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[PP-F01] It's a boar hunt!

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The words that normally came so naturally were suddenly gone. Cheeks now stained the color of a ripe cherry tomato and gaze fixated on her hand Sera nodded; simply because that was all the player was able to do. The sudden closeness a caught her off guard, but now her senses were returning. Where Chase's hand had overlapped her there was a warm, prickling sensation. For just a moment, the shorter women pondered on the fact that the game was not suppose to transfer sensations; however, the brain was a powerful tool and could often trick players into thinking that touch had a sensation. Despite the sensation being a trick it was a pleasant one. 

Realizing that perhaps she had been quiet too long she turned her attention back toward Chase. "Eh sorry. Got distracted," Sera quickly explained, and then moved on before the question could be asked about what distracted her, "A walk sounds good." With that said the duo started walking back toward the town. Occasional light conversation was made, but in reality Sera just enjoyed the presence of another human at her side. The rest of the quest seemed to fly by. She talked with Lyle (who was just as rude as ever) and turned in the boar tusks that were collected.  Lyle mentioned briefly about a fishermen on a dock but didn't elaborate too much. With information regarding the next piece of the quest the duo exited the shop.  


> 1,600 Experience Points [1,150 * 1 WC + 450 Quest]
> 900 Col [400 Page + 500 Quest]
> Boar Jerky (from defeating Mama Boar) | Perfect Consumable | DMG II | MIT I
> Tealeaf Armor |T1 Uncommon Armor of Choice | MIT I


> 10,350 Experience Points [1,150 * 9 WC]
> 1,552 Col [Laurel Wreath]


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