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    DASO USER NAME: Daso REAL NAME: Dominic V. HEIGHT: 6'2 AGE: 16 HISTORY: Daso is a teenage prodigy receiving degrees from Harvard, UHCL, ATM, and many other colleges in chemistry, Astrophysics, Quantum physics, and Biological medicine as well as countless other subjects. His father was arrested before he was born, and his mother died giving birth to him putting him in the care of his heartless, and abusive Aunt Jessie. to escape her wrath he escapes to his studies and video games. Daso loves video games he loves unraveling dungeons and figuring out the patterns and weaknesses of incredibly difficult bosses, as well as being crafty enough to beat every game he comes across. He isn't just a guy with a big head he also has incredible fighting prowess, he has studied several forms of martial arts such as Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, Sen Shi, and ninjutsu. his combination of intelligence and techniques makes him a formidable opponent, but he is also kind of a smart ass . VIRTUES: smart: Well duh he is a Prodigy. resourceful skillful fast FLAWS: short tempered: he can be angered very easily, even the most intense mental therapy hasn't helped him. anti social: he cuts himself away from the world cause he has learned never trust anyone or anything. dark: he has a dark personality. he mostly deals with the bad before the good. And has a complete lack of regard for the human life... he is merciless. SKILLS: 1-10 Agility: 9 Strength: 7 Vitality: 8 Durability: 10 5 sp unspent INVENTORY: weapons/tools: Martial arts armor: cloth armor Extra: