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CRUX | pin pointed weakness

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475c69997e42ad1236ba38359e5e362c042860db.pnj aee255289b739b4e064f94ed38c87b7f0e6620d4.pnj e30631f19d49a3a693bea0937f7457dadcbdc496.pnj
EXILADA by NIKKO, Istasha [ ♪ ]

REAL NAME : Conrad Isagi-Williams 
ORIGINAL AGE : Seventeen ( 17 ) / Nineteen ( 19 ) 
F A C E C L A I M : megumi fushiguro/ jjk
GENDER : Cis-man
HEIGHT : 6'1"

 BACKGROUND.  born to a half-american and half-japanese military family, conrad knew what it was like to fragment and adjust. his whole life had been picking up and moving for the sake of the united states army and he was tired of it when he felt so innately not of the united states at this point. he found himself seeking for connection in the jrpgs that kept him close to old friends when he had to live abroad but he tried to spend as much time in japan that his teenage determination could muster. with a year left of high school, he had asked to live with his maternal grandmother in yokohama and would figure it out from there. luckily for him, his parents decided he was close enough to being an adulthood to use this as a growing opportunity for him. 

the first few months in japan were rough. his rough japanese taking some time to thaw out, but through the magic of sports and gaming did he find himself a group of people who would take the mutt in and include them into his friend group. a game was coming out, something expensive and wild but they had all had parents who made a lot of money. with daily nagging sessions and promises to go to school back in the states, he was able to finesse this sword art online game and system from his parents. his choice now to try and show that he was an adult — detrimental, since if he would've just stayed with his family, he may have never gotten stuck in this hellmouth to begin with. 


 ATHLETIC  from sports to video games, conrad has been playing them well since his youth. he loves to let out aggression on the pit through winning. it's also the way he's been able to connect with a lot of his childhood friends. 

 BRAZEN  conrad had a very strong moral compass growing up. he hadn't always used it but often weighed out desires vs. what was right and moved forward. perhaps to his own detriment, he is always himself wholly.

 WHIP-SMART  growing up around the company of military brats and conrad was quick on the quip. his mind was sharp and he could analyze a situation quickly. conrad often hid this from others to use as a trump card. 






 BOMBASTIC  conrad bottles his emotions up and explodes when the energy and stress is too much for him to suppress. when he's pushed over the edge, anyone can be a casualty. his venom-laced tongue or bruised knuckles often used to release the pressure valve of his emotional gauge. 

 PRESUMPTUOUS  there is an otherwise good guy buried beneath the layers of militant upbringing. in his teenage years, he'd been acting out to the usual strict ideals that he had grown up on. that attitude still rests within him today, deciding to do what he wants if the logic in his mind makes sense. 

 DISTANT  conrad doesn't like to open up to others. from his youth, he learned to keep his distance from others. often, it's to his own detriment. 


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0c8b53326e9c203ac2596bae9896d30d6cb546bc.pnj f777d552a559b677eaa2576ce78f65e9341fcb59.jpg e44fd27f3538bbe38eca72a33f14254cee80e459.pnj
Dying Star by Ashnikko, Ethel Cain [ ♪ ]



[ 04 POINTS ] | Weapon Mastery: Claw ( Rank 01 )  


New Character Bundle: [ SET B : DPS PACKAGE ]


  • wildcat's grace ( #217310 ) / equipped
    • Tier: One
    • Rarity: Perfect
    • Item Type: Weapon ( Claw )
    • Modifications: Damage III
    • Desc: feline energy at its prime, thick metal claws meant to rip and maim.
  • dioscuri ( #210452-4 ) / equipped
    • Tier: One
    • Rarity: Perfect
    • Item Type: Earrings
    • Modifications: Accuracy III
    • Desc: a pair of earcuffs fashioned from precious stone.
  • crystal ( #205216 ) / equipped
    • Tier: One
    • Rarity: Perfect
    • Item Type: Trinket
    • Modifications: LD III
    • Desc: a blue crystal, scraps of a larger crafting component. 
  • chopsticks ( Starter Pack Weapon )
    • Tier: One
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Item Type: Weapon ( Claw )
    • Modifications: Accuracy I • Damage I
    • Desc: Your favorite pair of metal sticks. 


  • ( 3 ) Starter Healing Potions [ Heals 50 HP ]



CRUX | HP: 20/20 | EN: 20/20 | DMG: 07 | ACC: 03 | LD: 03


// journal  


i. wildcat's grace / claw weapon - dmg iii [ e ]
ii. dioscuri / earrings  - accuracy iii [ e ]
iii. crystal / trinket - loot die iii [ e ]
iv. empty 

battle-ready inventory.

i. starter healing potions - heals fifty hp [ 3 ]


i. weapon mastery: claw [ rank 01 ]

sword art.

i. [x4] ST-I (4 EN) A single-target sword art
ii. [x3] AOE-I (1 + [2 * targets] EN) | AOE | A sword art that strikes multiple targets at once.
iii. [x4] TECH-A (5 EN) | STUN | A single-target sword art that stuns an enemy.


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