lessa hooked her thumbs in her belt. With a cocked hip, the woman was the picture of ease in the familiar tailor's shop. The newcomer had a surprisingly easy-going way about him, and Lessa found herself letting her guard down with him around. And, of course, Bahr was one of the few people that she could be completely herself around.

With a smile, and a quick glance between Drenz and her boyfriend, the blonde nodded toward the door. "What do you think about testing out your new stuff? We can find a boar or two, and show it whose boss?" As if anticipating the man's concern, Lessa motioned gently with her hand. "I'll be right there to step in if the need arises, but Bahr set you up with some pretty good stuff. You'll be able to outpace most low-level mobs, and if you do get hit, you'll be alright. You've got nothing to worry about."

Now she shifted her attention to Bahr. "If you can get away from the shop for a bit, you're welcome to join us."

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