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  1. Hearing the taunting words..."It would be easier if you followed that girl's lead, stood still, and let us gut you." Right after these words, Eruda speaks up, "I stand still and let you so-called gut me so no one else gets hit. I stand still in front of all of you so that the others can fight without the worry behind them that they might die. I stand here so they don't have to." Her voice starts to become louder with each sentence as each word came from deep within, everyone being the truth. This was what she was meant to do, even if they did lower her Mitigation, she would still stand strong for the others so that they could focus on nothing but attacking. A large roar in the distance catches Eruda's eye. The once glowing crystals against the large dragon's scales fade into nothing more than dull shards against it's back as it transforms into something bigger. Seeing then, Raidou taking the front stand taunting the beast with a brave shout out. Eruda looks to the Vanguard as she remembers them saying "Skalaugh has power. The Trebuchet can be rebuilt." Eruda had a feeling that the end was nearing and that their taunts toward her were nothing but words given to mask the reality that was about to hit them. "It looks like your friend over there may have used up all the so call power you speak of." Eruda turns her head slightly with a feeling of strength saying "Split into groups and divide your strongest attacks to each Vanguard member. I have a feeling they will not be laughing much longer," Eruda barks out loud enough for everyone to hear, hoping that the none Firm Anima members would consider her call out with an act of faith. Shiina was next to Eruda unable to move, Eruda moves closer to her and focuses her attacks upon all as she was going to try sticking her bleed. With one large wide swing of her weapon her art hit 2 of her targets digging in deep regardless of her actual damage, something seemed to get through. Eruda stands strong and stays focused knowing that the next hit might be a bit harder than last. Activating Farrant Full Moon Battle Healing activates 10 health recovered with 30% decrease
  2. Eruda feels the first impact from behind her. Looking to another blond who was determined to keep her alive just as well as everyone else. From just meters from her, there was yelling, rage coming from another who was highly pissed at this battle and the bosses laughter from them trying there damned hardest to win this fight. Hearing another, a male in the distance saying that a plan should be made but not sure of what should be done. Another burst of energy as little Shiina heals Eruda's health to almost full, the impact this time was very alarming given the strength of it. Shiina gave some words of exchange as her voice illuminates around everyone. With a large smile now knowing really what Shiina was made of, she says "I will never let you down." Thinking back, they have killed two and both managed to return to the living on their own accord. This gave Eruda an idea that may or may not work but it was still more than anyone else had. "Don't focus on just one, get all of them to low enough health, and kill them all at once with a striking blow. Let us see if they can all revive at once then..." Eruda calls out to everyone in this fight hoping that seeing Eruda tank all the damage so far, that they would be more inclined to listen to her in this life or death situation. She began to focus on one of them but with a swing that missed her target, she chose to be in the fray and block the damage as that was what she was good at doing under these type of circumstances and leave the fighting to the others that could actually deal the better damage. Battle healing activated +15 reduced by 30% healing 10 Health Activating Bear Knock with Concentration ID# 168283 results: Battle: 3+3-2=4, Miss! vs Undying Mage [CD: 1, No proc recovery]
  3. Eruda

    [ PP | F3 ] Rendezvous

    "A...Festival...Date?? Hey, wait a minute..." As she runs after Haine who seemed really excited now about the whole idea. "The date thing sure...but maybe not the festival date thing. I don't even know if he will be there and plus...I am sure that the crowds will make me freak out too much and..." Eruda pauses for a moment and wonders if Raidou has ever been to something like the festival. Eruda then started thinking that she never had the chance to go to something like this because her mother never gave her the time of day to do so. Freya was able to with friends but Eruda was once again left behind. "Haine...this may be a dumb question but what is so interesting about this big old even anyway. I never got to go soo..." Shaking her head a bit she says "Even if I wanted to go and Raidou was there...The thought of that many people would be way too much for me to handle. I would make a fool of myself in front of the guy I like which really doesn't play through well in my head." Eruda's face blushes just thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong.
  4. Eruda glances at each of her teammates, including the players not in the guild. Some started to recover from the stun that was presented upon them and others took advantage of the fact that they were not stunned and attacked. One of the big guys did fall, she noticed but somehow it managed to recover itself from death itself. This might be harder than she expected. Feeling the same impact that Raserei gave when going through her but 10 times worse. Shocking energy goes through her causing her to jerk forward with her breath gone from her chest for a slip second. With a quick gasp of air, she looks to see Shiina by her side who had a smile painted on her face. Glancing at her health bar, Eruda sees an increase from the damage she had taken. Regardless of the feeling she smiles at Shiina saying "Keep it up, you are doing very well. Is everyone okay?" Focusing on the task at hand her flames attached to the bosses burst a bit as howl activate again. She was not good at dealing damage but she was very good at taking it. Glancing to Griswold with a nod hoping that he could do something that would help her take less damage. Activating Howl Battle healing activated +15 reduced by 30% healing 10 Health ID# 168038 results: Craft: 4 [Rocovery No Proc]
  5. It was starting and Gaius springs into action after a guy she didn't know takes a good hit first. Looking at her father with a smile she says "I am sure this won't be easy but I will not sit around and watch the other player around us get hurt. RASEREI FLAME UP!" Raserei barks with a growl right after as both Eruda and her familiar outburst into blue flames around them. Raserei turns transparent and looks to Eruda for the ready signal. Eruda nods as Raserei runs and jumps through Eruda and lands on the other side of Eruda with a slide against the ground with a growl. The moment Eruda and Raserei touch within, another burst of blue flames but this time it was aimed toward the creatures themselves drawing a line between her and them as for now, Eruda was all they could see. "Shiina keeps my health up and everyone else if you can. Simmone, do the same with the energy. Keep everyone going. Griswold with me," Eruda gets ready for the inevitable to happen with a small grin. Using Howl ChaseR HP: 920/920 | EN: 90/90 | 18 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 73 MIT | 9 BH | FRZ | 24 BLD | 46 V-DEF | 16 HS [H:2/0/1/1] Alkor HP: 650/650 | EN: 50/64 | 14 DMG | 6 ACC | 3 EVA | 78 MIT | 24 BLI [H:0/1/0/0] Gaius HP:580/580 | EN:44/58 | 21 DMG | 2 ACC | 3 EVA | 30 MIT| 2 HM | 2 LM | 1 REC Vigilon HP: 820/820 | EN: 92/92 | 20 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 46 MIT | PARA | 24 BLD | SNK-VNM Krysta HP: 660/660 | EN: 66/66 | 17 DMG | | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 64 MIT | 36 THN | 6 BH | 2 REC | PAR | 24 BLD | FRZ Shay HP: 620/620 | EN: 62/62 | 20 DMG | 6 ACC | 5 EVA | 12 MIT | 24 BLD | 2 REC Dazia HP: 560/560 | EN 54/54 | 16 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 58 MIT | 24 BRN [H:4/4/4/4] Eruda HP:750/750 | EN: 64/72 | 6 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 129 MIT | 24 BLD | TAUNT | 36 THN | 1 REC | 15 BH | DoT -25% Griswold HP: 650/650 | EN: 62/62 | 12 DMG | 5 ACC | 114 MIT | 36 THN | 1 REC Setsuna HP: 620/620 | EN: 62/62 | 17 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 10 MIT Kasumi HP: 620/620 | EN:62/62 | 18 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 22 MIT | BLD:24 Sam HP: 640/640 | EN: 64/64 | 21 DMG | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 30 MIT | 24 BLD | 2 REC Simmone HP: 620/620 | EN: 62/62 | 4 DMG | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 30 MIT | 12 BLD | 2 REC | KEEN Shiina HP: 620/620 | EN: 62/62 | 4 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 57 MIT | 1 MEND | 2 REC | 3 LD
  6. With these words said from Raidou, then in an instant, she was falling. She grabs hold of Raserei as she realized that she falling became slower before hitting the bottom destination. As she lands to solid ground her chest was raising. Getting to her feet and quickly looking around making note that Raidou called out to the entire Firm Anima, which to her meant that everyone was at this event. Moments after glancing around she sees Gaius setting out a meal. A few more seconds pass and she hers a few other falls where she had. Right now was not the time to panic as she calls out the words seeing some other player readying their gear she does the same. "Firm Anima, as Raidou said, today we prove our worth. Kill the small ones first. I will try to keep everything off of you." Eruda looks around seeing the other players with a deep breath saying "That includes every else hear too. I will be your Shield if you would allow me too." Walking to Gaius as he was the only one in view for now but hoped that everyone heard what had to be said. Now that she thinks about it, she felt a bit stronger than before. Wondering how and why, as she prepares herself for the battle for whatever is come. [Gain +3 DMG, +2 ACC, +2 EVA, 15*Tier Mitigation] from Betelguese and Rigel Eruda | HP:750/750 | EN:72/72 | DMG:3+3(6) | MIT:99+30(129) | BLD:24 | TAUNT | THRNS:36 | REC:1 | BH:15 | DoT -25% | EVA 2 | ACC 2
  7. Eruda

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    Raidou seemed completely unphased that she moved closer. Tilting her head a bit to see his gaze upon the waters that reflects the soul-filled lanterns above them as he spoke nothing but the truth. She was trying her best to do just that when she brought the others out on her short time adventures. She could risk or bare with herself if anything happened to anyone of them. This entire time her chest has been pounding with her feelings that she kept locked up for so long. If she didn't do something to carry it on then maybe nothing would happen between the two of them. Eruda takes a deep breath and moves a bit closer. If Raidou pushed her away or moved the other direction, at least she would know sort of how Raidou felt. She knew that there was something between them but it had yet to come up what. Eruda scoots a bit closer and rests her head gently on his shoulder. Whatever the results, she would deal with them.
  8. Eruda

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    "It's all about the timing I guess," she says with a small chuckle. "Marking down the map, it's not what Sam was trying to do with that notebook of hers, was it? She gots us lost because she wanted to discover this world on her own terms. I have to say though...It was rather fun." Eruda thinks about when she and a good chunk of the guild got lost in the misty forest and remembering Raidou coming to find them then too. Without really thinking about it Eruda says "I will never be lost again as long as I am with you." He found her and gave her that chance that no one else would in the real world. From that day she has only gotten strong with her words and actions alike. "I owe you so much," her feet dangled over the edge now as she thought about all the good times that she has had with Firm Anima and Raidou himself. On the ice...he taught her to skate...in a way it was romantic. She wanted more memory like this with Raidou but she had not the first clue how to make that happen. She bites her bottom lip softly as her face turns bright red thinking about it.
  9. Eruda

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    "Thank you, it's my first time wearing one." Eruda glances to Raidou with a smile saying "You...you look good as well..." Quickly looking away as to not stare too long at his clothing, she didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable. Looking up toward the colors blasting around in the sky still, she says "I never got a chance to thank you for saving Freya. She told me all about it." She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath in loving how relaxed she felt. Freya was safe and she found her father..."I also wanted to thank you for taking Griswold under your wing. The world that is so big, seems so small given the people that you could possibly meet around here." That phrase could have gone any direction but she was aiming it toward knowing the truth about her father and meeting Raidou, who somehow has become a huge part of her life. Eruda scoots just a bit closer to Raidou, baby steps she thought to herself...
  10. Eruda

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    Fireworks lit the night sky now, as Eruda travels back to the group she seeing Raidou in the distance jump meters from where Griswold had found her. A gorgeous white-haired female looking like she was just leaving his side. Eruda smiles at the thought that he had friends outside the guild. Eruda decides that now was a good time to thank him for what he had done for her. A bit nervous though that she was exposed in something that wasn't in her armor. Biting her bottom lip she gets a bit closer to Raidou hoping that she didn't look to rediculous. At a closer glance, she saw that he wasn't wearing his normal wardrobe. With a bit more confidence now knowing that he probably felt just as bare, she walks toward him saying "Is this seat taken," she sits next to him just a few feet away but was ready to leave if he said the seat was taken. Looking to the multicolored fireworks as her face reddens just a bit.
  11. Eruda

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    The interactions with the small birds came to an end and Eruda watches the others and can't help but chuckle at some of their reactions. Clearing her throat to find her voice again she remembers that she made a few things for the younger kids running around her asking for assistance from the other players. "I'll be right back you guys. Don't leave without me okay," she says as she lifts her yukata at both sides as to not trip over it. Her mind goes back to when Raidou and her first met...She had tripped on her ribbon on her dress and this was the first time since then that she has worn something like this. A smile appears on her face as her thoughts overlap to now. She wished that she would see Raidou sometime tonight so that he could see her, but being with her father would suffice for now. Giggling and small chuckles ahead of her, a small boy runs up to Eruda. "I have some things for your activities, here. It's not a lot but I hope it helps." Eruda pulls out the Textile squares as the kid takes them saying "Thank you sooooo much miss. Everything helps." With a smile, Eruda gives the kid a nod and heads back to her...Family. Item Name: Textile Squares: Quantity: 6 Evaluation Link: Here
  12. Eruda

    Eruda's Evaluations

    8/30/20 Item Name: Textile Squares Profession: Tailor Rank: 6 Quantity: 6  Textile Squares (6) From Here: (2) 166825,166829 From Here: (4) 166832,166834,166835,166838
  13. 8/30/20 Crafting Respite:163278 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience 1 166832 CD: 8 LD: 10 Uncommon - 4 2 166833 CD: 1 LD: 3 Critical Failure - 2 3 166834 CD: 9 LD: 16 Uncommon - 4 4 166835 CD: 10 LD: 18 Rare - 6 5 166836 CD: 3 LD: 13 Salvage Success - 3 6 166837 CD: 3 LD: 17 Salvage Success - 3 7 166838 CD: 11 LD: 6 Rare - 6 8 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 9 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 10 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 11 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 12 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 13 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 14 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 15 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 16 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 17 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 18 CD: LD: Critical Failure - Exp Total: 28 Textile Squares (4):166832,166834,166835,166838
  14. 8/30/20 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience 1 166825 CD: 8 LD: 20 Uncommon - 4 2 166826 CD: 5 LD: 7 Salvage Failure - 3 3 166827 CD: 5 LD: 5 Salvage Failure - 3 4 166828 CD: 3 LD: 12 Salvage Success - 3 5 166829 CD: 10 LD: 15 Rare - 6 6 166830 CD: 4 LD: 7 Salvage Failure - 3 7 166831 CD: 1 LD: 19 Critical Failure - 2 8 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 9 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 10 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 11 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 12 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 13 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 14 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 15 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 16 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 17 CD: LD: Critical Failure - 18 CD: LD: Critical Failure - Exp Total: 24 Textile Squares (2):166825,166829
  15. Eruda couldn't help but chuckle at the whole notion. She looks to Vie who seemed quite agitated herself. Walking up to Vie as the flames vanish from around them she says "There are no issues with what has occurred here. Sam fished the boss looking, creature. It is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything it's good training for everyone. Come prepared always because you never know what could possibly happen. Even if it seems like the easiest thing in the world to you, you always want to have that plan B just in case things don't go the way you planned then too." Eruda places a hand on Vie's shoulder with a smile. Looking at the group with the same smile. "I know that we didn't get to gather what we intended but it was rather enjoyable. Anytime you need assistance on anything, please do not be afraid to send a message my way... our way... the guilds way. We are only one call away. You can always count on use Vie to be by your side no matter what." Raserei, Eruda blue fire wolf rubs up against Vie's leg with a coo of comfort hoping that it would help.