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[Request] Help with familiars.

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“Oh, a familiar request. I don’t see those too often. Guess this doesn’t have to go to waste then.” the knight thought for himself as he spotted the poster on the board. He ruffled through his inventory to see if he still had those event drops, they could be a tremendous help for the beginners that could get a great head start with familiars. 

He would send over a message to the guy


“Hey, saw your poster on the PRB.
I’ve got a few things that might come in handy, pay what you can afford, don’t spend too much time thinking whether it’s worth it or not.
- Macradon”

He attached a location as well and would take care of the transaction if the person were to meet up. When the two would meet, Macradon would send over an extra item “Don’t mention it, you’re better off with it than I am.” he said and sent over the items.

Items sent:


»  Huginn and Muninn - Allows players to skip the “finding” phase of <<Feeding Your Enemy>> once during the quest.
From: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20156-pp-f10-to-valhalla

»  Galaxial Water Snake - Tier 1 Unique Consumable | Provides +1 CD when rolling to train familiars in <<Taming your Friend>>. Can also be used to change a familiar’s appearance to a starry sky’s form of itself. Single-use item. CD buff lasts for one thread.
From: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19852-ev-22-tanabata-celebration/?do=findComment&comment=621784



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When Sketch met the guy in person he was shocked to see the fellow from a while back. Despite his choice of humor, Sketch recognized him to have more under the layers than jokes. He thanked the guy who was surprisingly humble about the exchange. To both thank him and apologize for his brash judgement back in the day, Sketch dumped over all the savings he had.

'Can always get more,' he thought to himself.

With a two finger salute, he parted ways with the familiar stranger and checked off a few things from his To-Do list.


Sent 2,500 col and 10 T1 Mats


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