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[PP - F05 - PT] Where Is Home When The Heart Is Lost? <<DHA 5: Of Greed and Avarice>>

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A collapsed tunnel, an abandoned nest and a missing treasure. What, did the dragon hire a U-Haul truck to move all his things out? And what's with the one lone egg? Koga shook his head, he should've known things wouldn't be this easy. The man stole a glance over at NIGHT before looking back towards Tarek. "Look, we'll help you carry the damned egg, but if that dragon tries to eat us, you're first in line," Koga said, pointing an annoyed finger at the man before walking towards the egg, wondering what the best way to carry it would be.

"Splendid," Tarek said, with a sly smile. "Well, I'll happily guide you towards the dragon's current residence, somewhere over..." Tarek paused and span in a circle a couple times, index finger in the air before stopping in what appeared to be a completely random direction, and pointing, "there!" He turned back to the players with a gleeful smile. "But, perhaps we should discuss what we'll do once we find daddy dearest?"

"We can discuss while we walk," Koga said, "come over here and help me carry this thing."


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Koga's <<Weathered Cloak>> reduces the sandstorm's damage by 20.


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Preparations for breakfast were readied just in time for the ominous aforementioned 'tunnel collapse' to have occurred; the party of three were out on another side of the cave in time to feel the powerful shudder behind them, alongside the sinking of sand. NIGHT turned around at the noise, hands set on lifting her part of the egg up. No going back there, now.

Tarek had set up camp by a spire just a few paces away from the underground. In the shadow of their towering rock face, a cast iron pan was set up with fire, the hunter's camel looming over it to block out what wind from a sandstorm might blow. A dark green tent bundle sat idly by the shell just as the bandit had started to take a crack at it. Chisel and hammer. Their meal was open in seconds.

The man whistled looking over the fruits of their labour. "This sure could last me a while!"

Meanwhile, the players, still clueless, could only watch as Tarek bounced around his camel's luggage, looking for utensils and spices.

"As fun as getting breakfast for you is," NIGHT chided, arms folded and eyes narrowed, "The dragon we're hunting. Please."

"Oh! Of course." The make-do chef waved his hand, now holding a tiny bottle of pepper once he'd extracted it from his satchels. "Like I said, he's somewhere along that part of the desert." With a gesture, he pointed towards the middle of nowhere, helpful. "Avyss is the one you're looking for. Last I understood, the beast is making a move towards an oasis. Sure is going to suck being a traveler around those parts."

NIGHT fought the urge to question him, brow raised -- wasn't he too a wanderer of the desert? Still, she wasn't in the mood to complain; there was something about the way Tarek had busied himself in glee that prevented her from being too harsh on the NPC. At least he was making them a gift.

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Rumbling and thunderous cracks of stone breaking against stone was accompanied by the shifting of sand underfoot, causing the small caravan to be dragged backwards a couple of inches, and sink into the desert less than that. Koga spared only a glance over his shoulder at the ruined cavern, before putting eyes forward once more.

Thankfully, it was not long to Tarek's camp, and the two players were able to take shelter from the warm winds and biting sand underneath the tent's canopy. Sheltered, but not happy, both players watched Tarek with narrowed eyes as he gleefully went about 'cooking'. Koga's head fell forward as Tarek pointed in a vague direction, deep into the desert, as if that was of any help at all. The oasis bit was helpful, but that was going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack. A very, very large haystack.

"Do you at least have a map to this oasis?" Koga asked, finally speaking up as the cloaked man shuffled about, sprinkling pepper across the egg's surface, and the over to his bag. Instead of a map, however, Tarek pulled out a salt shaker.

"Nope! No map!" the man proudly announced, "I got it all up here in my head!" Tarek tapped his temple with the salt shaker before proceeding to salt the egg.

"So you're telling me we're not going anywhere until after breakfast."


Koga couldn't help but let out an exasperated sigh. "He better be a good fucking cook," he whispered to NIGHT, before crossing his arms in annoyance.

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To NIGHT's credit, she did believe whole-heartedly in Tarek's attempt at cooking. To both players' disappointment, however, neither their hopes nor Cardinal's wishes brought them taste with their servings. The egg was runny in a way that spelled itself undercooked, and something told the woman that the time taken to process dragon egg was way different than handling any regular chicken's or duck's. With the menace finally downed, they finally had the chance to turn their attention towards the more important part of their journey.

The search for their draconic mark.

Tarek's form was in shadows, rim-lit by the light of the desert sun as they trudged through the dunes unfettered by stray storms. He was set tall upon his camel, the shade of which hid the duo from the burning heat, to which NIGHT was greatful for despite [Survival]'s aid; it was getting rather difficult to keep her eyes fully open in the hazardous terrain, and not only due to the dust kicked up on ocassion by this point.

"As I'd said before," Tarek said, gaze forward, hands loosely gripping the reins on his steed, "The way forward's all up in my head. Can't be a good excursionist in the wastes if you're going to get lost at every second turn, y'know!"

As though either of them had the energy to banter with the bandit.

The moment they'd crawled up a particularly tall dune, the aforementioned oasis was brought into sight, centered at the base of cornering mounds, a sanctuary away from the flat plains of the ocean gold. Though Tarek seemed to chuckle and lead his camel downhill for a trek, NIGHT hoped Koga would have at least shown some restraint before charging forward -- they were about to deal with a dragon, after all. Plus, in the desert, there was a possibility that it could appear anywhere, even under their feet.

"Keep your eyes peeled. --If you can."

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Much to Koga's dismay, his pleas to the culinary gods were all for naught. The man stared at the undercooked egg and grimaced. "We can't get sick in-game, right?" the man asked, unsure ever since his visit to Kasumi's home. She had sure seemed awfully sick then, but that also went against all his knowledge of the game...Confusion seemed to find Koga at every turn these days.

Deciding it was better not to risk it, besides, he knew he couldn't go hungry, the swordsman tossed the contents of his plate over his shoulder, and into the sand.

Soon after, the party was moving through the sands once more. While Tarek had the benefit of riding on the back of his camel, the two players were left to trudge through the thick sands, inevitably stumbling once or twice as the fickle ground gave way unexpectedly.

Koga could hear Tarek's voice from above them, saying something or another, but the man barely heard it. He didn't care unless it was to say that they'd found their mark. Koga did, however, steal a glance over at NIGHT, and it was clear that fatigue was beginning to set it.

The sloshing of water could be heard as he thrust his canteen in front of her face. "Drink up," Koga said, "I dunno if I can fight this dragon on my own with the new system, and I sure as hell am not gonna trust Tarek to help me. I need you in the game." Clearly the exhaustion was catching up to Koga as well, his words uncharacteristically harsh. NIGHT shouldn't take it too personally though.

It was only moments later that the three crested another dune, and the oasis came into view, its crystal waters gleaming like a solitary gem among hewn stone.

"Keep your eyes peeled. --If you can."

Koga nodded wearily, before hoping into the side of the dune, beginning to slide down. It was less effort that way. But no sooner than he hit the bottom of the dune did a violent gust of wind kick sand up into his face, and a roar echoed through the blinding wall of dust.

"Well, this must be our stop." Tarek said with a sudden seriousness. "I'll say this only once. I'd prefer not to kill the beast. I'm no poacher. But I leave the decision to you two." On cue, a UI element appeared before both player with a simple prompt: Kill or Spare.

Koga looked over at NIGHT, "I'm alright with not killing the guy, but if it comes to it..."

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