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[F??] <<Katana Skill Acquisition>>

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Any Floor
<<Katana Skill Acquisition>>
Party Limit: 2 | 20+ Posts
Recommended Level: Any
Repeatable for standard page rewards only



  • <<Katana>> Weapon Skill
  • SP invested into <<Curved Sword>> is refunded to the player for free.


  • <<Curved Sword>> Weapon Skill at Rank 1.
  • Roleplay the following:
    • Obtain a Katana. Players are given reign to craft the acquisition method on their own accord. 
    • Find a player or NPC with knowledge of the Katana Skill.
    • Train with them on the proper use of the blade and unlock the use of sword arts.


While most every weapon in the game is available through simple means of allocating SP, the <<Katana>> skill, much like the <<Martial Arts>> skill, must be learned and earned. Players who wish to make use of this specific weapon must go through training to perfect the technique to use this weapon's sword arts.

Once a Katana is obtained, look for a player to train you on how to use the blade, or find an NPC who can help you. Roleplay out your character's experience with learning how to activate sword arts with a Katana. When the quest is finished, players will have access to the Katana Skill and may start using it in their next threads.


This quest is strictly a roleplaying exercise.  There are no mandatory mechanics, save the general rules of the game.



With knowledge of weapon mastery now in your possession, a player with this skill may help others learn how to take advantage of the Katana's power. The player may also use the Katana freely. Even if the skill is dropped, this quest does not have to be retaken.

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