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    Alexander Webb, Nerd Extraordinaire

    Profile » Username: Alexander Webb » Real name: Alexander Webb » Age: 18 » Gender: Male » Height: 6'0 About: History/personality If there was ever a person whose picture you could put next to a definition of "Nerd" in the dictionary, it would be Alexander Webb. Having dabbled in almost every kind of nerdom there is, he is truly a jack of all trades in that respect, and a master of plenty of them. If you asked him about the latest major event on comics, he'd give you a summary of every major plot point. Opinions on a recent sequel to an old move series? He'd be able to give you a rundown of how is measured up to the originals in no time flat. His favorite of all though, it being asked about his opinion on video games, which recently, the one he's playing hasn't been all to bad, save for the whole "beat the game to survive" thing. Growing up, the young Webb boy spent most of his childhood watching superhero cartoons, acting as his gateway into what would become his favorite pastime. He learned all the names of all heroes and villains respectively, as well as backstories, and their reasoning for why they did what they did. In middle school, it was really the time when he got into comics as a whole though, and not just the general TV and movie adaptations. It was through these animated and scribbled blobs that he developed his sense of right and wrong, and his willingness to protect those who didn't have the strength to protect themselves, no matter the cost to himself. His mother never really approved of all the fantasy in the boy's life, preferring that he got some more reality, at least every once in a while, but his father staved her off. He could see it in the way the boy played with his action figures that it was expanding his imagination and creativity. This had some backlashes however, due to the fact that he spent his time playing with action figures and watching TV, his social skills faltered. He never really acted like kids his age, always being about an age level ahead of them. When in preschool, he thought like a kindergardener, in grade school, his mind thought like a middle-schooler. Due to this, he didn't really have all that many friends, always drifting on the outside of the popularity spotlight, not being noticeable enough to be picked on, but not cool enough to be popular. He was mostly a ghost as he scored his above-average grades and passed through the years. Though his grades were never up to snuff however, whenever people talked to him, there was a sort of oddness about it. They always regarded him as smart, even smarter than some of the kids with better grades than him. It was something in the way he talked, the way he answered what he was asked, his willingness to admit when he didn't know something, and walk someone through something when he would eventually figure it out. He acted as a sort of resource for his fellow classmates in this way, and people always came to him with questions they were too embarrassed to ask the teacher or any of the popular kids who would know it. It's very noticeable that while he is very bad at starting his own conversation, he is fantastic at maintaining others. He takes topics that would normally be unrelated and weave them into a connected web of facts and information. Even though he has his friends, and enjoyed spending time with them, he always preferred to be alone over anything else. When he's alone, he thinks the clearest, concepts solidify and ideas burst with creativity, like someone flipping a switch. Solitude is a sort of sanctuary to him, and when things get heated or undesirable, he will tend to exit stage left, and find somewhere quiet to relax for a while. He bought Sword Art Online for a single purpose, he loves games, and loves to see how they progress. Since the inception of the Nerve Gear, he has been following the development of many different games for the platform, but none interested him more than Sword Art Online. A game so massive that it couldn't not be a contender for the game of the century. A regular Ocarina of Time for a new generation of gamers, and a grand experience for all who participated, no matter the age. And so it came to be that he camped outside his local video game store for a week (having given up pre-orders when one got lost in the mail and didn't get compensated for. He's still salty about never getting his collectors edition dragon statue), waiting for the game to come out. Within the hour of it's initial release, he had already bought his copy and booted it up. He remembered feeling at peace as he entered the world as his created character, not having to worry about the people in his real life, just those he was sharing such an experience with. A grand journey that he would get to experience with his own two hands. The only downside was his Username, which he accidentally put his real name in the field, having misread the text in his excitement. All was well until Kayaba Akihiko announced that they were all trapped in the game, and the only way to get out was to beat the game. Talk about incentive. With his heroic sense of morals, the teen swore that day that he would get everyone out of this game, even if it cost him his own life. Even if it was just one person he saved, he would swing his sword until there wasn't a breath left in his body, virtual or otherwise. Virtues: Kind-Hearted: At his core, Lex is a good person. He's easy to get along with and talk to, even if he may seem difficult to approach. His door is always open to people who need to talk something out, or have need of a shoulder to cry on. He is not one to place his emotional burdens on others, not wanting to compound them on their own. He treats everyone with the same level of respect, being an open-minded individual. Creative: While not always the most booksmart person in the room, if there is need for creativity, he certainly has that department on lockdown. With his experience in plenty of other games of all kinds, his strategies and ideas are not to be discredited. Even if the idea is just something stupid to help lighten the mood, he's the one to point out an elephant in the room, or to make a joke completely out of left field. Old Soul: Wise beyond his years, Lex is sometimes thought to be much older than he looks, his mind and actions ahead of his peers in philosophy and outlook by a good few years. He is able to offer wisdom and ideas that would not normally come from someone so young, and state it well. That is not to say he doesn't still act his age most of the time, but in times of duress or seriousness, it's almost like an older version of himself has taken his place. Even adults and older people recognize his ideas when they normally wouldn't due to this. Quick witted: Prone to puns and making light of things, Lex keeps himself aloof through his not-always-funny-comedy. Even during times of great stress, he finds his mouth almost moving on its own, throwing out quips left and right as if it was going out of style. His personal favorite is a more morbid style, saying things like "At least there aren't five Lizardmen!". He finds that having something to distract you from the bad stuff heals you more than any potion or crystal. But those are good too. Always have a health item, don't try to heal yourself with puns. You'll die. Flaws: Hero Complex: After years of watching superhero shows and movies, and reading the comics, Lex doesn't really have any sense of preservation of self. He would let himself get hurt in order to stop someone else from being harmed, let someone close to him die to save a stranger, or even die to save people who'll never even know his name. He plays the part of the hero, and if need be, a hero of the tragic variety. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Too helpful: One of his most dangerous flaws, whenever someone needs help, Lex will be the first person to offer his assistance, even if dangerous or life-threatening. He's willing to go to any bound to help someone out, even if just a little. He will always offer his assistance, and very rarely declines the offer to help. This again ties into his sense of right and wrong as defined by his Hero complex. He is aware of this fact however, and is wating for himself to get lured into a trap and get himself killed. He makes jokes about that topic often. Solitary: Lex can be a lone wolf due to his partially lacking social skills. He doesn't really initiate conversations with people, instead preferring to find a time to jump into someone else's conversation, otherwise staying silent. While intentional or not, he prefers to be alone, and when not needed, he will be. Smart mouthed: While he is also able to alleviate his own stress and worries as well as other's with his quick wit, there's another side to the coin. When Lex gets angry, his words bite deep. Remember that horrible thing you did a while back that you hate yourself for? He'd use it against you if pushed to the point of doing so. He's smart enough to know what to say, and even more dangerous sometimes, when to say it. When angry, it's almost as if he has the tongue of a serpent. Profession: Undecided Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: One-Handed Straight Sword 1 - +1 to damage with one handed weapons. Inventory Item Evaluations Weapons/Tools: -Longsword -Wolf's Hide (+1 Evasion) Relationships (optional) Roleplays Arc 1: Forged in the Fires of Nerdom As the world continues to evolve around him, Lex decides it's finally time to step into the spotlight and get to work getting everyone out. But he's going to have to get some lift before he takes off... Scribbles on the Paper (In progress) Lex heads to a local tavern to try and iron out any kinks in the build he wants to make, finally coming up with an idea after a long time Gotta start somewhere (In Progress) Lex Heads out on his own into the fields arounf the starting city, hoping to get some materials, money, and maybe even loot he can put to good use before he officially starts questing Designed, Created, Played (In Progress) During a private practice session, Lex finds himself talking to and taking pointers from one of the 5 commandants of the Azure Brigade, Oikawa. Finding him pleasant to talk to, the shorter man made him realize that he was thinking about swordplay wrong. The Gamer starts to think about swordfighting like he should've from the beginning, as a game. To Team or not to Team (In Progress)