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[PP-F11] Breaking Bark (w/ Koga)

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"Right when I'm getting to the good part.."

The hunter sighed roughly as he got up while the crashing and rumbling seemed to cause a few of the rocks to skip away and ruin his diorama.  He would have to redo it some other time, he thought. 

"Well, at least we can look into getting more stuff for the floor raid with this."

Now, he drew Shelob's Fang from it's sheath and attacked the devilish treant, but not before Koga could speed along and get hit.  That was bad, as the hunter saw a fifth of the boys health disappear in an instant.  This guy wanted to go into the front lines?  He would have to look into buffing that HP quite a bit, although he remembered that their stats were reverted.  Was health something that was affected by it?, he thought.  Looking at his own, it looked like it, as his skills health may have been reduced too.

"Hold on, Koga!  I'd rather take the damage here for ya, you don't have the mitigation like I do."


<<The Wicked Wood>> HP: 740/1050 (1050 -129) | MIT: 75 55 35 | DMG: 110 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 0 | Shatter II (1/3)


  • Burning Timber | BURN effects applied to the Wicked Wood won’t run out.
  • Set Aflame | While afflicted with BURN, the boss’ MIT will be reduced to 50, and its DMG increased to 125.
  • Ingrain | On a CD 9+, the boss will root itself in the ground instead of attacking. This will heal it for 120 HP, and it will roll again to attack. However, its EVA will be reduced to -2 until its next turn.
  • Tier Lock | For the duration of the fight, all of the participants’ stats that scale with Tier are calculated as though they’re Tier 2. [DMG/MIT/BLEED enhancements etc.] This skill only locks downward. Those at Tier 1 will still have T1 stats.

[1] Hirru T2 | 862/862 HP | 90/102 EN | 18 DMG | 116 MIT | 6 ACC | 1 EVA | 6 LD | 20 THRN | 1 PAR | 16/4 ENVM |
[1] Koga T2 | HP: 440/520 (520 -80) | EN: 68/78 (78 -10) | DMG: 17 | MIT: 30 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 2 | BRN: 28 | BLT: 16/10 | FALN: 4 | REGN | 10 | B.HEALING: 15/30


Hirru uses Tech-D / -14 en (Stamina 2) -12 EN
  | 201972 - BD: 3+6=9 (Hit) 18x12= 216-35= 181 Dmg
The Wicked Wood takes 181 DMG
The Wicked Wood's armor is shattered twice!


Edited by Hirru
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