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Username: Sunflower aka Sunni
Real name:  Hokama Saki
Age:  11yrs -> 13yrs
Gender:  Female
Height:  157 cm


When Hokama’s parents, Jira (mother) and Hoka (father), found out that they were pregnant it was the happiest moment of their lives. Unfortunately, that happiness was over shadowed by the prediction of death. A few after the birth of their daughter Hoka passed out while at home and was taken to the emergency room.  It was there that Hoka was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and given a prognosis of only a few months.  Despite the odds, Hoka lived to see his daughter first birthday.  It faded fast after that day and before Hokama knew it her grandparents had moved in and her dad was gone.  Being so young Hokama adjusted better than the adults in the family. 

A couple years down the road, and Jira starts to date one of the attorney’s that works with her at the firm.  Vincent is a pleasant, quiet man who also lost his wife to cancer.  The commonality brought the two together quickly.  Vincent had a 21-year-old son who moved back home to support his dad through the grieving process, and then never left.  Haru is a brilliant, young bioengineer that worked with Lab Corp producing vaccines.  It wasn’t long before the two broken families merged to create a whole one. Having a whole family changed the young girl for the better.

Haru was the one that introduced Hokama to online games.  Suddenly, her being a hero wasn’t a fantasy anymore.  She played with Haru and two became a dynamic duo.  Haru then introduced Hokama to his online friends and they welcomed her. When SAO was announced it was the chance of a lifetime.  Haru made good money and was able to save to afford the NerveGear while Hokama got it as an early birthday present. 


Imaginative:  Ever since Jira can remember her daughter was stuck in a world of fantasy and wonder.  Only in Hokama's versions she was not the helpless princess, but the hero.  Hokama had a drive to be the one who defied all odds and beat the bad guys. It's this aspect of her character that led her write her own stories, and then eventually get into gaming with Haru's encouragement. 

Team-Player:  It is part of Hokama's core to be cooperative and play well with others.  She is always ready and willing to support her team no matter what; and does her best to help her team succeed.  She truly believes that individuals working together can overcome seemingly impossible tasks.  This character trait only amplified when Haru introduced her to his online friends and they welcomed her to their team. 

Adaptable:  No matter the situation Hokama always seems to figure out what to do.  She possess a seemingly elastic-like energy to bend and break habits or challenge herself when her circumstances change. She has a tendency to face problems, pivot among distractions, and politely proceed forward. 


Scotophobia (fear of darkness): Hokama has an intense fear of the dark.  When she was 5-years old Haru and her were playing a game of hide-and-go-seek.  This was nothing new for the duo.  Unfortunately for Hokama she hid in wrong spot - the basement.  Unaware that she had to unlock the door before allowing it close she ended up locking herself in the basement for several hours.  She tried to scream, but the fear was too overwhelming and it left her frozen.  She still will not enter the basement without someone to this day.  

Impressionable:  Despite the way Hokama acts sometimes she is still very much a kid with a developing brain.  While she has the ability to think critically she does not always apply it to every situation.  It is due to this lack of practice that she is very moldable and obviously still learning.  

Holds grudges:  Although slow to anger once the line has been crossed it can be hard to uncross.  Her angry is not fiery, nor loud, but quiet and cool.  It takes a lot to push Hokama to the edge so she tends to linger there until trust can be regained. 


None for now



New Character Bundle: 

  • Set D | Support Package:


  • (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
  • 2,000 Col
  • 25 Materials


None for now


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