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Username: Serath
Real name: Hina Aoki
Age: 21
Gender: F
Height: 5'6



Before her adventures in SAO Began, Hina was a rich daughter of a business tycoon. She was originally born in japan and has an estate, but has never really found a place to call her own home. Travelling from country to country attending fancy dinners and balls the only real escape she had from the life her parents were forcing on her was through video games. It was hard at times to feel like her life was really hers. She attended the college that her parents wanted her too. She got the degree her parent's wanted her too. She works in her dads company and so she needed some kind of release. Some kind of escape from the iron grip that her parents had over her life and thus she was brought to SAO. It honestly wasn't even very difficult for her to acquire one of the limited copies of SAO as she had the money to pay people to stand in line for her and ensure she was one of the first people to get it. She wanted to use this world as a way to escape the binds that tied her down in life. That said, the fear of death froze Hina for a period of time. She had honestly never even been confronted with any actual hardship in her life and suddenly being forced into a death game scared her. Recently though she's grown her confidence a bit more and has decided to step foot into the world of Sword art online, and not only that, but make it her own.


  1. Cold Blooded - For most of her life, Hina has directly seen other people as tools or stepping stones to get what she wants and to bend to her will. Morales wasn't really a concern for her growing up as she actively taught that the path to success was paved by hard work.... the hard work of others that is. You were to use their hunched backs as a launch pad to propell yourself into success whatever that meant. As such the value of a human life doesn't even have much worth to Hina except for her own. She'd have no problems taking a life if it meant saving her own.
  2. A Mask of Many Faces - Hina is excellent at presenting herself in a way that is pleasing to others. Call it manipulation, or a fear of showing her emotions, regardless Hina is not only good at getting people to like her but presenting herself in a harmless way as well as hiding her own emotions. This doesn't mean she doesn't feel them of course, in fact Hina is very emotionally driven but she's also very very good at hiding it.
  3. Smart - Hina is a college graduate even at her young age. She has a degree in engineering with a minor in business (not that she actually wanted to go into these fields) and managed to graduate at the top of her class which wasn't an easy feat for the prestigious college that Hina attended. So she's very good at gathering and retaining knowledge as well as puzzling pieces together and quickly figuring things out. Granted, this doesn't mean she has street smarts of course, in fact she's very much lacking in that field, but in the standard measure of intelligence, Hina is often considered fairly smart.


  1. Impulsive - Despite her doing well in manipulation, Hina is a person who has always had her whims handed to her, at least when they came to physical wants and desires. Most impulses that she had someone would bend over backwards to make happen for her and so she's found comfort in simply relying on her own impulses and has never really had to keep them under control as they've never caused her any sort of trouble before. In a world where she is just not beginning to experience struggle for the first time this might cause her to get into some sticky situations she might have been able to avoid if she'd simply thought it through just a little bit more.
  2. Cowardice - Hina has never really been confronted with life or death situations before and anywhere near having her life threatened, and she goes into sheer panic when she think she actually might die. She wants to run or hide or not do anything, granted thanks to her ability to mask her feelings it might not be directly apparent that she's feeling these things but she will do anything and everything to ensure her own life and likes to create a healthy margin of safety for her life. Risk is not her middle name.
  3. Vices - Hina is a sucker for almost all of the vices, whether they be men/women, or alcohol, anything to take her mind away from her current situation and thinking about her life she has a soft spot for these things and it doesn't take much to convince her that they are a good idea. To this end she can also be known as a bit of a flirt but as it's self serving in nature these flings rarely if ever have any feelings behind them. It will be a cold day in hell when Hina wants something more romantic and would take someone truly special.


Skills: 4/5 SP

  • <<Dagger Skill>>
    Rank 1 - 4 SP Total
    Effect: gain +3 DMG With Daggers
  • <<Dagger Sword Arts>>
    Rank 1
    • [x4] ST-I (4 EN) | A single-target sword art.
    • [x3] AOE-I (1 + [2 * targets] EN) | AOE | A sword art that strikes multiple targets at once.
    • [x4] TECH-A (5 EN) | STUN | A single-target sword art that stuns an enemy.


New Character Bundle: Basic Starter Bundle

  • Beginner's Knife - Uncommon T1 Dagger - ACC 1
  • Beginner's Outfit - Uncommon T1 Cloth Armor - MIT 1


  • (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)

Roleplay Log:

  • [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
  • [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
  • [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
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