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  1. This was it. Hina had finally convinced herself to venture out of the starting plaza where she'd sat awaiting her daily ration of food since the starting announcement. The days had blurred into weeks into months and it wasn't until they recently announced the clearing of the most recent boss that there was finally some hop in Hina's eyes. Maybe she was going to get out of this death game after all. Hina had checked her inventory at least a thousand times before she stepped foot out of the plaza and into the rest of the town of beginnings. She had a beginner's dagger and armor that seemed prett
  2. Serath

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    Profile: Username: Serath Real name: Hina Aoki Age: 21 Gender: F Height: 5'6 Background: Before her adventures in SAO Began, Hina was a rich daughter of a business tycoon. She was originally born in japan and has an estate, but has never really found a place to call her own home. Travelling from country to country attending fancy dinners and balls the only real escape she had from the life her parents were forcing on her was through video games. It was hard at times to feel like her life was really hers. She attended the college that her parents wanted her too. She g
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