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  1. Bee wasn't sure who this Abdullah fellow was, nor was she familiar with the sand shark referenced; however, if combat was her long term goal then this seemed like a good place to start. "She must like you," Bee smiled, not sure what to say. The shadow that engulfed her shoulders was soothing. It almost felt like the temperature had become normal, like she wasn't smack dab in the heart of a desert city. Freyd's invitation was a kind gesture. She would never have had the courage to take on a creature like Terra Firma alone. Not that it was a bad thing—it would kill her in a heartbeat.
  2. Slow down, ya damn mongoose, came Bee's inner voice. They rounded a corner, past a museum and what might have been a pawn shop. She had almost run straight into the dark-haired man on the other side, stopping just in time. Another player joined them as well. She hadn't noticed the guy following her—or maybe he was chasing the familiar as well. The mongoose seemed to have taken a liking to Bee, for some reason or another. The shadowy form wrapped around her leg, coiling like a much cuter version of a snake. "I'm Bee," she introduced herself without looking up from the strange familiar
  3. Her usual attire, consisting almost entirely of dark fabrics, proved to be a mistake. It was made for mild temperatures—nothing too cold and nothing too hot. She did not have an alternative for desert climates so instead, she suffered. Her skirt made it somewhat bearable. She welcomed what little breeze there was and grew miserable every time it passed. No price would have been too much for an ice cream cone from a specialty street cart or a cold plunge in the ocean. Unfortunately, the only ocean around was made of sand and ice cream on one of Aincrad's hottest floors seemed like an unlikely f
  4. Bee

    The Story of Bee

    B E E PROFILE NAME Calliope Bumble AGE 17 ⮞ 19 ⮞ 26 GENDER Female RACE American HEIGHT 171cm WEIGHT 59kg BIRTHDAY June 3 ORIENTATION Heterosexual [♬] from the dark of the maze came an ear-splitting cry. she stopped in her tracks, frozen as if stunned by the system. it felt more primal than paralysis. it was fear. a hand on her shoulder pulled her back from her senses. eye contact that lasted for what felt like a thousand ye
  5. Bee

    The Story of Bee

    THE STORY OF BEE "We'll make it home. I promise."
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