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[PP-F09] Itching for a Fight | <<The Iron Guardian>> (Hirru)

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<<The Iron Guardian>> Quest Description


<<Thread Stats>>

Grave | Lv. 32 | HP: 680/680 | EN: 82/82 | DMG: 17 | MIT: 78 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | LD: 5

Other Enhancements | +5 Stealth Detection | +7 LD when searching for Dungeons or Labyrinths | 22 HP Battle Healing + Survival at start of turn | -2 EN on MA attacks | +10% Healing from all sources | +4 EN Recovery on CD7+ | Paralyze on natural BD 9-10

Equipped Items:

<<Black Rose Breastplate>> - T4 Perfect Light Armour - MIT | MIT | REC

<<Wyvern's Grasp>> - T4 Perfect Martial Arts Weapons (Gauntlets) - DMG | DMG | PAR

<<Scrapper's Circlet>> - T1 Perfect Trinket - EVA | EVA | ACC

Battle-Ready Inventory:

Quest - Snowfrost (2) | Armour Enhancer | FIRE RESIST (Halves fire damage, 1 battle)
Quest - Bottled Banshee Scream | Weapon Enhancer | PARALYZE (Activates on critical, 1 battle)

Quest - Snake Venom (2) | Weapon Enhancer | POISON (Activates on critical, 4 damage for 10 turns, 1 thread)
Quest - Matriarch's Stinger | Weapon Enhancer | +1 DMG (1 battle)
Quest - Tiger Rage | Potion | +2 DMG (1 thread)

Consumed Items:



Martial Arts | RANK 5/5 | +7 DMG with Martial Arts weapons
Addon: Stamina | -2 EN for MA attacks
Addon: Precision | +1 ACC with MA attacks

Light Armour | RANK 5/5 | +30 MIT, -2 Stealth Rating with Light Armour
Mod: Meticulous | +1 base DMG with Light Armour

Addon: Resolve | +1 ACC and +40 HP with Light Armour

Searching | RANK 5/5 | +5 LD, +5 to detect Stealth
Mod: Reveal | +2 LD to search for Dungeons and Labyrinths, Dungeon search limit reduced to 10 posts, Labyrinth personal search cooldown reduced to 3 posts.
Addon: Tracking | Post Action | Track a monster, NPC or player you have encountered or know the name of, negating their Stealth Rating and making the first attack against them a guaranteed hit OR Reduce the cooldown for spawning a field boss by 5 posts | Cannot be used in combat

Battle Healing | RANK 3/5 | Heal 20 HP at start of turn

Charge | Post Action | 8 EN | CD: 3 turns | +3 base DMG to a single attack/Sword Art, -1 ACC and ignores auto-hit

Extra Skills:

Disguise | Free Action | CD: 5 turns | +1 EVA, lesser criticals are not auto-hits | Lasts until next turn

Survival | Healing received increased by 10%, immunity to damage dealing environmental attacks/effects

Parry | Post Action | 9 EN on proc | CD: 3 turns | Reduce final damage of next attack against you by 50% and negate stun/paralysis | Lasts three turns
Mod: Justified Riposte | CD: 4 turns | Parry stuns the target for 1 turn

Brawler | Free Action | 5 EN | CD: 5 turns | Increase MIT by 40 until next turn

Combat Mastery:

Evasion | RANK 1/3 | +1 EVA

Mod Slots: 3/5
Extra Slots: 4/4

Grave mopped up the sweat pouring down his virtual face on the sleeve of his jacket. Leather wasn't great for soaking up fluids, and in fact, it sucked to rub against his face in the Floor Nine heat. He never liked coming up here. He was much more used to rainy old London. For the sake of a quest that could scratch that itch for a fight he'd been unable to sate since returning to society, though? It might just be worth it.

"Are you the one that accepted the quest to kill the Guardian?" someone asked, and Grave turned to the hooded figure that approached him.

"Why yes, I believe I am," he panted, struggling to keep himself together in his sweltering leather jacket and armour. "My knuckles have a date with a certain knight, just point me at him." The hooded figure, named the <<Mysterious Broker>> by the tag that now floated above their head, smiled beneath their hood.

"Before I tell you, let us talk business." Grave groaned and slapped a palm against his forehead. "You will give me a portion of your earnings. Say, twenty per cent?" Grave wasn't looking for the kind of a fight where he bartered with an NPC.

"Fine, god, yes, just tell me where he is." The Broker nodded and pointed into the distance.

"Head west. There is a grotto that leads to the Guardian's throne. You must fight through his knights to get to him."

"Sounds like fun," Grave scoffed and cracked his knuckles. Then his face fell. It was then, as the quest registered in his system, that a crushing dread set in. This was his first time back to fighting. He had no idea how strong this quest boss would be. How much had Aincrad changed since he'd been away? How much stronger had the monsters gotten? Maybe it would be a good idea to call for backup.

But what backup was there? He'd cleansed his friends list, and so far, had only added Jevi back to it. He looked helplessly around the coal dusted streets of Yōgan, scanning the faces of NPCs and players alike, a silent scream for help.

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Changed Charge bonus damage to +3 to reflect update
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It had been some time since he had ever seen the like, but the face was indescribably his.  The jaw line, the hair, the pure lack of weaponry upon their body.  There were many people like him, but he knew far too well this one.


Hirru had remembered that he was going to meet the others on the ninth floor, to get the last TECH art for a few of the other members of Jacob's Ladder.  The Jade Hunter had not been to the lower floors as often as he used to.  Since he didn't live in the guild hall of the Knights of the Blood Oath anymore, he mostly stayed up on the higher floors where his new home was.  As he stood upon the hot volcanic floor, he remembered that Survival was not part of his repertoire of extra skills, anymore.  He could feel the heat now, and it was sweltering underneath his heavy armor.  Even more so now with the change of armor sets, he was now head to toe covered in silver paladins armor.

"Bloody hell, if we can get through this thing fast, I would..."

He looked around the portal area and realized that no one else from the group was here.  That was odd?  They should be here by now, shouldn't they?  He opened his menu to check the time, and saw that the time was correct.  However, the date wasn't.  He pulled out a few things of food, to eat before the realization kicked in..

"Oh dammit.. I'm a day early.  Well, might as well.."

He turned to go back into the teleporter when he saw a face enter through the portal.  One that helped him so long ago with several quests, but more so, was an old member of the Knights of the Blood Oath.  He looked so much different from before, but that was just how time worked.  For the hunter, though, his face was covered in his helmet; which meant his iconic green hair was hidden to everyone now.  Would the man still remember him?  One of the original members of the Knights and Crimson Blades?  Surely..


Tailing behind the man, Hirru watched as it seemed that he was starting the Iron Guardian quest line.  It was a simple quest one could take here, but the reward had changed since the last time he had completed it.  Maybe, it would be something of use to him.  Though, the worst part would be from the <<Mysterious Broker>> as he would attack the player at the end of the quest, if everything is still the same.  The Jade Hunter sighed before calling out to the white haired individual, this voice unusually muffled in the bucket helm that covered his face.  Nothing on his person would denote that he was once his former guild member, as Hirru long since left the Knights of the Blood Oath.

"Ahoy there!  Fancy some help?  I may not look it, but I'm a decent healer."

Hirru Consumed:

  • Gungnir Shard MIT T4 Feast 6/6 -> +60 MIt
  • Immolation Potion T4 -> +40 Thorns
  • Field Rations -> [Filled] 12%-> 16%

Hirru Info


Hirru | HP: 1067/1067 | EN: 104/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 95 | ACC: 1 | PARA: 1 | EVNM: 32 | BH: 53 | HLY BLS: 43 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76

Hirru Lvl 32 (PL 58)

1067 HP (+220 PL)
104 Energy (+22 PL)
1 Base Damage
5% Battle Healing
8 Recovery
95 Mitigation
76 Thorns
4% Holy Blessing
20% Life Mend


Paladin's Oath ..................... // +4% Holy Blessing / +20% Life Mending
Light's Embrace .................... // +8 Recovery / 32 Thorns
Shelob's Fang ...................... // +1 Para / +32 Off Envenom / +1 Accuracy
Blades Cloak ....................... // Vanity
Lun'Rael's Insignia ................ // Unique Vanity |
Fates Armament (Shield) ............ // Unique Vanity | 
Dimensional Backpack ............... // +1 B.R.I Slot

Battle Ready Inventory

<Teleportation Crystal> x5 ......... // Teleport to a town / out of a dungeon [Uses 2 posts: 1 for use, next to teleport]
<Favor of the Golden Dragon> ....... // +3 Loot Die
<Betrayal of the Fallen Knight> .... // +12 Damage
<Mass HP Recovery Crystal> x5 ...... // +10% AOE Heal
<Bulwark> .......................... // +72 Mitigation


Heavy Armor ........................ // Rank 5: +35 MIT
Battle Healing ..................... // Rank 5: +5% HP each turn
Search ............................. // Rank 5: +5 Loot Die / +5 Stealth Detection
Quick Change ....................... // Rank 0: Switch Active Equipment with BRI / 3 turn cooldown

Extra Skills (Max 4)

First Aid .......................... // Rank 5: +20% ST-H / -15 EN
Leadership ......................... // Rank 5: Command the Front w/ Buffs

Skill Mods / Addons (Max 5 Mods)

Iron Skin (Add on) ................. // +15 Mit / +60 HP
Field Medic (Add on) ............... // +25% AOE-H / -15 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Hyperactive (Add on) ............... // +3 EN Regen for 3 turns / -5 EN / 3 turn Cooldown

Reveal (Add on)..................... // +2 to Dungeon, Labyrinth searches / Post 10 searches / 2 turn Labyrinth Cooldown

Barrier ............................ // -15% Dmg shield AOE / -15 EN / 2 turn Cooldown
Energize ........................... // +8 EN ST / -10 EN
Rally  ............................. // +1 ACC AOE, -1 ACC self / -6 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Press The Attack ................... // +(Target Tier) Dmg, -(Cumulative)Dmg / -10 En / 5 turn Cooldown

Detect ............................. // +1 to Labyrinth searches | +2 Stealth Detect

Housing Buffs

Rested ............................. // -1 EN for 2 uses
Relaxed ............................ // OOC HP regen 5*tier Rec EN after 2 turns
Filling ............................ // Increase food by +1 T1 slot
Multipurpose ....................... // +1 LD, Stealth, Dection, or Prosperity to 1 post
Practiced Angler ................... // +2 EXP & +1 LD & CD to attempts


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Ahoy there!  Fancy some help?  I may not look it, but I'm a decent healer.

Grave turned to face the newcomer, whose muffled voice echoed over the crowd. In his momentary confusion, he didn’t recognise the voice, and probably wouldn’t even if it weren’t so muffled. Grave’s eyes lit up as they came to rest upon his literal knight in shining armour.

Oh my god, yes, please. I was actually just having a bit of a panic attack. I’ve been off the field for a long time, and my mortality dawned on me all of a sudden as I accepted this quest,” Grave blabbered. “I would appreciate the help. Having a healer around should somewhat lower my sudden fear for my own life. I promise I’m not always so whiny.” 

Grave tapped on the green cursor over his mysterious saviour’s head and went to shoot him a party invitation, but his finger stopped short of the HUD. “Just realised I should let you know what we’re doing. I’m taking a quest called <<The Iron Guardian>>, is that okay with you?” he asked the knight, before tapping the ‘send’ button and watching the top left of his vision for a second name to appear beneath his.

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"Huh?  Oh!"

The hunter tried to feign knowledge, but in the end, it would not work.  This quest was notorious for a simple plot point, which was that the broker was actually going to attack the questing player in the end.  Depending on how the player reacts, they were slapped with the orange symbol at the end, if they attacked first.  Although, that was back before the flood of Shadow.  After the flood, entire floors seemed to change.  Quests became slightly different, with NPC's being more vocal with backgrounds now.  The hunter figured that there may be another change here, but he wasn't holding his breath.  The main part of it all was the guardian fight, anyway.  They would come up to the issue of the broker in due time.

"I've done the quest myself before.  It was some time ago, though."

He had done it back when the Knights were out questing.  He remembered that he had done it with Macradon.  More memories to burn through..

"Some things have changed since then, so I'm sure my old knowledge may be varied now."

As soon as the little hud came up to give confirmation for a party invite, the name of the individual that would ask for the party invite would come up.  The hunter smiled through the helmet as he accepted the invite.  The name Hirru would now be visible to his old guild mate, to which, he wanted to be done with the charade anyway.  He was sure that his friend would love to get to know about what happened.  Even if it was hard on the hunter to do so, especially to someone that was there from the beginnings.

"Well, Grave?  Sounds fairly familiar..  Here, take these consumables."

The hunter would then pull out some consumables from his inventory.

"You're gonna be on the vanguard, as your hate buildup will probably be higher than my own.  Take these and we'll head out afterwards."

Hirru gives:



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If you’ve done this quest before, that should make my life even easier. I’m glad you bumped into me when you did,“ Grave sighed appreciatively. “It is strange how much things have changed though. The NPCs feel more alive, some enhancements and skills have changed. Aincrad just feels… different. Do you know why that is? Did something happen?“ Grave tapped his chin. “They don’t still have developers dropping hot fixes or anything while we’re all stuck in here, do they?

The player’s offer of consumables temporarily distracted Grave from the names at the top of his HUD, and he stared at the knight blankly. “Well, if you’re sure.“ Grave reached a hand out to take the consumables offered to him. Why was the player’s voice so familiar? Now that he heard him speak more, there was definitely something recognisable about it. “It’s interesting that you’ve heard my name, I’ve been… alone for a few years now,“ Grave muttered as he stored the items.

Once he was done with that, his eyes flicked to the top corner of his vision and he gasped. He reread the name two, three times, then looked at the knight. “Hirru, you son of a bitch!“ he laughed and clapped a firm hand against his old friend’s armour. “How long did you plan on playing me like a fiddle? How’ve you been?“ As he spoke to Hirru for the first time in forever, something swelled in his heart. He had been on his own for so long that he almost forgot what it was like to be around his friends again. Before Hirru even had a chance to respond, Grave was flicking through his menus and throwing his comrade a friend request.


Grave received:

  • Gungnir Shard MIT T4 Feast 6/6 -> +60 MIT
  • Immolation Potion T4 -> +40 Thorns
  • Field Rations -> 12% Max HP


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A smile spread throughout the hunter's face as he pulled the helm off to show the signature green hair of the Jade Hunter.  Although the face and hair would seem the same, there was a deep difference in the eyes, as they shown a long history of loss and regret.  It was nearly enough for tears to well up, just to see someone among his old brothers-in-arms.  Whether that was good or bad was up to interpretation, as Hirru nodded to his former guild mate.

"Sorry there, Grave.  You disappeared so long ago with several others.  I wasn't sure that was really you until the name came up."

Hirru saw the friend request come up, and as he was about to about to press it, something stalled him.  A sense of dread that held him there, but was mostly indescribable.  All of the events that transpired since he had last seen Grave.  The Mack's abandonment, the downfall of the Knights...

..The incident of the 23rd floor boss raid..

The hunter shook his head before pressing the confirm command to befriend his old brother-in-arms

"There have been far too many things to recount.  We can start where you last remember."

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Hirru removed his helmet and let that familiar green hair flow out. Grave looked upon his old friend, his brother-in-arms and bit back a sob. He wasn't expecting reuniting with an old mate to be such a punch to the gut. It was Hirru alright, but his eyes were different. They were dull, they didn't have the same spark of life as before. He'd seen it before.

"Things have been hard for you, haven't they?" he asked, his grip on Hirru's armoured shoulder tightening. "I'm all ears if you want to talk about it." Grave looked away. "Yeah... I disappeared without telling anyone. It was selfish. I should have talked it out with my friends, I get that. You said more people disappeared, though?" Grave cocked his head. "What do you mean? Who disappeared?"

As he awaited Grave's response, he flicked through his menus and produced one of the items the Jade Hunter had handed him. The <<Field Rations>> appeared in his hands. It was like a box of dry bread. It didn't look very appetising, but he supposed nothing with any kind of stat boost really needed to. He took a bite and felt the moisture vanish from his mouth. He chewed on the ration, unimpressed, but watched as a small box under his health bar started to fill up.

"A 'on a'uly 'em'mer," Grave said with his mouth full, then swallowed. "I don't actually remember. I bounced not long after the meeting for the fight with... Leonidas? I think? That was the last big gathering I remember going to. Then everything just... felt like it froze."


Grave Consumed:

<<Field Rations>> +12% Max HP (680 -> 761 Max HP)


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"So, right before I fully joined the front lines."

Hirru would say as Grave would start eating the ration that he gave him.  Still as happy-go-lucky, as ever it seemed.  The feeling and want of reminiscing upon old times would make him start to walk.

"Let's get going, and I'll talk about it all along the way."

Walking out of the main gates of Yogan Village, the two of them would be heading westward towards the Iron Wrought Ruins, where this quest would take place.  For most, they would be take the shortest route through the lowlands, but the area was known to shift and changed depending on the lava flow.  Hirru would instead be taking a route that only the NPC's use, a route that is relatively the same, though it still has some shifts that happen here and there.  It is a much more efficient route than trekking through the randomly generated footholds that make up the majority of the ninth floor.  It would also take a bit to recount the events that have happened.

"So, first off, not too long after you left, we lost Mack.  He's not dead, just kinda like you.  They just left and have been missing for some time.  Their shops are closed and locked, but I can still hear the clanging of hammer on anvil in Mack's, or the sheer destruction that Chewie is making, probably.  I haven't really got an answer from them, though, which is so weird for our old Vice Commander."

Hirru couldn't shake the feeling that something was up, more so than usual.  Mack would be the one to be jovial, and rush in to corral the masses to his sentiments.  Would he had done the same as he did?  Would Mack have gotten the support of the people more than he had.

"After that, Lowenthal took over as our Vice Commander, and we were doing okay.  It was around then that I joined the front lines on the 18th floor.  Let's just say that I accidently made the Crimson Maiden, Teayre, angry, and had to lead the front for that encounter.  It was difficult, back then, but not by much.  I didn't give orders to have anyone do anything too stupidly.  All I did was have the damage dealing groups do their thing, while a third group mostly took care of weird mechanics that came up.  It was roughly over in less than an hour though."

His grip upon his sword's pommel tightened.

"Lowenthal died not too long after, after one of the Chaos Sisters, Ariel, killed him in a duel to the death.  It was around then that the majority of the guild started falling apart."

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Grave followed closely behind his friend, unsure of his own footing on this floor. He'd never spent much time up on the ninth floor, so he wasn't yet adapted to the changing pathways that populated the volcanic landscape, but Hirru seemed to find his way well enough. He was always great at scouting and analysis, and it seemed those talents hadn't faded with time. Grave trusted in the Jade Hunter and stuck close to him as he finished the rest of the dry bread. He pulled open his menu and retrieved the <<Immolation Potion>>. Would this be good to wash down the ration? He swirled the stoppered, bulbous bottle, upsetting the sunset-orange liquid within which a wispy, golden, flame-like mist danced. He guessed it was better than nothing and uncorked it.

He upended the bottle into his mouth as he listened to Hirru recount Mack's disappearance. The warm, tingly liquid washed away the dryness of the ration and filled him with fiery vigor. Wait, no, it wasn't just a 'fiery vigor', he could literally feel flames burning through his digital veins and expanding out into his armour. He gasped and wiped his lips on his sleeve, the bottle shattering into blue fragments as he dropped it. "So it sounds like he's still around and working, but hasn't shown his face in a while. Weird. I wonder why he's been hammering away in the forge." Grave pondered. "Trying to keep his skills sharp, maybe? I sort of did the same thing with my Martial Arts out in the mountains," he suggested. 

Grave continued to listen to the series of events that followed after his disappearance. The changing of leaders, Hirru joining the frontlines and leading the charge. Then Lowenthal's death. Grave cocked his head. "I'm not sure that I ever had much to do with Lowenthal myself, but I know that the players respected him, and not just those in the guild. He was a veteran frontliner. It's hard to hear that we lost yet another hero from the frontlines." Grave's mind immediately took a turn into the abyss, settling on the first time he heard of Opal's betrayal and took the lives of two players. He shook his head to clear such drab thoughts. "So I guess the Knights aren't really around anymore, are they?" he asked rhetorically. "What about you? You joined up with a new guild since then?"


Grave Consumed:

T4 <<Immolation Potion>> +40 Thorns


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"Yeah, the Knights are no more.  The guild is still there, but there is only the Commander now.  Although, no, I haven't joined anyone else yet.  Had too much on my mind."

Hirru sighed the response as they passed more burning lava.  The flames that scorch out would seem to singe the hunter a bit, but not by much.  Although he may not have <<Survival>> equipped anymore, his health pool and regen would disregard the minor environment damage.  At least, for this floor.  He wouldn't have the capacity to do the same on the highest floors, if they ever brought out a reason for it.  Although, the storm on the 27th floor's mountainous zone has been a pain to pass through.

"Honestly, I think Mac and I didn't really do too much to prevent it.  Didn't really recruit anymore people.  Didn't really talk to the Commander about anything to further our way."

Looking back towards Grave, shook his head.  The guild emblem was no longer on Grave, so the commander must have really let the guild die then, or that Grave had long left the guild for his own reasoning.  Either way, he was glad to see that Grave was moving on too.

"The only thing we did was decide if either of us would be the new Vice Commander.  Mac didn't want it, so I chose it.  Although, I wish I didn't..  I feel like the curse that followed all the rest of Vice Commanders, took hold of me too."

Stepping over a clump of foul smelling sulfuric rock formations, it looked like they were finally encroaching upon the Iron Guardians quest zone.  Hirru swept his vision across the area to scan what he could with his <<Search>> skills.  They were safe for now.

"All that aside, I've been mostly trying to move on.  Things happened after the last couple floor raids that broke and changed me.  I've had to reflect on that.  Been living with Baldur and his guild, Jacob's Ladder, to help with the recovery."

Hirru waved that all aside.

"That's enough of that for now.  We're here.  Are you ready?  Remember, I'm not the combatant type anymore, so you'll have to initiate combat when we encounter the enemies."

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Posted (edited)

"That's unfortunate. It's hard to accept such a large guild falling into obscurity." Grave smiled at Hirru. "Guess we're in the same boat. Though I've been away so long, I don't even know what guilds are around anymore." Grave materialised the <<Gungnir Shard>>, its metallic shell falling gently into Grave's palm. He peered at it curiously and tapped it with a single digit. The shard unfurled, like an iron flower, and from within sprouted a platter of savoury and salty treats. He plucked a slab of what appeared to be ham, considered it a moment, shrugged and chowed down on it. As he feasted on the salty slice of meat, he felt bolstering energy rush through his body. His skin felt tougher, like a layer of iron settled just under it. He went to take another piece from the platter, but a warning box popped up. <<You have already consumed your share of this item!>>. Well that sucked. Now Grave was even more hungry, knowing he couldn't have any more. He tapped the metal flower again and it snapped shut, seemingly folding the platter back inside. Cardinal was a mysterious creature. He handed the flower back over to Hirru. "I guess I give this back to you now."

Grave's eyebrows shot up. "You were Vice for a second there?" Grave cupped his chin in one hand. "I'd say 'congratulations', but it sounds like it was less than glamorous. I'm sorry that pressure fell on your shoulders." Hirru's head was on a swivel, obviously using his high <<Search>> skill to scan for threats, and Grave turned to do the same on their other flank. "I've been off the frontlines for so long. It sounds like it's been hard on everyone. Most people fighting up there are just regular kids and adults in the real world who wanted to play a game. How could Kayaba expect anyone to risk their lives every damn day to try and beat this game?" Grave sighed. "You're one of Aincrad's heroes, and I wouldn't blame you if you never set foot on the frontlines again. No one deserves to face danger and watch friends die like that."

At the mention of Jacob's Ladder, Grave tilted his head. "Never heard of them. They must have popped up while I've been gone. So you're not part of the guild, but you're staying with them. How is that for you?" he asked.

Grave turned to face the cavern ahead. He wrapped his arms behind his back and slid them into the black iron gauntlets attached to his waist. He flexed his clawed fingers and slammed the knuckles of one gauntlet into the other with a resounding clang. "Hell yeah I'm ready. I'm just itching for a fight." Grave led the way forward, his <<Search>> skill still active to catch any potential attackers. The path was quiet, however, save for the pair's footsteps echoing off of the black stone walls. Finally the cavern opened up into a large chamber, an enormous pair of iron doors, lit on either side by a flickering torch. Before them stood a pair of armoured figures, longsword planted into the ground before them.

"I'm assuming a 'please' won't be enough for you to let us in?" Grave asked, a clawed hand on his hip. The knights stood stalwart, silent. "Good. I didn't want to be diplomatic anyway." Grave glanced at Hirru out of the corner of his eye. "You got my back, partner?"


Grave Consumed:

T4 Feast <<Gungnir Shard>> +60 MIT (78 -> 138 MIT) | 4/6 uses left


Grave Traded Hirru:

T4 Feast <<Gungnir Shard>> +60 MIT | 4/6 uses left


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Grave's words seem to strike the hunter in an odd way.  Yes, all of them were young adults, he guessed.  Even some children here and there, but that was it.  Most of them had proven themselves to have grown past their physical age.  He was pretty sure of that.  Though, to call all of them heroes, may be a stretch.  They were all doing it to survive, but knew that they couldn't sit still to do so.  If they stayed here, they would all die slowly.  Hirru had been told as such, as they were all just wasting away on beds or what not.  Sooner or later, someone would pull the plug.  It was all a matter of time.  They were all just deciding to take that decision into their own hands.

Hirru looked at his own hands.  What was he doing then?  He was fighting with them all for such a long time to help them all leave, when he didn't even understand that he too was part of it all.  It wasn't until he saved that boy, that he started to find out the truth.  It wasn't until after he had betrayed everyone that his truth could be revealed.  How could he be called a hero then, if all he can do is do is blunder into the dark.

Standing at the doors, looking upon the two knights clad in armor far less intricate than his own, but probably much more protective.  The last time that he went through this quest, Mac was the one to take care of the lot of them.  Then something flashed before him.  It seemed to be a familiar place, but that would be obvious.  However, the one that stood with him in the memory wasn't Mac.  It was a red armored man with a two handed assault spear, but that didn't seem right.  Who..

It then hit him.  A name that had not graced his lips in a fairly long time.

"Ah.. that's right.  Mac didn't complete this with me..."

He would say softly.  Hirru looked back at Grave, while reading his sword and shield.

"It was our old Crimson Dragoon, Lawfer, that I did this with.  Man, that's a guy I haven't seen in a while either."

So many people passed through the guild.  For a while, they were the biggest guild for a time.  Hirru wondered who that title now belonged to.  Probably Firm Anima, as they were capable of furnacing an entire team and a couple stray members here and there for the last raid.  Freyd and Raidou really have something going on over there.  Rubbing his eyes to his cheeks with his forefinger and thumbs, he tried to pry those memories away.  He placed his focus back on the two soldiers.

"Damn, I gotta stop.  Reminiscing like this is gonna make me a worse fighter than I already am, now."

He would raise his sword before preparing for the first attack.  There wasn't any need to perform any skills now, as the enemies weren't even attacking them yet, but he would ready any number of the ones that would lead to a better situation for the both of them.  

"I've got you.  Start off however you want.  These guys will have thorns, so be prepared for backlash, but you'll be fine.  Although.. don't kill both of them.  We both need to 'show our worth', to face the guardian.  If you can, try to weaken the two with an AOE, then we can both defeat our one."

Looking up at his two handed sword that he now had to drag around with only one hand to keep any use out of the shield in his other hand.  He wasn't as powerful as he once was, but that doesn't mean the weapon was any weaker due to it.  Especially with his new technique.

Battle Stats:


Post Action: None
Free Action: None

HirruHP: 1067/1067 | EN: 104/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 95 | ACC: 1 | PARA: 1 | EVNM: 32 | BH: 53 | HLY BLS: 43 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 
Grave | HP: 761/761 | EN: 82/82 | DMG: 17 | MIT: 138 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | LD: 5 | THRN: 40 

Iron Knight 1: 250/250 HP | 100 DMG | 24 THRN | 24 BLD
Iron Knight 2: 250/250 HP | 100 DMG | 24 THRN | 24 BLD


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