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    SAO Signatures

    Just trying to figure out some things on your template. Great work by the way. But I'm trying to get a gif to sit where the character image is and have the stats overlay. Any tips? Videos?
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    SAO Signatures

    I was wondering if you could help me with something for my signature. @Takao
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    Roleplays Completed RP [4/9 SP]: Meeting Kiso [+1 SP +200Col] Blacksmithing Skill [+2 Sp +200 Col] Claiming the Katana Skill [+1 Sp +200Col] Open RP: Coming soon Closed RP: Meeting Airi Getting Kiso a Skill Relationships: Coming Soon Story Thus Far Coming Soon
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    Profile » Username: Cyrus » Real name: Cyrus Silverra » Age: 20 » Gender: Male » Height: 5'10" About: History/personality This is not a story of a shut-in NEET. Just a guy that had a passion... Cyrus grew up in America where he spent most of his life until recently. Throughout high school his love for video games and anime grew. The addiction to video games had always been a part of his life. But then he was introduced to anime and a piece of Japanese culture by his best friend in his Junior year. This was when his second addiction manifested. By the time he was a senior he had even learned Japanese. It had always been his dream to visit Tokyo. And it wasn't until after graduation that the opportunity for him to go came along. His second year in college he was able to go on a two month trip to Tokyo through his school. Of course he took the opportunity without hesitation. It was after a month in that he had picked up a copy of SAO and was immediately in love with the game. He spent the first few hours just roaming around and enjoying all that the game had to offer. It was the opening ceremony that he planned on fully diving into the game and grinding his way to the top. And he got more than he bargained for when he found out he was trapped within the game. He was never hysterical this wasn't some anime. This was every gamer's dream and he planned to enjoy it to the fullest. Virtues: Social - Cyrus has no trouble starting and holding a conversation. He always felt comfortable around people and he had great skills of observation. He could find something about a person and open up a conversation instantly. He was the type of person to have friends in every type a social circle, one that he could easily slip into naturally. Comical - Cyrus learned early on that he couldn't control what others thought of him and to just relax. This brought out a sort of comical side to him. From time to time you can catch him losing his smooth personality and saying something dorky. He was a bit of a nerd although he hid it well. Not many see this side of him until they get close enough. Flirty - Flirty was an understatement. Cyrus just loved women. While single he liked to enjoy his single life and show interest in beautiful women. On the reverse side of things this all went away when he found the woman he wanted to be with long term. Intelligent - Cyrus was highly intelligent. This intelligence came naturally to him. He never really studied but he could absorb information most of the time upon hearing it. And when it came to games he could learn the system quickly and figure out how to grind through levels and find the best way to get loot. His intelligence only increased his natural gaming skills. Protective - Those closest to him meant the world to him. If you're in his inner circle he would give the world to make sure that you were safe. Flaws: Short Tempered- Cyrus is usually cool and laid back but he could snap easily. Certain things sent him into a rage. Mostly things that made sense to rage over i.e. messing with someone he cared about. Reckless- Cyrus would jump over the edge of the cliff for big loot if he thought he had even the slightest chance of getting it. No risk. No reward. Soloing he will take on multiple enemies just for the EXP and GP. Impatient - Waiting for his health to regenerate before rushing back into combat? No way. Cyrus will never sit back and watch his comrades have fun with out him. As long as he still had one point in his health bar he was still alive right? So why should he wait? Skills Non-combat: ----- Passive: ----- Combat: ----- Weapon skills: » 1H Curved Sword - Rank 2 - (0/4) SP Earned = 2 SP Spent = 2 Unspent SP = 0 Skill Slots Used = 1/9 Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Basic 1H Straight Sword » Clothing » Bread x 10 » Water x 15