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    Profile Username: Haruki Real name: Hiroshi Nanase Age: 16 Gender: Male Height: 5'9 History: Hiroshi Nanase had a typical life in the real world. His mother and father loving him very much until the day they divorced and his father turned cold and eventually left his son at the age of 9. His mother always pressured Hiroshi and his brothers to study hard and have fun. Working two jobs to give them a steady life. Hiroshi was a peoples person. Always looking for ways to please someone and make them laugh... Until his father left him. Once he turned 9 and his dad left he became secluded and distant and saw no point in the joy of others. Hiroshi was your standard high school student. He studied hard and played video games. He was a quiet boy who insisted on being alone and typing away at his computer all day rather then going out with his classmates. He heard about an upcoming VRMMORPG. Sword Art Online. He got in and logged into the game's servers. About: Hiroshi Nanase is a young 16 year old who was wanting to play SAO since it was announced. He saved up his money from working part time jobs over the summer and beginning of his 3rd year of high school he then went and purchased the game. It was November 6th, 2022. That day was the final day he would here his mothers smile as she said goodbye to him on her way out to go to work. The last time he would talk to his brother before he faked his sickness so he could get out of going to school. His final words in the real world were of course... "Link Start!" Virtues: Resourceful: He is well prepared warrior. He carefully prepares before quests and adventures or simply going out. He can throw objects such as rock and pebbles to distract or attract mobs/ or other players. Silent Hero: He is a silent hero. Much like his real world counter part Haruki rarely ever speaks to someone unless that person is found in danger or can help him in some fashion. He prefers to sit back and watch someones actions before coming into fight. He has however been shown to be "pushed off the edge" and will snap fighting and killing anyone who gets in his way. Creative: He is an artist and secretly a really good singer. He draws the landscapes he sees throughout Aincrad. This keeps him calm sort of like meditation for him. He keeps his drawings and song scores in his inventory for quick reference. Flaws: Overprotective- After his father leaving him he always felt a sort of protectiveness to others mainly to his brother but he has shown to care and be protective over other players. This flaw will make his emotions 'take over' in a sense to where he will try to help someone even if it means him getting himself killed or injured. He believes everyone needs someone to watch over them especially since his father couldn't stay around to watch over him. Withdrawn- He's very quiet and doesn't talk much unless spoken too. He seems like a cold and non emotional person due to this flaw. Rather he does care for others and has feelings. Due to him being so withdrawn he always seems like someone who doesn't anything to do with society putting other players on edge and making him look like a dangerous player. Solemn- He is very serious and doesn't show emotion very often. This is because of his dad. After his dad left him he became somewhat of a quiet and serious guy. He believes in fighting quick and smart and just shutting up and getting the job done. He saw this game as a way for him to escape the life in which he doesn't have a complete family and become a hero people can remember. Profession: N/A SP: 3 Skills Total Skill Points: 5 Unused points: 0 Used points: 5 Utility and Mobility Skills Combat Skills Weapon Skills: Armour Skills: Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Starter One Handed Straight Sword » Starter Cloth armor Roleplays »N/A