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The Weekly Link #2



The Weekly Link

Week #2

   We are now in our second week, I knew that I could do this! I don't have much in terms of introductions this time around, so let's not waste any time. I am still looking for suggestions on new things to place into the blog, so message away

New players

   As veteran's know, our rules aren't the clearest. But I would like to welcome our new players @Leoneedspienow, @Hydravion, @Xiy, @Acid, and the hopefully soon to join @Midnight_Lace to our forum. We all hope you enjoy your time here and I invite any and all to join up with them in their threads. Of course, I am always open to join in a thread with players, new and old. Just give me a message and we can organize things from there.

Open Parties and Interesting Threads

   Not much has changed with the open parties we have. Zandra's beach party is having the end of their scavenger hunt and the combat competition is about to start. DOn't worry if you're a new player or an experienced vet. Our gracious host has made sure that the playing field is level. If you would rather stay inside, come drink with us at Dustin's tavern meetup. And of course, one of our older players has returned and is recruiting for a guild in an open party thread. 

  As usual, message me if you have any interesting threads or open parties you're looking to get more people into. I'll make sure that you are placed into the next issue of The Weekly Link.


   There are still no submissions for anyone willing to or asking for help. Of course, my offer to do a gathering thread with anyone and everyone is still open. Once again, just message me and I'll organize stuff with you.

Weekly Riddle

   Last week's riddle was fairly easy, and as a result we have several winners. Congratulations to Ruby, Dustin, Hazado, Paghlika, Cosi, and Hestia (Apologies if you did get it and not mentioned here. I had my computer crash and didn't have that file saved.) The answer to last week's riddle was Death. Now, there is no sense in holding back if this many people can solve one of my riddles. This one will be quite difficult and I don't expect any of you to get it on the first try. There will be hints available all throughout the riddle challenge. Message me on site or on discord and I will guide you along your journey.

To start your journey to the answer afar
You must find what these four letters are
The first is one of a hero
Whose name is less fantastic than zero
It contains an aliteration
With that letter being what I sanction
Next is the letter of a color, ever so pure
But also tells of riches, that we must always endure
Thirdly an animal, who rhymes with this letter
The last is a question, for small kids brains to get better

Ask Neo

   If any of you have those burning questions, or just weird oddities, you'd like to ask me or any of the staff just send them in. I'll pick a few of what I think are the best ones to answer and post them in next week's issue. For now, I'll offer up some advice to anyone new looking at this. Please make sure to be double checking your sentences when submitting a journal. It is the number one thing that I see missing when I am looking at new journals. Remember that your history section is two paragraphs of at least five sentences each and each virtue and flaw must be three sentences.


That's all for today, remember to send any submissions, answers, or anything else to me through the site or discord. I'm eager to see how well the blog is doing as we try to give you more announcements and details on what is happening around the site.


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