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  1. Calm relaxing emotions was the key to victory. Breathing in, hold for a few seconds, breath out. Shye had to maintain a level head if she was going to succeed in her trial. Aly watched her health bar tick up back to 17. She was definitely taking more hits now that she was putting a little more faith in her armor to carry her through this fight, however that didn't mean she was succeeding on the offensive front any more than she had been previously. She'd gotten closer for sure, but it still felt like her attacks almost had a mind of their one at times and whether she hit or not was simply up t
  2. Taking a step back to get away from both of the boars Aly readied herself for the next attack. It was finally in the red. If she could get the same caliber hit as she had when she first began this first she could kill it off right here and right now. Not that she expected to get that lucky again but still as a minimum she needed three more hits. She was making progress. Headway at least, it was tangible and she could feel it. The thought was reassuring to Aly as she prepped, mentally speaking, for her next round against the boars. They were both standing right next to each other and so this wo
  3. Giving herself a moment, Aly watched as her health ticked back up to 18... at least for the moment that was the case. Her energy on the other hand was slowly becoming an issue and as this fight dragged further and further it was becoming more and more likely that she was going to need to probably wait a out a few attacks with she regenerated her attacked. The girl let out an audible sigh. That was something she wanted to avoid if at all possible, but she doubted she'd have much choice. It wasn't her concern for right now however, her more pressing issue was taking down this first boar. If she
  4. Wiping the dirt off of her face with the back side of her hand Aly used her sword to push herself off of the ground. Repeating the mantra in her head '15 more... 15 more.... 15 more...' This was all she had to do. She didn't even really need to worry about taking hits from the boars. In fact she was probably worried about that too much, she just needed to get her hits off that was what mattered most. To that end Aly focused in on her blade once again letting the air flow out of her lunges focusing on the grey oversized rat that was marking up the ground in front of her looking to charge once
  5. This was good. Aly was making progress. She just had to keep on the path she was currently on. Though the last round had showed her a bit more dedication from the boars to attack in unison and coordination. Thankfully she had managed to dodge it but it was an indication of a bad thing. She wasn't too worried as she figured her armor not only had but would continue to carry her through this fight but she would definitely need keep her wits about her if she didn't want something to go wrong. Spinning towards the most wounded foe once again it appeared to be catching its breath as it turned to he
  6. As much as she wanted to destroy the big in front of her and honestly at any given point damage was damage. It at the very least didn't seem like these boars had any kind of regen themselves, it still made the most since for Aly to focus on the one she had already chipped down below half of it's hp. She took a deep breath. 16 hits. 16 more hits was all that she needed in order to be done with this, and then after that she could invest in a better gearset to help her advance more quickly through-out the levels. With that in mind the snow colored hair girl lowered her blade at the boar she had a
  7. In her head she knew she wasn't fighting a pair of floor bosses. She had done her research and these mobs were just outside of the gate. It wouldn't make any feasible sense for these guys to be any kind of boss or rare mob. And Still with their crit rates, It felt like they were critical hitting every other attack, even considering the fact that there's 2 of them that would still make it around 25%. While so far Aly was sitting at a 1 of 8. Slightly above 12 percent. If all of her math checked out and assuming that these were the actual rates, These boars were doubling her critical hit rate.
  8. It was round 8 of the wet noddle fight for for the first time in a few rounds, Aly wasn't regaining HP after a hit and was completely full. Though she wasn't sure how long it was going to stay that way. this did give her a thought though that she might end up healing more damage throughout the fight then she deals to the boars. All it would take would be a total of 25 hits and she'd have accomplished that. Of course she didn't know how much damage in total she'd tanked as it didn't quite show her that when the damage number popped up. Maybe it was something she'd find out in the post battle su
  9. Aly took a deep breath as she steeled herself after having taking she knew this was going to be a wet noddle fight. She'd invested nothing in her offensive stats and preferred to simply be a tank out of the gate. What she didn't expect however was to acquiring a seething hatred for boars and boar kind. Still, she knew she had a long way left to go in this battle. 18 more hits. This was going to be a battle of attrition. She was used to those, there had honestly been RPGs that were even more forgiving when it came to diving into take stats right away. Granted not many, this start was brutal, bu
  10. Collecting herself for but a brief moment, Aly took the time to realize her HP had reached 19... and then it ticked up 20. She was back at full HP and all physical ramifications of the double crit had disappeared. Apparently however, the hate system applied to players as well because that was all Aly was feeling as she charged in once more readying her blade and attacking the first boar again. She'd gotten it down to halfway already, it would hopefully only take a few more swings until she was able to focus her sole attention on the other boar. Much to her surprise however, the Boar seeme
  11. Letting out a cry of sheer gamer rage at her presumed and accurate unlucky string of events, Aly charged forwards brandishing her sword and doing her best to try and take down the mob before her. Every fiber of her being focused solely on killing this god forsaken creature before her and a fury to match that of the nine hells carrying the weight of her sword. The Golden White light of her blade gleaming as she charged at the Lvl 1 beginner mob. Her sword slashed into the mobs health once again, dropping it's health bar only ever so slightly down at the very least it was now a nice yellow
  12. Letting out a deep breath Alyson did the math in her had. Each boar had 12 health. She had dealt 4 damage so far, that means that collectively there was still 20 health remaining between the two of them, the same as Aly's as she watched her health tick up, but that wasn't the point. Not accounting for Criticals as she had no idea how rare they were in the current field of things. She did 1 damage on a swing. That meant she still had 20 more hits she still had to land before this fight would be over. She was beginning to realize just how much work this was going to be and just how much she prob
  13. Spinning back around Alyson noticed her health bar tick back up ever so slight and a smile appeared on her face. This should be relatively easy as long as she kept on getting good hits on the Boars and they didn't consistently pile on double hits she shouldn't really have any issues taking care of them. With that in mind Alyson ran towards the first boar one more time looking to get more damage on it. She knew this fight was going to be drawn out but for the moment she still had plenty of energy to spare and so she didn't mind fully sprinting at the boar. Later she might wait for them to come
  14. Alyson took a breath while she had definitely damaged the boar, and left a sizeable mark on the boar judging by the red gash going through the side of it with particles flowing out, she still had a long way to go in this fight. Alyson steeled herself once again and charged at the boar she had already damaged, hoping to focus the first one down before she did put any effort into the second one. She let the energy in her blade build once more until it shown the bright yellowish white color it had again, and then released it. Alyson stepped forwards bringing her sword down on the boar cuttin
  15. Taking a deep breath and focusing all of her attention on the boars in front of her, Alyson took an aggressive stance poising her sword to strike. Much to her surprise the blade began to glow a bight yellow almost white color and made what sounded like a rail gun powering up. She could feel the energy building inside of her blade. She refocused her energy on the strike she was attempting to unleash on the boar. Alyson could feel the energy in her blade build up to a point and she lunged forwards releasing the energy. Dashing as she did so she cut through the first boar leaving a maj
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