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Username: Eliseris
Real Name: Oriana Valk
Gender: Female
Age: 22-24
Height: 5'8"(173cm)
Birthday: April 13





            Oriana Valk was born as an only child, blissfully yet temporarily unaware of what awaited her. Despite being loved by both parents, her father had a tendency to place high expectations upon those he believed were capable, Oriana included. Young Oriana would find herself striving to achieve, starting from the tender age of five, hoping to find what she excelled in. Every time her father saw what he believed was potential, he would seek to bring it out of her. Her mother was kind and nurturing enough to help Oriana find the methods that work, as well as give advice on how to better teach her to her father. Her parents were considerably well off, thanks to all their hard work. Being an only child, however, Oriana's parents were counting solely upon her, and hoping she would go on to do something great.

                 During Oriana's thirteenth year, her mother fell to a terrible illness. The resulting grief caused her father to put more pressure onto Oriana, who was first slowly shocked by the gradual increase in his harshness, which was once tolerable, to concerning levels. The fact that he sometimes came to her to apologize for his new habit of being a bit too critical at least kept Oriana's heart at ease, knowing that while his methods weren't the best for her, he certainly intended the best for her. After all, her father was a well off man with good wealth and some minor achievements, and with Oriana being his only daughter, he hoped she would surpass him, one way or another.

        Due to her father's behavior, Oriana's education was rather prestigious, and the time she had to herself when at home during the summers was minimal. She would meet her first friends there, and during this time, she would discover a hobby she'd cherish throughout the rest of her life. Gaming.
       When her father learned of her new hobby, he hoped he would find ways she could benefit from it, thus the kinds of games she was able to play in her home were mainly puzzle games, strategy games, and other games that focused on challenging young Oriana's mind. Even her hobby was not spared from her father's ambition of making her into something...but what exactly? She didn't know what her father hoped she'd become, she didn't understand why her surpassing him seemed to be all that was on his mind half the time, it's like she was some kind of fated heir to him...but to what? He was successful, but not that successful, so what was he aiming for Oriana to become? This question puzzled her immensely throughout the years.

                As the years went by, she grew into a clever, ambition-oriented young woman...but the tricky part, for her, was finding an ambition, something that she could reach for with the talents she developed. Despite all that she'd been prepared for, the question of what she could be remained a mystery. She would seek further education as a result, a decision that her father approved and was on board with from the start. She tried to invite her friends to be with her during this time, yet only her closest friends were able to even respond...and only three of those friends were able to join her.


    There came a day when she could hardly stand the thought of keeping at it. She did not want to enter the definition of insanity; always trying the same methods of growing and seeking out while expecting different results, she needed something different, something more her speed, something...fateful. She began to hope that there could be something she could get into, something out there, that she could grasp onto and excel at...
                                        Three days later, she caught wind of Sword Art Online.
                                                                                Perhaps this experience would be capable of at least helping her to clear her mind, she'd thought, but once she spoke the fateful words, she'd be granted her wish in a less than pleasant manner.

                    Being trapped within an artificial world that she could die in, was this a curse, or a blessing in disguise? She spent her time preparing herself by gathering as much intel as she possibly could, but all she lacked now was personal experience in the game. She'd waited longer than enough.

        The time was now, for Oriana...no, Eliseris, to begin her journey, and to discover her destiny. There was a new path to walk...and rather than pleasing her father with legacy, she'd carve a legacy for herself, for her own sake. All she needed to do now was find it.






Eliseris has lived a life full of expectations and prestigious education, even achieving Valedictorian, due to her father's hopes and wishes. This has actually become a benefit to her, in a way, as now she has an intelligent mind capable of handling some of life's toughest challenges. Her mind is truly analytical and calculative, and few situations prove to be a roadblock when pitted against her intellect.



Her drive to commit to her actions is incredible, for better or for worse. Even if something was to push her back, she'd retreat only to come back with more force than before, often paired with a difference in strategy. Unless the task proves impossible, she will never relent.



With all that's happened to get her here, as well as the skill she'd developed, she knows she's capable. Should she come across the occasional moments of looming disaster, she at least knows not to put her courage before caution, for she is of a sound and confident mind, and does not gamble with fate haphazardly. If she is to achieve or overcome, she must do so with a steadfast heart, and she keeps this knowledge within her heart, so that no matter what happens, fear will rarely be seen upon her face.







Merciless Fighter:

When one gives their all, they should be capable of seeing it through to the end. Eliseris fights with everything she has, and will always refuse to hold back. She seldom feels the chill of fear, but her way of fighting can strike fear into the hears of most enemies she faces. She is relentless in combat, so perhaps it is better that her opponents go down fighting than as cowards.



Eliseris is resolute in her choices, actions, and beliefs. Any opposition to her can prove to either be a threat, an annoyance, or simply misguided judgement. Whichever of those the opposition in question is depends on their strength or capability, or standing with her as a person. Even friends and close individuals will have a problematically hard time trying to convince her to change her mind on anything.



Eliseris grew up in a constant search to achieve, and now that she is in an environment such as Aincrad, she can set her sights on any lofty goal of her choice. Where this becomes a problem is that her ambitions are capable of getting the better of her, as her quest for legacy can become a deterrent, either to herself as a person, or to many who her ambition could oppose. She'd spent all her time trying to prepare herself for achieving legacy, so now that she's here, where legacy can easily be obtained, why not aim as high as she possibly can?



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Stats and Skills:


Main Stats:


Level: 1

Paragon Level: 0

Experience: 0

To next level: 500

Paragon Rewards:




Total Skill Points: 5

Available Skill Points: 1

Spent Skill Points: 4


Battle Stats:

HP: 20

Energy: 20

Base Damage: 4(PA Rank 1[3])

Mitigation: 0

Accuracy: 0

Evasion: 0

LD: 0




Additional conditions:

[None Yet]




Polearm Rank 1(4 SP)


Extra Skills:





[None yet]



[None yet]



Profession(Crafting): TBD

Profession(Gathering): TBD




Selected Starter Package: Set D(Support Package)



Simple Halberd(Polearm, Vanity)

Nobility Uniform(Clothing, Vanity)



Starter Healing Potions(Restores 50 HP) x3


Special Items:



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Friends, Foes, and others:






Friends and Relationships


[Side note: Relationships listed here will be marked with a class level describing the type of relationship]
[Side note reference guide: C- Lesser Friend. B- Friend. B+-Good Friend. A- Loyal Friend. A+-Best Friend. S- Lover/Spouse]













Leaning to Positive








True Neutrality





Leaning to Negative













Allies of Enemies















Story Thus Far:




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