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Time to use the blogs more!



With the interest of trying to keep you guys all updated, it's time that these blogs were used a little bit more. Though your friendly staff member Neo will likely be doing most of these posts, hopefully other staff will be able to start using this more as well. My intent is to be able to provide people with updates primarily focusing on events, open party threads to look out for, and provide little tips to players. I cannot promise a perfect regularity with these posts, though I will make sure that if something is happening it gets announced as well as try to keep to some schedule of posting. This first post will be playing some catch-up, though I hope that once we are caught up there can be a few interesting things to do. Anyways, it's time that we caught up on events happening on the site.

Staff Events

Though many are likely aware of this, there has been no formal announcement of it. We currently have the Mysterious Murders event going on in the beginner floors section. Any thread marked with the tag "MM" is one of those threads. Though you may need to read up on what's happening, it is still perfectly fine for you to join in. Do bare with us though, as the threads are temporarily on hold in regards to their plot as the staff member in charge of it is currently away. If they are back as originally planned, the threads should be starting up again in a week or two.

Party Time!

We know there's nothing better than a party and here on site we have something even better, an Open Party! Though an uncommon thread type, it is always a great way to get your character out there. At the moment, we have one thread just as such. @Zandra is hosting a beach party on floor 16 and has invited the entirety of Aincrad to join in for the fun and competitions. If you get in quick, you can sign up while they're still open. Do hurry, they close soon. If you don't make the deadline, you can still hang about and enjoy watching the swimsuit competition or provide hints for the scavenger hunt. Or maybe you can cheer your friends on in the monster hunt.

Remember, the only thing stopping you from making your own open party thread is your imagination. Create one and get it going and you too could be featured here.

The Future of the Blog

As I said earlier, I can't promise perfect regularity with this blog. I will try to keep it to at least once a week. And though this one is fairly simple, expect to see some improvements on it as time goes by. If there are ever any questions, always remember that your kind PSTs are around to help. We don't bite! If anyone has ideas for what else can be added to the blog, talk to me about it here or on discord. Once again, this is your friendly silent staff member, and I hope you all have a wonderful time here in Aincrad!


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