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[F??] <<All for One>>

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Floor 24
<<In Too Deep>>
Party Limit: 6 | 20+ Posts
Repeatable for standard page rewards, col, and items.


Quest Rewards:

  • 5,000 EXP
  • 15,000 Col
  • Shore’s Treasure (T4/Unique/Consumable): Doubles a user’s Prosperity buffs for a single thread.


  • Roleplay the group making their way to the Paradise Islands
  • Defeat the Sand’s Claw
  • Check around the shore for extra loot by rolling nat LD 15+


Rumors have begun to spread across the more recently unlocked floors. There is talk of strong monsters making their territory well known, and aggressively trying to protect it, warding off NPCs and players alike. Some block off useful resources, while others only make travelling about the area a nuisance at worst. If the stories are to be believed, the creatures are incredibly strong. Whoever can bring an end to them will surely receive an abundance of col and rare items.

On the Paradise Islands of the tropical 24th Floor, a huge rock can be seen shifting about the sands from time to time. Occasionally, it even stretches a massive claw out to snap at whatever tries getting close. Little else is known about the creature, and as such, it’s only natural that the island’s citizens warn players to never go near it. Upon getting too close to the beach where the <<Sand’s Claw>> is said to lay, a quest prompt will emerge for players to accept or decline. Regardless of their choice, it’s advised that Players prepare themselves, should they decide to keep forging ahead.


The players will need to roleplay their trip to the Paradise Islands in however many posts they please before facing the <<Sand’s Claw>>. Upon defeating it, they’re free to spend their post actions on searching the beach up to six times total. 

Rolling the LD, players must get a natural LD 15 or higher in order to discover a group of <<Sand Dollars>> equal to their party size. Taking out these weak enemies will result in extra treasures for those lucky enough.




<<Sand’s Claw>>
A massive crab with a boulder on its back. Despite the looks though, it’s too slow to pose a threat against a well coordinated group. So long as one stays out of its grip, they’ll be just fine.
<<Sand’s Claw>> gets its own separate roll to attack.

HP: 4000
DMG: 220
MIT: 125
ACC: 3
EVA: -1

Tough Shell: This monster’s MIT and ACC cannot be reduced, and it remains unaffected by Incarcerate, Paralysis and Freeze effects.
Too Large: Familiars’ Grappling Skill cannot be used to stun the boss. Only normal stuns will work on it as a result of SAs or skills being used, and they will have a 4 turn cooldown.
Pincer Attack: Sand’s Claw will attack two times during its turn, targeting the player with the highest hate, and then the player with the second highest hate. Perform one attack roll for each attack.
Sand Cloud: Upon rolling CD 9+ and LD 10+ during one of its attacks, the boss will instead raise a cloud of sand from the beach, lowering each player’s ACC by -1 for their next two turns. This effect does not stack and any further activations will refresh its duration.
King’s Grip: On an MD 10, Sand’s Claw will lower the target’s MIT by 15 for the next two turns. This effect stacks up to two times, and any further activations will refresh its duration.
Bubble Spray: On an MD 10 and CD 6+, Sand’s Claw will instead hit the entire party for 125 unmitigatable DMG, lowering every player’s EVA by 1 for two turns. This effect does not stacked and any further activations will refresh its duration.
Gobble Up: If the boss’ health reaches 2000, on its next turn it will skip its attack and start eating rocks. It must be hit with 3 or more Delay SAs until its next turn, otherwise it will expend it on healing 1000 HP. This can only occur once per battle.
Soft Skin: Once afflicted with Bleed, the effect will not wear off for the remainder of the battle.
Unguarded Sides: Area of Effect attacks consume twice the base energy, but deal 50% (rounded up) more damage.





<<Sand Dollar>>

HP: 25
DMG: 10
MIT: 5

Stacked: Defeating a Sand Dollar will result in the Players getting +200 EXP each, as well as +2,000 Col to split however they please at the end of the thread.
Heavy Pockets: Once a group of Sand Dollars is defeated, one of the players may roll CD. On a CD 10, Unidentified Demonic T4 Trinkets are found. On a CD 11, Unidentified Demonic T4 Weapons are found. On a CD 12, Unidentified Demonic T4 Armors are found.  These rolls are not affected by buffs, and the amount of equipment found is equal to the players present in the party.
Few Stragglers: No more than two groups of Sand Dollars can be found in a single thread.



Having defeated the monstrous crustacean, the Players are now free to leave the 24th Floor... The villagers appear to be more at ease with the departure of the adventurers, but also unsure of how to return the favor for the time being. Should the Players again feel up to the task when another <<Sand's Claw>> emerges, the villagers will certainly be willing to pay handsomely for its removal.


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Floor 25
<<Trouble Brewing>>
Party Limit: 6 | 20+ Posts
Repeatable for standard page rewards, col, and items.


Quest Rewards:

  • 5,000 EXP
  • 20,000 Col
  • Dragon’s Jewel (T4/Unique/Consumable): Provides the user with DMG +5, at the cost of all non-action inhibiting status effects lasting twice their original duration against the user. This effect does not stack with other consumables.


  • Roleplay entering the maze
  • Locate a Foreboding Tower (LD 18+)
  • Defeat the Shadow Dragon Matriarch in its lair


Rumblings of another powerful enemy are causing mass confusion and wide-spread fear across the 25th floor. NPCs worry that the floor they call home may be destroyed, while Players wonder what the appearance of this powerful enemy might mean for the game. Not only is the dragon fearsome, it's arrival has been accompanied by a frightening boom in the Shadow Dragon population.

Now, exploring the maze's many twisting corridors is even more risky than usual; Players are bombarded with hellfire as soon as they dare turn a corner. This menace in question is said to live atop one of the ten Foreboding Towers that line the maze. To find the dragon is an arduous task, as the towers rotate daily. To make matters worse, it often flies from one tower to the other, setting up camp for a few days before nesting on the next one. Whatever it’s doing to keep the Shadow Dragon population up, be it feeding them or giving birth to more, it needs to be stopped before the maze becomes impassable.


The players must first roleplay entering the maze, and then begin rolling their LD as a post action to locate one of the Foreboding Towers. They must roll an LD 18+, including modifiers to locate a tower. Once they do, they may roleplay their ascent up the tower, or gloss over it as they see fit, before they’re met with the Shadow Dragon Matriarch. Once they defeat her, they may expend a post action on rolling nat LD to see which tower they ended up on, which will cause the loot to vary.

In the case they roll an LD of 1-6, the players will find a stash of T4 Unidentified Demonic Weapons equal to their party amount.
In the case they roll an LD of 7-12, they will find a stash of T4 Unidentified Demonic Armors equal to their party amount.
In the case they roll an LD of 13-18, they will find a stash of T4 Unidentified Demonic Trinkets equal to their party amount.
If they roll an LD 19-20, the players will instead be rewarded with 1 Demonic Shard and 2 Gleaming Scales each.



<<Shadow Dragon Matriarch>>
A fearsome and large Shadow Dragon. Unlike the rest of them, it’s slower but its scales can deflect attacks with ease, and its strength is overwhelming. Its black fire breath appears deadly enough to make most want to steer clear of the beast.
<<Shadow Dragon Matriarch>> gets its own separate roll to attack.

HP: 4500
DMG: 250
MIT: 150
ACC: 3
EVA: 1

Dragon’s Scales: The Matriarch’s scales protect it, not allowing its MIT to drop below 110.
Pureblood: The boss is immune to Hypnosis, Lullaby, Misperception, Paralysis, Freeze as well as the Familiar’s Grappling Skill.
Tail Swipe: When rolling MD 9-10, the Matriarch will use its tail as a whip to attack all of the party, dealing 120 unmitigatable damage and lower everyone’s energy by 10.
Piercing Gaze: On a CD 10+, the boss will paralyze the player with the lowest hate for a turn before attacking normally. This skill cannot activate alongside <<Tail Swipe>> or <<Hellfire>>.
Vicious Stomp: In the case of a CD 6-9 and LD 10+, the Matriarch will stomp the ground, lowering the entire party’s EVA by 1 for two turns. This effect does not stacked and any further activations will refresh its duration.
Preparation: Every four turns, the boss will attack the player with the highest hate for 100 DMG before flying up in the air, preparing to bombard the players with fire on its next turn. 
Hellfire: After staying in <<Preparation>> for a turn uninterrupted, the boss will breathe out fire on the players, dealing 300 unmitigatable DMG and applying 24 Burn DMG for the next two turns.
Bring Down The House: If the Matriarch is still in <<Preparation>>, players can deal 750 DMG to it to knock it out of the sky. Doing so will prevent it from using <<Hellfire>> and deal an additional 250 unmitigatable DMG to it.



At long last, the Matriarch has been defeated. The population of the Shadow Dragons will steadily dwindle, and the maze will become a less perilous trek once more. At least, until another Shadow Dragon takes up the mantle, and continues where the previous Matriarch left off. But the Players should have enough time to recover before that happens.


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Floor 26
<<Slime Conundrum>>
Party Limit: 6 | 20+ Posts
Repeatable for standard page rewards, col, and items.


Quest Rewards:

  • 6,000 EXP
  • 22,500 Col
  • King’s Core (T4/Unique/Consumable): The user gains +20% Overhealth and +80 MIT at the cost of -10 DMG.


  • Roleplay entering the sewers
  • Make your way through the hordes of slimes in the dungeon
  • Defeat the Slime King
  • Collect the treasure in the Slime King’s chest


With the Shadow’s fall, the 26th floor was unlocked, revealing a sprawling city. There are very few areas one could call dangerous, but the sewers are certainly among them. They are filled those in hiding, be it due to a wanted status, or a simple desire to disappear. Regardless of their reasons, these inhabitants all have one thing in common - the struggle to survive in such a godless place. This necessity has led to the rise of numerous information brokers, all of whom have explored the sewers.

It was these info brokers who first spoke of a special dungeon hidden, albeit poorly, in the sewers. With multiple entrances throughout, it’s easy to access, but the simplicity ends there. The dungeon itself is packed with very strong gelatinous, foes. They are agile and deadly to those who do not properly prepare themselves. These monsters are tenacious, and determined to protect whatever lies at the deepest point of the dungeon. The brokers suspect it is a mother slime, or even a king. Human or monster? Only one way to find out.


The players must first roleplay entering the sewers, and locating one of the multiple entrances to the dungeon. Next, they’re met with waves of combat that they must clear in order to reach the dungeon’s boss.

Once they’ve entered the dungeon, they’re faced with the first party of enemies. It consists of x3 Slime Worms, x1 Slime Polyp and x1 Slime Abomination.

Upon defeating them, they may delve further in to find the second party of enemies. This wave is made up of x1 Slime Worm, x3 Slime Polyps and x2 Slime Abominations.

With room to rest before their next encounter, each party member may choose to spend a post action to recover their health and energy back to full. Next, they must find the dungeon’s final corridor. There, they will be faced with a single <<Slime King>>. However, not all is as it appears. Once he is felled, he will be regenerated, although slightly weaker than the time prior. He will come back twice in total. Defeating all three of his forms will lead to a congratulatory message, showing the party their way out of the dungeon, and providing them with ample amounts of col and EXP.



<<Slime Polyp>>
A tower that appears to be static, but can stretch any direction it wants to dodge or extend the reach of its attacks. Weapons, bones and trash can be seen floating inside it, as though they’re caged up.

HP: 800
DMG: 80
MIT: 60
ACC: 3
EVA: 2

Toxic: On an MD 9-10, the monster’s attacks will inflict T4 Blight for two turns on their targets.
Acid Spit: In the case of a CD 6+ and MD 9-10, the attack will become an AoE and target the four players with the highest hate.
Unison: If another Slime monster falls, <<Slime Polyp>> will gain +10 DMG for the rest of the battle.




<<Slime Worm>>
Although its body is a lot more dense than the rest, it’s still fairly agile. It isn’t capable of taking hits in stride, as evidenced by the various cuts across its form, but it can just as easily dish them out itself.
<<Slime Worm gets its own separate roll to attack.>>

HP: 1200
DMG: 120
ACC: 3
EVA: 1

Predator: On an MD 10, <<Slime Worm>> will attack again. This effect cannot occur twice in a row.
Toxic Touch: If an attack roll against a <<Slime Worm>> results in an CD 10+, the player will lose 3 base DMG for the next two turns. This effect does not stack.



<<Slime Abomination>>
An assortment of bones, all covered in a thick, bouncy slime. At the end of each of its appendages lies another head, but they appear non-functional. Its core swims at the very center of what would be its torso, open wide and exposed.

HP: 900
DMG: 100
MIT: 40
ACC: 4
EVA: 2

Back and Forth: If a <<Slime Abomination>> takes 500 DMG before its next turn, it will attack twice during the following turn.
Strength in Numbers: If any other Slime monsters are alive, every second attack, the <<Slime Abomination>> will instead heal every Slime for its DMG.
Unison: If another Slime monster falls, <<Slime Abomination>> will gain +10 DMG for the rest of the battle.



<<Slime King>>
A wretched being that has taken over this part of the sewer. It appears to spawn slimes out of its own body, blending them with whatever trashed objects he can find to preserve as much of his own existence as possible.
<<Slime King gets its own separate roll to attack.>>

HP: 5000/2500/1250
DMG: 220
MIT: 50
ACC: 4
EVA: 4

King’s Aura: The <<Slime King>> is unaffected by Paralyze, Freeze and the Familiar’s Grappling skill.
Almighty: The boss cannot be afflicted with both Lullaby and Hypnosis.
Pure Structure: Any DoT effects on the boss will last half their original duration, except for Burn. Afflicting the boss with Burn will also deal double damage to it.
Self Sustaining: On a CD 9+, <<Slime King>> will heal 100 HP at the end of his turn.
Royal Gel: On an MD 9-10, the <<Slime King>> will launch an AoE attack at the four players with the highest hate, dealing 160 DMG and afflicting them with T4 Blight for two turns. This skill cannot occur once <<Gelatinous Form>> has activated.
Quick Split: On a CD 9+ and LD 10+, the <<Slime King>> will not attack and instead, summon a <<Slime Abomination>> to his aid. A <<Slime Abomination>> can only be summoned once per turn. This skill is deactivated once <<Gelatinous Form>> has activated twice.
Gelatinous Form: Every time the boss’ health reaches 0, two more Kings will spawn, using the next lowest HP available. If a Slime King with the lowest amount of max HP possible dies, he will not spawn any more.



As the final blow is dealt, the <<Slime King>> explodes, sending pixels and bits of green goo in all directions. This time, he actually stays dead. Yet even as Players celebrate, and follow the quest's prompts out of the dungeon, tiny bits of slime creep closer to each other across the dirty, trash-littered floor.


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