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Onkei's Journal

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Username: Onkei
Real name: Benji Kinokita
Age: 19 -> 21
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
(Faceclaim is Saitama from OPM before training and before losing his hair)


Benji Kinokita, known in SAO as Onkei, hails from a Catholic working-class family from the city of Nagasaki, Japan: his childhood was marked by crippling poverty after his father, a shoemaker, lost his job after his business was forced to close due to people no longer buying shoes from privates, preferring to buy mass-produced and cheaper shoes in big malls. Due to the family barely being able to eat and surviving only thanks to the help of Onkei's grandparents, the young Benji was forced to drop school at 15 and look for a full-time job: thanks to some smart connections he made during school with the right people, he managed to become the secretary of a young, barely employed lawyer: the older brother of a classmate of his.

In his 4 years of uninterrupted work, crowned by months without salary due to the poor conditions of the lawyer he worked for, and with his family's conditions deteriorating rapidly after the death of his grandfather, which provided for the entire family, the now less-young wage slave Benji attempted to take his own life at the age of 17, however at the end he did not have the courage to do so; following this event he has recovered, thanks to the only three things kept him sane: the situation of his family, his unwavering faith in God and video-games, the only hobby he could afford to pursue. He would be one of the legendary 10000 players that would first log on into SAO, after saving up for an entire year to buy the hardware. Unfortunately for him, the money he spent wouldn't be worth the experience he was going to live.


Onkei's main personality trait is sheer emptiness, characterized by occasional peaks of anger. Thanks to the conditions he grew up in, he knows how terrible people can be and will usually avoid wasting time talking with them if it isn't strictly necessary. He has a strong hatred for anyone coming from a higher social status than his (basically everyone in SAO) and will often consider anyone else his age as spoiled brats with no knowledge of the actual world.

He gets angry very easily, and will usually throw hands when questioned by someone he doesn't consider an equal. However, despite being a very questionable human being at times, Onkei is a devout Catholic, and prays every day, even in SAO. He believes SAO is some sort of Purgatory for people that are still alive God sent him to to be tested, which to him makes sense as Aincrad is made of floors which must be traversed to reach liberation (Heaven) just like the Christian Afterlife depicted in Dante's Divine Comedy.


  1. Due to his past experiences, Onkei is extremely frugal and a very simple person. He doesn't have a problem fighting with damaged equipment or using cheap weapons;
  2. Onkei is a devout Catholic and tries to be so even in SAO; he sees being trapped in SAO, along with the rest of his miserable life prior to that, as a test from God. In order to prove his faith, Onkei is very determined to complete the Death Game and hug his family again, despite being a bit frightened and desperate up to the first few weeks of joining it;
  3. Despite being cold with most people, Onkei will help a person in need if he considers them worthy of his time, especially if they are strong or have connections that could help him achieve his goal.


  1. Onkei has a very bad sense of humour. He often doesn't get basic jokes and will easily get offended: he is very susceptible and very easy to provoke, so starting and argument with him is as easy as drinking a glass of water;
  2. When dealing with all kinds of issues, Onkei's judgement is often arbitrary and most of the time violent: despite being Christian, he seems to follow to the letter the Code of Hammurabi;
  3. Onkei is, ironically, extremely stingy and at times greedy, despite greed being one of the Seven Deadly Sins. He's aware of this and recognizes this as one of his flaws, but justifies it by affirming that "in this world, you either eat or are eaten".


  • None


New Character Bundle: Set D: Support Package

  • None


  • 3 Healing Potions
  • 25 Materials
  • 2000 COL

Roleplay Log:

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Edited by Onkei
Some adjustments regarding backstory and personality
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