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    Music, Writing, Poetry, Swordsmanship, studies(of the strange and general things such as science and psychology).

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  1. I'm back. Hopefully I won't drop of the face of the planet for a good while.

  2. I finally hit 100 posts!....currently 107 but yeah! 100(+) posts!

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      Like the last person that said this I reply in the same way... I stopped counting after 2,000.

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      yay go you! :D

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      Heh. Thank you. I suppose thats part of my christmas present XD

  3. Merry whatever doesn't offend you!

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      So Merry Christmas and or Happy Hanuka

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    Completed rps: SP - F1 Quest:<<Earning a Living>> [OP-F1] Town Exploration (Oikawa) [OP-F? The Speakeasy] Not In The Usual Mood (Limit of ten people) [PP-F2] A Meeting Between Wet Walls
  5. Bor ed bor ed bored./ Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored/ I am really bored.

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    SAO Abridged Parody

    -snaps- "That's Adorable! You think they're a threat! Let me take care of this, but watch out, the first three rows are a splash zone~" manical laughter and a couple minutes later "Now there is no need to wonder where your god his! Cause he's right here!....and he's fresh out of mercy..." guy starts crying in the background.
  7. I'm a bit confused as for the "OP-F1 so this is the game..." thread, is it dead now or are people just busy?

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      That's what I figured. I hate to seem like the person that keeps bugging everyone about rps, questions or other stuff 3:

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      That's fine, I pester people about that stuff all the time~

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      I'm waiting on Sosuke

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    London, the Dark Duelist Profile » Username: London » Real name: London Sabbath » Age: 15 » Gender: Male » Height: 5'6-5'9(unsure to say atm) » Appearance: white, brown eyes of two different shades, and is of a lean build, Black hair;(when made) combed almost like a wave only in the front, the back is flat.(when not made)somewhat shaggy. » About: London(Goes by Sindon to most players.) has generally always been interested in swordsmanship. He also plays a good amount of videos games, usually ranging into the mmorpg category. As a child, London has always been an introvert, he also has been very observant as he was reserved. Throughout his childhood he tried to be social to a general good amount of people and his naivety he was rather trusting and ended up being betrayed or used a lot. Going onto his teen years London has opened up slightly but became rather serious, aloof, and occasionally cynical. London also has a fascination with darkness, he felt a connection to the shadows and because of this he knows a great deal about it and has multiple theories, He generally moves silently and sometimes scares his friends by sneaking up on them unintentionally. He is however, a rather kind person if you get to know him. He got into swordsmanship when his cousin came down to his home, bringing along with him two fencing foils and two old masks. He taught London the fundamentals for fencing and ran him through some more advance techniques(Being ranked 2nd in the entirety of his state) in which London picked up on surprisingly fast for a beginner, after this they decided to have a legitament sparring session and no holding back. London surprisingly won that duel. He found the game SAO and generally was extremely excited for it, when he then found out the log out button had disappeared. » Traits(One flaw could be a virtue in another circumstance so here are some traits.) Intelligence - London generally due to not many people caring to speak to him, he had a lot of spare time to research things and theorize, that and he picks up on things in school and from others rather quickly. Making him rather good at detecting off set things about a person and other things and because of his research and studies, he is able to formulate plans and analyze weak points rather well. Loyalty - London, if you become a good friend, will always have your back and wouldn't let a friend die as long as he can help it, it doesn't matter who he's facing with, he with you till the last breath. Perceptive - London is able to study a person, and be able to at face value tell you a good deal about a person, He's cunning and will exploit a weakness in combat to make sure that the fight ends as soon as possible. He generally is able to tell if something isn't just right about a person or object and tell you excatly what it is. Withdrawn - Will generally speak with a person if he must but would rather save his breath for friends rather than random strangers, is rather indifferent about general people. He's a loner, and prefers to be by himself which may make people think he just doesn't like anyone or something ludicrous such as that. Pessimist or Meek - He has a good amount of self doubts and sees every single horrid outcome to a situation, he won't show these things of course, but they're there. Solemn - Despite being serious and reserved, he generally is unnaturally calm and collect in even the worse situations, to the point where it may put others at unease how another player or monster could have a sword pointed at his throat and him not even flinch or seem to not care about the fact that he may die at all. Don't mistake that as recklessness. Indecisive - Although London is of general high intellect he can generally over think things and this leads to him being indecisive. He generally runs down several possibilities and tries to think of every contingency as he can. However, in the heat of battle he will generally take the strategic response rather than the moral ones unless he actually has time to think about it, even for a few moments. Honest - London is honest....a little too much so. He will always give someone his honest opinion about something and will tell it how he sees it. His honest but sometimes brutally so. He might end up hurting someones feelings or tearing someone's work to pieces with criticism without knowing or with no malice intent. Straightforward - Going hand and hand with Honesty, London can be rather blunt at times, at other times he is incredibly cryptic; speaking in metaphors and riddles. He shifts between the two but he is generally straightforward. Respectful and Polite - London due to his upbringing, has always been respectful and polite towards generally anyone he meets. This can be attributed to as just being polite since he has ran into several people he doesn't respect and disdains. However he will still listen to anyone's opinion, no matter how ludicrous. He thinks everyone deserves to have their voice heard, even if it is spouting idiocy. This generally leads him to being seen as a bit too formal in casual circumstances but even still, he will normally formally introduce himself. Irritable - Dealing with annoyances day in and day out has made London a little prone to being irritated at times. Don't misconstrue this since he does have a very long(maybe a little too long) of a fuse. Cynical - Although this isn't always the case, due to his past and a lot of people not keeping their word or friends backstabbing him. London has become somewhat cynical. He generally doesn't trust anyone who isn't a close friend of his. Curious - London has always been curious, even from a young age. Examining items to see how they work, tinkering with ideas, philosophy and riddles to figure out what they mean, you name it. Due to his curiosity it has lead him to great amounts of knowledge on an array of subjects. (any other traits I'm reluctant to put there for story or plot reasons, don't want to ruin an air of mystery now do we?) Profession: Skills »Unused skill points: 5 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: »Rapier 2 Inventory Weapons/Tools: »13 bread »8 water »1 Contra bass and bow » 6 material Col: 1930 Equipped: »1 Plain/Basic Rapier. »Black Cloth clothing. » Armor of Sinning[+2 dmg mit and +1 Life steal] »1 Monster grenade Roleplays » PP - F1 The Duelist and The Swordsman » OP - F1 So this is the game... » PP-F4 The Inn » PP - F2 The Cross of Rapier and Spear (London & Tristan) » SP-F2 Hunting and Training. » First steps into a new world (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) »