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    Emiya's Journal

    Username : Emiya Real name : Shirou Emiya Age : 16 Gender : Male Height : 167 cm Level in SAO : 18 Solo Player History : After his only sister was murdered when her and Emiya were both 14, he felt frustrated, depressed and alone. He cut ties with his family with only his uncle watching over him. When joining high school, he wanted to avoid contact with others, believing it would cause him pain. However, there was one person who as able to break his shell, a girl named Maria. Maria was similar to him, they were both introverts, among many other things. Maria : One day, Emiya and Maria discovered the virtual reality game....Sword Art Online. Personality : ''I do my best work alone. No, it really doesn't bother me, I've gotten used to it. In fact, being alone has given the ability to really know my limits, understand I can and cannot do.'' Emiya is usually very quiet, and does not contribute meaningfully to discussions because of his private nature. If he does decide to participate, he will most likely distance himself from the gravity of the situation through the use of sarcastic comments and sardonic humor, which has earned him a reputation as something of an annoyance. Analytical and deliberative, he views life as a minefield, to be navigated with extreme caution and forethought. He is also quite driven, and does not take kindly to those who do not live up to what he perceives to be their full potential. He exhibits a rather callous attitude towards himself and his mental and physical health. When trapped in SAO, he was mildly sociopathic, and had trouble understanding how to sympathize with or act appropriately around other people, a tendency that has caused by the death of his sister and the years of loneliness. For these reasons, Emiya has immense trouble establishing any sort of relationship, whether friendly or work-related, and has taken a rather resigned outlook on the situation. Weaponry : The Arondight Emiya obtained this sword on Floor 10, it became his favorite weapon. He finds this blade beautiful and suiting for his style of fighting. Long Sword / One Hand Sonic Leap - 1x3 - (3 Energy) - A charge-type sword art that allows the user to leap at their enemy to deal a downward strike. Vertical Arc - 2x2 - (4 Energy) - A simple two-hit sword art that form a "V" pattern. Vertical Square - 4x1 - AoE - (8 Energy) - A mid-level sword art that traces the shape of a square. Horizontal Square – 4x1 - Stun - (7 Energy) - A mid-level sword art that traces the shape of a rhombus. Inventory : Beginners Pack : 10 bread, 15 water Emiya's cloak : Acquired at Floor 4 Boosts Hiding skill Combat style : Emiya's fighting method relies on speed rather than strength. He will try to break his opponent with quick strikes and movements. Flaws : Emiya's armor, a dark grey cloat, didn't grant him much defence, he had to be very cautious in battle. Even a light sword strike could do a lot damage to his HP. Emiya's has no regret about killing other players for valuables, and his socipathic nature has made him kill a guild of 5 members after helping them clear a boss. ''That happens sometimes....I just snap, and then I wake up realizing that there's a bunch of dead players around me. Yet I have no memory of what happened.'' Virtues : Determination : Even when the odds are against him, Emiya continues to push the limits of his abilities. Loyalty : When he encounters a person he takes interest in, he will try to help such people with all his power. Even risk his life for them. He believes it will ease his guilt over the death of his sister.