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Username: Edenguard
Real name: Alyson Blake 
Age: 19
Gender: F
Height: 5'7


An Otaku from America, Alyson has loved Anime and Japanese culture for as long as she can remember. The same obviously goes for video games. From VNs and LNs to taking Japanese class in high school Alyson has devoted her life to, well, being a weeb. So much so that she made a commitment to get a scholarship to study aboard in japan. Alyson had only moved there for a few months before the beta test of SAO began. Alyson consumed every ounce of media she could on it to the point she almost started failing classes. The game was her dream and so she waited in line at a local game store in Kyoto for almost 24 hours just to get a copy before she had to fly home for vacation. Alyson landed just in time for launch and figured while her ping would probably be bad it wouldn't be unbearable for her to play the game. Of course she like most others hadn't planned on getting trapped in the game. This of course lead to her needing to be transferred back to Japan where most of the others who'd been trapped where being taken care of, and of course giving her better ping, the time delay while she sat in an American hospital however means she is starting the game a bit later than most.


  1. Bravery - Whether it was her white collar American dad, her constant ability to find success when she applied herself or maybe never really facing any true threats, Alyson has a healthy amount of bravery. She's able to calmly assess a situation in the face of danger and figure out what to do next. This doesn't mean she doesn't know when she's in over her head, just that things that might be scary or seem daunting, Alyson has less issues tackling into it head first.
  2. The Knight's Code - Alyson has what she calls her Knight's Code (Campy I know, but she respects it) She follows this code to a fault in video games, partially as a moral guiding and roleplay aspect to keep things grounded, but also simply because it is who she is. Respect and Integrity are two big parts of it, making sure she always keeps her word and treating others as though they aren't just slightly smarter bacteria. But the big thing that her Knight's Code entails is honestly. Alyson is honest almost to the point it's worth considering as a flaw, but she knows the boundaries of when to keep her mouth shut as opposed to lying (she does not believe in a lie by omission) She tries her very best to be honest in everything that she does and hopes people see her for that.
  3. Experienced Tanker -  Alyson loves playing tanks, whether it be in MMOs, RPGs, Fighting Games, whatever you can imagine, big beefy characters that take a lot of damage and typically can hit back pretty hard but often lack mobility to compensate. Alyson loves this archetype and thus have became very very familiar with it. Knowing it's lingo, what stats to look for and how they often interact with one another, managing taunt windows and chaining crowd control, but most important Alyson is using the Archetypes strengths and minimizing it's weaknesses.


  1. Trouble Making and Keeping Friends - Alyson has a hard time talking to people. Whether it be starting a conversation with someone she finds interesting or whether it's just something as simple as asking her friends to do things with her or going out of her way to check up on them. Alyson struggles with this aspect of social engagement and it often ends up making her a bit of a loner.
  2. Me First - Maybe this is a part of her being an only child and her parents supporting her every endeavor or maybe it's due to her lack of friends but Alyson doesn't really think of other people very much. She's obviously capable of basic empathy and easy steps to help someone in need but when it requires a bit more effort is when things get foggy. Alyson likes to do what she specifically likes to do, she doesn't find joy in making other people happy very much and would much rather do whatever it is that she wants to do, Items she finds are considered for her first and foremost before selling or giving to a party member, ect.
  3. Vermiphobia - Alyson has a true, bonifide, phobia... and it's worms. Well, worms and worm like creatures (think centipedes, caterpillars, maggots, ect). These cause Alyson to freeze or run and elicit a sheer state of panic, and Alyson actively avoids them at all costs. A quest that involves worms? rejected. Alyson finds out it involves worms? discarded and never picked up again. If there was a whole floor and floor boss that dealt with worms and worm-like creatures, and Alyson was the only one that could clear it, the game would come to a dead halt. It's not happening. Normally, worms in video games don't affect Alyson that much, but in SAO where the graphics are high, you have your 5 senses and are dealing with everything in a first person perspective instead of behind a screen her phobia rears it's ugly, slimy, wriggly, head.

Skills: 4/5 SP

  •  Heavy Armor
    Rank 1/5
    Effect: Gain Mitigation based on your rank in Heavy armor. You can only benefit from one armor skill at a time (the respective armor type must be equipped). Your evasion is capped at 1 enhancement slot and you take -1 to Stealth Rating per rank.

    • Rank 1: 8 MIT


New Character Bundle: Set C | Tank Package

  • Beginner's Broadsword - 1h Sword - Vanity
  • Beginner's Blessed Chestplate - T1 Heavy Armor - Rare
    • Mitigation [1]
    • Regen [1]


  • 3 Starter Healing Potions [heals 50hp]

Roleplay Log:

  • [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
  • [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
  • [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
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