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  1. Aaphi

    Real Life Picture Thread

    If pink were toxic, you'd have just killed all of us. Dat bedazzled chin, doe.
  2. Aaphi

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    Aaphi danced back into the shop the next day, gleeful that his item had been so promptly completed "Ariel, you're a doll, doll." he said swiping up his box from the counter. " Thank you for your hard work. It'll be put to good use." He was going to wait to open it, but couldn't contain his enthusiasm. "Yeah, i 'm wearing this out..." he said peering into the box. In the same swift motion he used to open his menu and select the item, he unloaded the cost from his coffer. "Well worth the 1200col."
  3. Aaphi

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    Aaphi scratched his head and grew kind of solemn. "Yeah, thats... thats kind of what happened. Long story short, it was time to break up the band." He said. " Riff isn't much of a conversationalist, but its company. I just couldn't rely on somebody else anymore if i was to get stronger." He was nasty little toad, if you ask me. I say good riddance, but my oafish tamer still misses him. Friendship is weird. Aaphi's eyes glazed over for a bit before he snapped out of it. "Well anyway, i don't want to keep you. You can PM me when my jacket is ready and i'll be back in a flash." He held up his arm and Riff coiled back onto him. Still flicking her forked tongue in examination as they left the store. I smelled a cat in there. A big cat.
  4. Aaphi

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    After the traffic cleared and the rush of people dissipated from the shop, Aaphi stepped through the open door. "I forgot how popular this place was.." he said as he made his way toward the counter. Riff, the winged snake that draped itself lazily around his neck, uncoiled and fluttered about the shop with curiosity, leaving Aaphi to his business with the shop owner. "Hello again. Ariel, was it? I've been enjoying the gloves you sold me. they've come in quite handy. This time, i'd like to commission something; a jacket. Something light, easy to move around in, but protective." he explained. He then noticed the stack of order forms laying in a tray. He plucked one out and started scribbling down the deets. "Could you do that for me?" Item: Dashing Blur Item type : light armor jacket Quality: Perfect Enhancement: +2 evasion, +1 damage mitigation Description: A small jacket specially designed to make the wearer difficult to keep in focus and allow them to move swiftly and freely around enemy attacks.
  5. Aaphi

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    I accept this quest. let me at dat rock.
  6. Aaphi

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    "Oh?" Aaphi said "Oh really? You like The Morning Howl? Thats great, its always nice to meet a fan. Okay... um...." He was looking around for something to write on when Kuromado interrupted. "Well i can tell you haven't been famous for long." he said, "What are you waiting for, the lady wants an autograph." He swiftly opened his menu and took a selfy with the screenshot function. When the picture materialized on the counter, he scribed his name, 'Kaoru Shinji', at the bottom. "There you go, hun. And as for the Merch,... hmmm.... " He grabbed a pair of unlikely sunglasses off of a rack of head accessories. "Okay. Now that feels much better" Item: Sun Glasses Item type : Vanity Item Quality: Good Enhancement: None Shop: The Lion's Den Description : Dark shades for those either wary of the sun or desperate to mask the signs of recent drug use. Aaphi took note and followed suit, Scrawling a swoopy "Aaron Phillips" in the bottom of his own picture. "Here you go. Thank you for the gloves, i know they'll come in handy" he said, never missing an opportunity for a pun. Even if it is a bad one... (Yeah, he's real, secondary to my main character, but no less real. Nice of you to recognize him.)
  7. Aaphi

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    Aaphi reeled around at the sound of the shop owner's voice, gloves still in his hands. There was no pressure to make a decision right then and there,but at the moment he had made up his mind and knew that this was the purchase he wanted to make. "Uh, yeah," He said, approaching her counter, " I'd like to know what you'll take for these" He placed them on the counter in front of her and opened his menu, readying a transaction.
  8. Aaphi

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    "'The Lion's Den'" Aaphi read out loud, standing outside of a tailor's shop on the 4th floor. He and Kuromado Had been walking around the settlement gathering provisions for another crack at the dungeons and the flashy gold sign had caught his eye. "A tailor shop, by the looks of it." Kuro elaborated, " It wouldn't hurt to have a look around. We're severely unequipped." "Speak for yourself." Aaphi commented, jokingly implying a different inference. "Oh, ha-ha, very cute." As they stepped in, a tiny bell jingled overhead alerting their presence in the establishment. The shop was filled with exotic articles of clothing fitting for a fantasy-style role playing game. Aaphi and Kuro split up in search for things that would benefit them(and maybe even look nice). While looking, Aaphi spots several things that would be good in one way or another, but nothing had yet spoken to his needs personally until... "Oh wow." he said, handling a pair of shimmering, fingerless gloves. Something about them appealed to him greatly. Then he read the description. Cobra strikers: Gloves made from the reflective hide of a dagger-spitting cobra. While imbued with the life taking essence of the cobra, the light they reflect guides the wearer towards their enemy, adding a boost of accuracy and overall visibility.
  9. Aaphi

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Before and after cutting my hair two years ago. kept it short until mid-way last year. You can see why i'm growing it back out.
  10. Aaphi

    Real Life Picture Thread

    irl. rgq, wyltsmd? Aaaaw yeeeeah, acronyms
  11. Aaphi


    Username: Aaphi (Ah-Fee) The Serpent Tamer Name IRL: Aaron Phillips Age: 24 Gender: Male Height: 6'3" Personality/Background: A layer of sarcasm and wit covers an inner core of restlessness and sincerity in Aaron "Aaphi" Phillips. On the surface, a very thick surface, he is whimsical, sharp, and carefree; often an impression gleaned from his smart-assery and profusely flirtatious tendencies. Aaron Keeps himself smiling by remembering that if you compromise who you are for survival, there is no point in surviving. So, he grins, jokes, and takes life's hard hits with a snide sidestep and a middle finger. While growing up in a small mining town in America, Aaron wasn't exposed to much of the technologically extravagant, but still managed to play and re-play several older RPG's from the genre's hay day. They were very different and culturally contrary to the life he would have otherwise lead having not been introduced to them. They added a flavor to the everyday that his home town was missing, so he turned to them often when he was younger. But, despite his love for video games, It was the other loves in his life that truelly sparked from the experience of RPG's. The culture shock they gave him started and fueled a love for music and artistic expression. When he wasn't working, playing billiards in some local bar (Which he had grown accustom to from years of going with his father in his youth) he was practicing with his band or rehearsing his roles with the local theater- That is, until the day his band was approached with an offer to sign a deal with a Japanese label. American listeners didn't receive "The Morning Howl" but an online radio poll showed heavy enthusiasm in the foreign music industry of Japan. Their first big outdoor show in Tokyo was the day before the release of Sword Art Online. It went well; hey opened for one of Japan's most currently popular rock sensations "Ni Kuromado" ("The Two Black Windows") and were made to do an encore by public demand. Ni Kuromado liked having them so much that they invited them to an after show party that went strong until the following morning. While partying and after several drinks and heated matches in a local pool hall, Aaron discovers Kaoru Shinji, the Black Windows' lead guitarist shared his old love of RPG's. Kaoru tells him About Sword art online and how he was a tester for the Beta. The high of new found friendship and a rekindling of an old passion for video games drives him to accept when Kaoru asks him to join in a full dive the next day on its' debut. Of course,... fate takes an unexpected hold of their lives from that point on... Virtues: -1)calculating and observant. Aaphi takes his daily struggles as a long game of pool. You grasp situations before they happen and then line up your shots. Something his father taught him; words to live by. -2)Acting/singing/Charisma- He knows how to inspire the childlike wonder of a new idea to people, in short he can sell you anything. Most of his outward arrogance is meant to be humanizing and comfortably casual to a fault. -3)Unconventional wisdom was quickly gained from years of counter-culture dabbling in his teens and early 20's. Most would call him an idealist and a dreamer, but he prefers to think that his way of thinking and the philosophy he keeps are the result of enlightening life lessons. Flaws: -1)Audacious/few moral boundaries. Part of his path to gain "unconventional wisdom" involved shedding a lot of the standards and rules perpetuated by common "civilized" society. So its not too much to say that he is often looked at as weird when he expresses his true moral fiber to people. -2)Distracted easily by indulgences(food, luxuries, women, drugs, etc...). Aaphi is a bit of a hedonist. The world is a big scary playground to him filled with horrors to be fought, and pleasures to be had - and he's not one to deprive himself of either. -3)Claustrophobic. Aaphi doesn't like being confined or trapped. This fear causes a sense of escapism, and resourcefulness in the effort to get away. Unfortunately, this also effects other aspects of his life, i.e. Relationships/commitments. Skills Total skill points:5 Available skill points:3 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: Weapon skills: 2H Spear R1 EQUIPPED ITEMS 10 bread 15 water 3 fish Familiar Riff: Aaphi's serpentine familiar. Riff is a Wyralisk, short and sweet: a half breed Wyrm. Riff was acquired by Aaphi as a result of the <<feeding the enemy>> quest. Benefits: Fighter(+1DMG) Being metal as phuk(i mean, its a flying cobra) Col: 12550 10 Latest Transactions: -1200 for light armor from Ariel -250 for 5 fish +5000: Full Profile illustration for Daeron +500: illustration for Ariel +4000: Full profile illustration for Mari +4000: Full profile illusttration for ___ (Red) +500: Concept sketch for Braydon Relationships: Friends: Kuromado, Enemies: hngmnnmnghmmm- its complicated: Story Thus Far: Roleplays: For Those About to Rock Complete: In the beginning of sword art online, Aaphi was free. Reconnecting with a part of him that had been lost for years. He and Kuromado slew two beasts in one morning. After the announcement at the starting city, Aaphi took to being trapped in a virtual world like a fish takes to dry land. He panicked. He wanted out badly enough to contemplate throwing himself over a cliff to end the game. Thankfully, Kuromado was successful when talking him down and, from there, they set out on their adventure with optimism. Exchanging Pleasantries On-Going Highway to Hell On-Going Givin' the Dog a Bone<<Feeding the Enemy>> Complete: Aaphi may have been relying on Kuro's judgment and leadership too heavily, he realizes, as he takes a random quest from a gypsy woman to do on his own in Kuro's absence. He journeyed to a glitch zone on <<Floor 4>> in search of a familiar. While attempting to tame a Pandafox, he is attacked by a flying serpent called a Wyralisk, that proceeds to eat his claim and challenge him to a battle. He battles until it becomes apparent that he might die, and in a desperate attempt, tames the serpent and gains it as his familiar, naming it "Riff". A slight altercation arises between Aaphi and Kuro. Aaphi realizes that to get anywhere, he has to stop being safe in hiding and sticking to low-level monsters. Kuromado was a beta-tester, but the reality of SAO now, had him too scared to leave his safety zone. To gain independence, Aaphi left Kuro's party and went solo. <<Long Live the Queen>> A Buzzing Opportunity