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The Weekly Link #6




The Weekly Link

Week #6

  Apologies for the absence, but I have been dealing with a couple things IRL. Won't bring you down with them, so here is the next edition of the weekly link. I'll be going back to speaking out of character once again, there's so much more that I can talk about when not bound to in character knowledge.

New players

     We all know the rules aren't the best written thing in the world, but we all do our best to tough through it. We have quite a few new players from these last couple of weeks, so I would like to give a warm welcome to @Muninn, @Nexus, @Hayden Clarence, @Zayla, @Miyuki, @Kirbs, @Vally, @Kanna, and @Hawthorne. I would suggest that any who can try to RP with them. And to the new players, don't be afraid to ask as everyone is just about always willing to either start a thread with you or point you to someone who would like to.

Open Parties and Interesting Threads

   Our events are now underway, and for those of you who don't feel like catching up on all the happenings, here is a quick summary:

    Our group begins gathered at the church of Angel's Point on floor thirteen, having been warned of a priest communing with demon's laying inside it. The highest level players are all invited to join in protecting the outside of the church while the lower level players are taken inside to face the priest himself. Outside, our best front liners are faced with a horde of demons. Though they were facing high odds, they are helped by an angel. This angel turns out to be a false prophet, and has no asked the players whether or not they believed they have sinned. Meanwhile, the players inside are facing the priest, who has asked and been denied forgiveness for his actions. As such, the two sides are now locked in combat. The priest has even revealed himself to be gaining power from the demons and intent on trying to wipe out every player in the chapel.



    Though I know this is rather short, I am behind schedule as it is. I have no riddle for you all this week, but hope that you all have your thinking caps ready for next week. As a final announcement, a reminder that the Podcast is next week, November 3rd, on Twitch. Be there to catch staff insight, future possibilities, and more.


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