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  1. lightfiyr

    Strawberry Syrup

    What about zoidberg?.....syrup
  2. lightfiyr

    SAO Abridged Parody

    It's a hat a god damn hat
  3. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    "I'm 95lbs,and It's a bit embarrassing but right now I don't really care I love you rage you know that right..." She said slipping a sleep in his arms
  4. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    Aria walked up to rage and hugged him you better not she said kissing rage lets go get some sleep I'm tired from everything that's happened to day
  5. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    "Okay I believe you just don't do it again....ever I still love you rage"
  6. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    After she heard what he said she turned to him do you really mean it this time?
  7. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    She pushed off rage and stared at him stop....you stopped being able to do that alway ago she stepped passed him and keep walking
  8. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    your hurt aria said bluntly as she stood up moving rages hand and pull his arm out straight and stared at it its broken and your shoulders popped out she said force his shoulder back into place with a loud "POP" and us herr other hand and griping the broken part of rages arm tighting her grip intill a same green light started glowing healing the broken arm there aria said leavening the carter and walking in to the field
  9. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    Aria woke up slight to see the armor vanish into millions of crystals looking around to see the carter she was in and felt the blood covering her body wiping the blood from her face what the hell happened she said out loud
  10. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    The heal from rages crystal has repelled by the armor healing him instead then the crystal armor stated glowing red and explode blowing rage back and raining blood red crystal everywhere leavening aria unconscious and almost died body laying in the dirt with out a weapon, covered in what seemed to be blood
  11. lightfiyr

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    I'll try it
  12. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    Putting the sword back aria looked over the edge of the floor and thought its time... she opened her menu and went to the PM'S and sent one to rage which said "goodbye" and pushed off her spot on the edge falling off the floor, the wind ripping by her face seeing the ground getting closer see closed her eyes before see hit the ground. But before she hit the ground the crystal armor appeared around her body saving her from the fall. She layer there in a carter unconscious and near death
  13. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    During all the fighting aria had managed to pull her self up and stumbled back over to the edge and say down with her legs over the edge why does the this keep happing to me... aria said to her said quietly pulling out the crystal blade and inspecting it the red core was being to bleed out though the rest of the blade werid she thought to her self
  14. lightfiyr

    (OP-F2) ...and the light goes out (complete)

    ....hi..ar..archer aria painfully managed to get out. dropping the potion on the ground next to her please just leave me to die i don't to stay here