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  1. Hey guys, Haven't been on in over 5+ months whats up/new

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    2. Brayden


      Do you remember anyone by the names of but not limited too: (LOL)



      Grey Joy






      Or'ell Lannister








      And some more............

    3. Plague


      No those are too new for me

    4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Lonely Draterion is alone:))

  2. We all are all in the same game, Just different levels, We all are dealing with Hell, Just different Devils.

  3. Plague

    Character Journal-Plague

    «Name» Plague Profile » Username:Plague » Real name:Kristopher » Age:14 » Gender:Male » Height:5'10 » About: Born into a middle class family for his 14th Birthday his family got him the Nerve Gear, with it came one of the few boring games that had been released for it so far. He saved his money to buy Sword Art Online he waited for 5 days to get in to get a beta testing version. He never had motivation, but had a love for RPG's and the like. He is Introverted, Red-Haired, Suffers from Depression, and has an above average IQ (127 My actual IQ) this is where his lack of motivation comes from (Not being challenged) » Virtues: Stoicism: Takes everything in stride, he isn't easily offended or angered. Intelligence: From a young age he was considered above-average in anything to do with thinking, but he doesn't think his actions through. Resourcefulness: "When life gives you lemons, squirt them into the eyes of your enemy's" Can and will use anything he can get his hands on to his advantage. » Flaws: Depression: Since a young age be has had depression and told no one about it, this is where his Lack of Trust shows up. Always views things pessimistically Gruesome/Unfeeling: Since the death of his brother and his sister running away he has hardened. Others cry of losing a friend and he looks at them and asks how, if they don't leave him m alone and answer the question he asks them would they want you to cry out get out of this damned game. Lacks Trust: He never really trusted people, his family here only trusted a little bit. His reasoning was that at age 7 he learned he was adopted, after realizing this he also realized he looked nothing like his 'parents'. Profession: BlackSmith Skills Non-combat: Passive: Combat: Weapon skills: Inventory Weapons/Tools: »10 bread »15 water »1 Scimitar »10 Red iron ores (Uncommon) »7 Black diamond ores (Rare) »24 Iron ores (Common) Roleplays » Solo Relationships (optional) »None yet Story Thus Far (optional) »Came in with older brother and little sister after teaching them the basics they were teleported to the center where they received the "talk" his older brother went off the deep end and killed himself by jumping off the side and little sister ran off, he is sure she is dead by now.