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The Story of Bee

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  B E E


NAME Calliope Bumble
17 ⮞ 19 ⮞ 26
RACE American

HEIGHT 171cm
ORIENTATION Heterosexual


from the dark of the maze came an ear-splitting cry. she stopped in her tracks, frozen as if stunned by the system. it felt more primal than paralysis. it was fear.

a hand on her shoulder pulled her back from her senses. eye contact that lasted for what felt like a thousand years ended in a blink. then, they were running, sprinting, trying not to trip over themselves as they broke around sharp corners and stepped over cracks in the ground.

something followed them but they knew not what. a beast? perhaps. an enemy? most certainly. the sounds that echoed through the labyrinth were like razors; every single one made her wince. each one was closer than the last, although just barely, as if the creature moved slowly. it toyed with them. hope was the one thing she had left. it intended to give that to them, only to snatch it away at the final moment. it was cruel humor.

a flash of light and a buzzing sound came from up ahead. an invulnerability field covered the far wall, protecting itself from an oncoming sword art. the game was determined to keep them inside of the maze; breaking out was not an option.

to keep moving was her only choice.

she would make it home.

no matter what.


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Calliope Bumble lived a boring, bland life. She was young, so how exciting could it be? She did not date for there was simply no time for it. She went to school, where she excelled at every subject. She played soccer and was quite good at that as well. A few hobbies filled her free time—books and hiking, mostly. On the weekends, she worked in a cafe outside the local mall.

And every second she could spare was spent in her head, dreaming of what would be.

Her parents wished for her to attend a nearby medical school. It was a brilliant and reputable university; her future would be secured. Lucky for them, she wanted the same thing, albeit, for different reasons. She wanted to save the world, one life at a time.

Video games had never been her thing. She did not grow up with them; however, her friends did. They would force her to play with them and, despite her lack of interest, she would go along with it. It was part of friendship, she thought.

She was not a naturally gifted gamer, not even close. She would always finish at the bottom of the scoreboard, no matter the type of game they played. Controllers were difficult. Mice were worse. Eventually, they introduced her to Virtual Reality.

It was immediately more enjoyable than the games she was accustomed to. The fluidity of using your entire body to move, the way it felt so real despite it being so fake—they stole her and lead her to the decision to purchase Sword Art Online.


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COMPASSIONATE Calliope's dream of becoming a doctor is fueled by her compassion. She loves people and she wishes to see them thrive. She values kindness in herself and in others.

STUBBORN Calliope is strong willed and not always in a good way. Backing down is not in her nature. She is argumentative and a little hard to handle.

OPTIMISTIC Calliope, even after all the time that has passed, has yet to lose hope in herself and the other players of the game. She yearns to return home and knows that someday and somehow, she will. Her hope makes her strong.

SHORT-TEMPERED Cursed with a tiny fuse, Calliope is known for her angry outbursts. It's a slippery slope, arguing with her. It gets her into trouble from time to time.

VISIONARY Ever since she was little, Calliope has looked to the future. She is driven and goal-oriented. Every day is a new journey to her.

MANIPULATIVE Calliope has a silver tongue; she is quite good at lying and even better at convincing people to do things for her. It comes in handy, of course, but the opposite is also true. Her manipulation is sometimes unintentional and effects her and her companions negatively.


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  • claiming the support package.
    • (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
    • 2,000 Col and (25) Materials




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