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[PP-F27] See It Through (Pt2: Srona) [w/Lessa]

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Lessa was mad. 

Very. Mad.

He had never seen this side of her before. Smiling, always. Sad, more often as of late. Even frustrated, sure. But the pure rage that radiated from her core, burning like the fire that put them here in the first place, ironically made his body run cold. While he also found the idea of her being actually angry the tiniest bit entertaining, the fear of this dormant side of her spawned a cold sweat at the back of his neck. A bit more attractive than he'd want to admit as well...

A quick clearing of his throat, and Jomei returned his scan of the grove - both for the white flower and the keeper that was actively trying to remove them. 

"It could be the unrest between the settlements." he would say to Lessa, trying to formulate some idea as to why the two were being punished. "Maybe, in it's eyes, it wants to shut the grove off to all until everyone's getting along again." He met her eyes for a moment, "The good intentions of two may not outweigh the negativity this cold war has brought to the floor."

The silence of the grove was suddenly met with a droning that grew louder and louder. From every shadow, tree, or bush grew the impending clouds of various insects. They drew closer and closer to the two players ready to defend the grove at the command of the Guardian itself.

"That doesn't look good. Quick, run." But as the ginger went to do that, his body did not - in fact - run. Instead, he found himself held in place, prickly vines of green gripping his legs, arms, and torso. He would strain and grunt, as he summoned all of his strength to fight the pull of the woods and break free. His valiant attempts were thwarted as the insect swarm suddenly engulfed him, sinking their teeth, stingers, or pinchers into his skin. Pulled off of his feet, his chest and cheek would forcefully collide with the earth at his feet before slowly dragging him back.. making him an easy target for the plague of insects. 

ID 223260 | LD 5 | CD 9 | MD 10 -TRAPPED

Ushiame Flowers [ 2 / 5 ] 
Grove Guardian Tolerance [ 52/30 ]

Jomei: 820/920 HP - TRAPPED

Lessa: 720/820 HP

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